AI more aggressive for normal players then youtubers making content easier for them to beat

Ultron boss 3.1 way more aggressive than in all the you tube videos


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    You sure the video wasn't buffering instead?
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    Or, you're wrong.

    And didn't like the responses to your other post asking for a refund of your items used on the fight because you got trashed.
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    If I could offer a suggestion, take a break. Go back to it.
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    An aggressive AI is a predictable AI. If that's the case for you, relish it.
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    You tubers are likely more adept at manipulating and/or anticipating the AI; most employ timing and methods they have honed over time. However no video comes to mind that they’ve created detailing their methods but the best source for something like that would likely be Dork Lessons.

    The AI is very reactive to your input so anything you do can be answered/countered by the AI; need to put yourself in a position where you can react to the AI instead.
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    When I block ultron 3.1 it’s a parry when the youtuber blocks it’s keeps punching baiting a heavy.
  • TheLegend27TheLegend27 Posts: 407 ★★★ I am thinking the AI is too damn passive lol
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    When I block ultron 3.1 it’s a parry when the youtuber blocks it’s keeps punching baiting a heavy.

    Please post the video of both.
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    DNA3000 said:

    This is why I keep coming to the forums. It’s a perfect microcosm of the human condition and the unreliabilty of belief. Perception is clearly not reality, but people would fight to the death to defend that it is.

    😆 It entertains the hell out of me, but it is the most dangerous thing in existence.

    The first question one should ask themselves in any scenario: Is my brain lying to me?

    I played an MMO a while ago where a player reported seeing a basically impossible occurrence in the game. I asked them to turn on the game client logging to record the event, but they could never get a recording. They claimed it happened "all the time" but every time I asked them to turn on logging they couldn't produce a recording of this event. They concluded the game deliberately didn't do the thing in question when logging was turned on to eliminate all evidence of the problem, and decided playing with logging turned on continuously solved the problem.

    This was by far not the weirdest delusion I've encountered in gaming communities.
    Like Dominos "block break".
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    Wow. So they manually adjust the AI for players with YouTube accounts? I guess I won't start YouTubing as I prefer the aggressive AI lol. This has to be the craziest MCOC conspiracy theory yet.
  • Hey there, the game does not have a different set of AI for different players nor does it have a way to tell if anyone has a youtube account. If you are wanting to bait a heavy from an opponent, it may take some adjustment to the reflexes you've trained to Parry, but if you block earlier or start blocking before they've started moving, this should help with that. Hope that helps clear things up!
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