Who are the top ten damage dealers in MCOC? Stark Enhanced Spider-Man? Corvus? Cull Obsidian?

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Hey all,

Does anyone have a list of
a. the top ten hardest-hitting champions in the game by Damage Per Second (at max potential)
b. the top ten champions by damage dealt in a single hit/attack
c. the top ten champions with the highest base attack rating

My uneducated guesses are:
1. Cull Obsidian
2. Corvus Glaive
3. Domino
4. Aegon
5. Stark Enhanced Spider-Man
6. Ghost
7. Hyperion
8. Medusa
9. Star Lord
10. Captain America (Infinity War)

1. Proxima Midnight (SP3)
2. Domino (Critical Bleed SP3)
3. Cull Obsidian (SP3)
4. Havok (SP3)
5. Captain America (Infinity War) (SP2)
6. ... Morning Star SP2 with lots of buffs? I don't know from here

No idea, I heard Masacre had a really high base attack.


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    Hela can deal crazy damage
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    Guilly can do 200-300K L3s as well with synergies. I recently ran Domino with suicides on path three of LOL. Got a 20K crit bleed on Rocket and dealt like 1 mil damage in like 30 seconds. I also have a video of 4/55 Cull dropping ROL Wolvie in 35 hits. Crazy.
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    Some less orthodox but really hard hitters

    Ironman Infinity War

    All these champs require huge ramp up times but have otherwise unlimited damage output potential.
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    Gotten over 30k bleed ticks with domino
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    Havoc's S3 is off the charts... Wasp is pretty Insane with the Crit Damage on her heavy & specials... Iron Fist can do like... Hundreds of damage when used correctly... And Joe Fixit... Can do... Stuff?
  • GerbilGerbil Posts: 50
    Plus Gwenpool, Gwenpool, & Gwenpool
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    Gotta mention AA in this group, stack those neurotoxins yo?
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    Moxieman3 said:

    Gotta mention AA in this group, stack those neurotoxins yo?

    Agreed. Been testing out my 3* lately, and some pretty stacked opponents have been dropping really quick once you get him going.
    I guess Star Lord is technically the hardest hitting champion in the game, due to unlimited damage potential, but to get him there is rare to impossible. Maybe if there was one really really massive Captain America or something with 200M health Star Lord would do more damage with a single medium than anyone else's SP3 if you could hold a combo. Aegon synergy, maybe.
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    Single hit, I'd say Proxima. I landed a 250K SP3 with a 4-40 4* on WS. DoT into the mix possibly Domino.

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    Hela he’s arguably the highest dps at max potential
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    Top 3 highest potential damage champs:
    1# Hela
    2# Starlord
    #3 She Hulk
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    Where is Aegon?
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    No Blade and Red Hulk in the list??? Go away :)
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    There is a huge VOID in your list
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    Gerbil said:

    Plus Gwenpool, Gwenpool, & Gwenpool

    aww yeah
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    Angela can do some serious damage if you know how to use her
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    AA dps maxed out should be up there.....
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    Nemsa_M4n said:

    There is a huge VOID in your list

    Very nice! My understanding from watching war videos, etc. is that Void is kinda slow, and is mostly for utility, when compared to, say Starkey. But I only have an unawakened Rank 1, so I wouldn't know.
    Forgot about maxed out She-Hulk and AA. I'm not quite sure Blade keeps up with the others on the list with regards to damage. I mean, he great for the damage of parries, synergies, Regen, etc, but it's he on the level of Cap Beardo's SP2 or Hyperion? I can't see him doing as much damage as ramped-up Aegon or Domino's heavy attack with the flaming Trinity.
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    I’m just gonna ask, how does Hela get her massive damage?
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    Void can do massive damage if they have massive regen
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