How many people already explored every difficulty of Save The Battlerealm

RaveNNRaveNN Posts: 153
I´ve already explored Save The Battlerealm, explored heroic, master and Uncollected of Avengers forever and already explored Quest for the stones in all difficulties ( just not the quests that are locked of course )

How many people already explored every difficulty of Save The Battlerealm 38 votes

Already explored it
GroundedWisdomGamerKpatrixdanielmathAjavedHort4zuffykratomikeTerraStar_Lord_FingfangfoomfanesSpiderCoolsWorknprogressSgtSlaughter78PeterQuillJohn757InkvajtRogerRabsIKONDenzel116 31 votes
Not yet, waiting for stones
HENRIQUE_FORTEShaheerFIazDankestChefDaphboyThatOneMasterGamerPeterissocute 6 votes
I´ve done the same things as you
Tyrannus 1 vote


  • TerraTerra Posts: 3,000 ★★★★★
    edited May 2019
    Already explored it
    I ran Cap through it all. Since epic was nerfed, easy peasy. And so far his stone is the best. Still curious to see hulk and Thor's stone effects however. Beyond that, I have done same as you however
  • -sixate--sixate- Posts: 1,124 ★★★★
    Already explored it
    After they nerfed it rolled through Master and Epic easily with a R1 5* Cap.
  • Star_Lord_Star_Lord_ Posts: 523 ★★★
    Already explored it
    5* Cap for the win
    Not yet, waiting for stones
    Waiting to see what they will do with Hulk. I have a duped R4 5*, so...
  • Nick1109Nick1109 Posts: 422 ★★
    I would rank up Cap I just hate using resources on someone I'm only gonna use for this quest and never touch again.
  • Helicopter_dugdugdugHelicopter_dugdugdug Posts: 555 ★★★
    Already explored it
    Hawkeye was good enough to clear everything . Did the void path with BW
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