Suggestions to improve Black Panther Civil War

As it stands right now he has one of, if not, the least useful Signature Abilities in the game.

Signature Ability: Panther Habit

Black Panther begins the fight with his Reflective state active. Additionally, Black Panther’s Armor passively has a 15-39.1% chance to absorb heavy attack impacts by consuming 1 Armor Up effect.

It requires you to take damage at the start of the fight or leave yourself open to a heavy. I'm sure most end game players don't worry about heavy attacks, I haven't used the Stand Your Ground mastery in years.

Suggested fixes.

He doesn't take damage while Reflective state is up, and he only takes damage as the reflect charges expire.

Give him a chance to enter Reflective state on well timed blocks, with a cool down.

Give him a chance to inflict bleed on critical hits from all attacks.

This will give him a chance to absorb massive attacks and deal it back throughout the fight and the bleeds will increase his overall damage output. Players can adjust their playstyle to actually let the AI attack them while he's in Reflective state for a chance to deal it back. I think those fixes would make him a much more viable champion that people would want to rank up and use much more often than they currently do.


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