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Community's Choice: Champion Update Poll



  • Bala_riyz01Bala_riyz01 Posts: 145
    What will happen it ends up with draw?
  • DarthPancakesDarthPancakes Posts: 11
    I like how every one against colossus just assumes they will buff him up as a defender. He may have started out that way but they could easily give him the Rulk and Luke Cage treatment. Especially is they bring his attack damage up with his current synergies to boost
  • Kobi_Bhediya1Kobi_Bhediya1 Posts: 36
    Oldman . Atleast I will have a better attacker
  • ÆGØNÆGØN Posts: 0
    Colossus alllllllllllll the wayyyyyyyyyyyy
  • AboElellaAboElella Posts: 0
    I hope iron patriot can be buffed first
  • espo1espo1 Posts: 28
    I wonder how they will buff him? Will they change his sp1 sp2 and sp3 ya think and his mechanics?
  • MattPartMattPart Posts: 69
    Collosus voters - vote on your second choice! Colossus is probably the one that will be buffed first as it's now clear he will win. But they may decide to buff more (aspecially if two or more have similar results), or take other results into consideration for future buffs. Vote for IP so he gets buffed with or right after Colossus.
  • pSMASHERqpSMASHERq Posts: 3
    Colossus is gonna win.......he definitely deserves the update man.Keep voting for him
  • Mahi7714Mahi7714 Posts: 11
    Let the tin man win
  • MetroidBlasterMetroidBlaster Posts: 131 ★★
    so many people pulling for OML completely miss the point of that character. hes a half dead, over the hill, tired old fart whos powers are failing. he was never going to be and never should be "good". in fact, he never should have been made to begin with.
  • Colossus deserves a Mighty Major Update.. God stuff! 😍
  • saltlampsaltlamp Posts: 2
  • BrooklynX99BrooklynX99 Posts: 3
    edited May 2019
    Red classic Magneto needs a buff too.
    Him and Phoenix are Alpha class Mutants but are a joke in the game .
    Magneto can take on the entire X-MEN team by himself and control huge amounts of the planets magnetic fields.
    Phoenix is part Cosmic due the Phoenix Force;
    she is another champ that needs a damage improvement.
    Also any champ that’s on FIRE should be fire damage immune.
    Ghost Rider Dormamu & Phoenix are 3 examples of champs that are on fire or wield fire but take fire damage. Silly and needs to be corrected ASAP
  • StubshotStubshot Posts: 43
    Dam colussus won
  • Em101Em101 Posts: 12
    I'm all for old man Logan. Colossus has been an aq mini and old man Logan needs the love ever since he came out.
  • Em101Em101 Posts: 12

    so many people pulling for OML completely miss the point of that character. hes a half dead, over the hill, tired old fart whos powers are failing. he was never going to be and never should be "good". in fact, he never should have been made to begin with.

    Old man Logan wiped out the xmen on his own. So this old fart should be more than enough for any other mutant.
  • YudixBalliYudixBalli Posts: 16
    Old man logan
  • ZephyrZephyr Posts: 10
    CammonRo said:

    I am Groot

    I AM GROOT!!
  • Darw1n34Darw1n34 Posts: 10
    Here comes Colossus...Korg 2.0
  • nebneb Posts: 445 ★★★
    Korg 2.0? So he'll be easily countered if you know how to fight him?
  • Stagedear85Stagedear85 Posts: 771 ★★★
    i think when dark phoenix comes out they're going to add a new phoenix instead of a buff which to me would be easier but Kabam is all business and they would make more money off crystals if they just add a new phoenix and new Magneto instead of a buff
  • LifesGambitLifesGambit Posts: 13
    Vote OML for a 5* wolverine equivalent. If colossus wins they make him an indestructible, unstoppable op defender.
  • rohan_1995rohan_1995 Posts: 1
    Colossus and after that unstoppable colossus
  • Buffing Colossus and not giving him FASTBALL SPECIAL as his sp3 when on a team with any version of Wolverine, would be a complete waste of a buff.

    With the addition of F4's Teammate Augmented Specials, this could totally be a thing! I think it would awesome if they added more of them, even if it is mostly VFX with a slight increase in damage. Or maybe change in damage type... It would be cool if that would give Colossus the ability to cause "bleed".

    Was there anybody else he would toss in the books, or was it limited to Wolvie?
  • HarryJasonOO7HarryJasonOO7 Posts: 3
    Vote Colossus because he is absolute trash though he is cinematic
  • RanendramaliRanendramali Posts: 11

    Summoners! Now is the time for you to decide! Which one these Champions will be next for a Champion Update! You have until 10am PDT on May 10th to make your choice!

  • Jackdad34Jackdad34 Posts: 4
    If agent venom was in this I would vote for him🤷‍♂️ Just sayin
  • Alpha07Alpha07 Posts: 649 ★★
    edited May 2019
    Me and my 5* Duped Colossus like this.

    Btw though, I'll vote IP since he is my 2nd option to vote for and I feel he needs the buff almost as much as Colossus. Also Colossus has got the assured win so yeah.

    Another thing, why the heck is OML as the second most voted here? lol.
  • A_Noob_Is1A_Noob_Is1 Posts: 762 ★★
    Changed my vote to groot. Just pulled him after beating act 5
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