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    Dazzler, Longshot, Marrow, Maggot And Moonstar
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    Is this too OP?

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    Contest of Champions Suggestion - Multiple Man

    Multiple Man

    Bio -
    Jamie Madrox is born to a family living near the Los Alamos research facility in New Mexico; the background radiation may have stimulated his mutation. When Jamie is born, the doctor's slap causes him to multiply into two identical babies. Professor Charles Xavier, a friend of the Madrox family, suggests that they move to Kansas to raise the boy in privacy. Dr. Daniel Madrox, Jamie's father, creates a suit for him to wear which is designed to absorb kinetic energy, the source of the duplication. Later, Damian Tryp of Singularity Investigations makes his own offer to look after Jamie, claiming that Jamie is not just a normal mutant, but actually a "changeling", a predecessor to mutants who develop powers at birth. Jamie's parents refuse to give Jamie to Tryp. When Jamie is fifteen years old, his parents are killed by a tornado alleged to have been caused by Tryp, and Jamie begins to run the farm by himself along with his duplicates, or "dupes", until his suit is damaged. He then contacts Professor Xavier, who sends him to Muir Island with Moria McTaggert, to work in her laboratory and help her with research while also exploring his own powers. Eventually he is asked to join the X-Men, but declines. Instead he becomes a member of the second incarnation of the X-Factor team, which is assembled as a U.S. government response team.

    Class -

    Tags -
    #Hero, #X-Factor, #S.H.I.E.L.D., #HYDRA, #Size:M

    Signature Ability - “Autonomous Dupes” -
    When awakened, Multiple Man starts the first 5 - 20 seconds of each fight with a 0.5% Attack Damage Increase for every Duplication Charge he had at the end of his previous fight, the duration of the Attack Damage Increase is based on his Signature Level. (This only applies to unconverted Duplication Charges, and not to any Prowess Buffs or Dupe Shields gained from converting Duplication Charges.)
    Additionally, Multiple Man’s Dupes, having minds of their own, offer Jaime Madrox Stun Immunity and Inverse Controls Immunity so long as he has Duplication Charges.
    If Multiple Man has Duplication Charges and acquires an Inverse Controls Debuff, he Purifies the Debuff at the expense of all of his Duplication Charges.
    If Multiple Man has Duplication Charges and becomes Stunned, a Dupe will counterattack the opponent on any basic/heavy attack attempted while Multiple Man is Stunned. The counterattack strike is guaranteed to be Critical, and instantly Purifies the Stun Debuff at the expense of all of his Duplication Charges. The mechanics of this counterattack are about the same as Mordo’s Astral Evade.

    Abilities, Attacks & Animations -

    Unique Ability - “Duplication” -
    Physical contact (inclusive of blocked physical hits) gives Multiple Man a Passive Duplication Charge. If Multiple Man is Knocked Down by a Physical Attack, he is awarded 2 Duplication Charges (one extra for hitting the floor).
    These charges can be used offensively upon activation of a Special Attack, which converts all Duplication Charges into minor Prowess Buffs, each of which increase his Special Attack Damage by 1.25% and last for 10 seconds.
    These charges may also be used defensively by dashing back and holding block uninterrupted for 3 seconds, which will convert all Duplication Charges into Dupe Shields. If the opponent strikes Multiple Man’s Block within 3 seconds after he dashes back, the conversion of Duplication Charge to Dupe Shield will fail, and Multiple Man will have to dash back to try again.
    Dupe Shields provide Invulnerability from Physical Damage at the cost of 1 Dupe Shield for each instance of Physical Damage nullified. Dupe Shields can also be consumed when blocking, causing all physical attacks to be Perfectly Blocked. Dupe Shields offer no protection from Damaging Debuffs or from Energy Damage. Dupe Shields last until used, or until Multiple Man activates a Special Attack. While Multiple Man has Dupe Shields active he cannot gain Duplication Charges. Dupe Shields are not converted into Prowess Buffs upon activating a Special Attack.

    Unique Weakness - Energy Attacks -
    Energy attacks do not give Multiple Man a Duplication Charge on contact.
    Additionally, Energy Attacks and Damaging Debuffs bypass Multiple Man’s Dupe Shields.

    Unique Weakness - “Critical Mass” -
    Multiple Man cannot hold full power for more than 5 seconds. If the 5 second timer expires and Multiple Man has not used any power, he instantly loses one bar of power and all current Duplication Charges - instantly taking Direct Energy Damage equal to 1% of his maximum health for every Duplication Charge lost.

    Basic Attacks & Animations -
    Basic Attacks -
    Similar fighting style to Star Lord.

    Heavy Attack -
    Multiple Man kicks his opponent, and immediately after making contact creates a Dupe just behind himself. The Dupe grabs Multiple Man and twirls him around, allowing Jaimie to kick his opponent again with much more momentum. This second kick sends the opponent to the ground, and the Dupe is reabsorbed into Multiple Man.

    Special 1 - “Three’s a Crowd” -
    Altered version of Ant-Man’s Special 1 Attack, but the 2nd and 3rd hits of this attack are performed by Dupes.
    Multiple Man backhands his opponent, creates a Dupe who lands an uppercut, and creates another Dupe who kicks the opponent away to create some distance. The original Multiple Man runs towards his Dupes who work together to toss him high up into the air and towards his opponent. While Multiple Man is airborne he reabsorbs all of his Dupes. Multiple Man finishes the attack with a flying kick to his opponent’s face, knocking them down.
    Each successful hit from this attack has a 75% chance to place a Weakness Debuff on the opponent for 10 seconds.

    Special 2 - “Strength in Numbers” -
    Multiple Man kicks the opponent back to create some distance, then pulls out a gun. Multiple Man creates two Dupes of himself each with guns as well, and then they all open fire on the opponent before being reabsorbed.
    Each successful hit from this attack has a 70% chance to inflict a Bleed Debuff on the opponent for 3 seconds.

    Special 3 - “Dupe Domination” -
    Multiple Man and his opponent engage in an all out brawl, every time Multiple Man and the opponent make contact a new Dupe is spawned and joins in the fray. Eventually the sheer number of Dupes overpowers the opponent.
    This attack inflicts a Concussion Debuff on the opponent for 10 seconds.

    Synergies -

    “Double Agents” - (Black Widow & Crossbones & Multiple Man)
    Black Widow & Crossbones -
    Well-timed Blocks have a 33% chance to inflict a Disorient Debuff for 3 seconds.
    Multiple Man -
    Having Dupes that have worked within both Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D., Jaime Madrox is privy to a lot of classified information. Because of this, Multiple Man gains a 75% increase to his Critical Resistance when facing opponents with either the #S.H.I.E.L.D. or #Hydra tags.

    “Private Investigators” - (Howard the Duck & Multiple Man)
    Howard the Duck -
    Quack-Fu Fury Buffs are 50% more potent.
    Multiple Man -
    Multiple Man gains twice the amount of Duplication Charges when struck with Physical Attacks.

    “Men of Faith” - (Massacre & Daredevil [Both] & Multiple Man)
    Massacre & Daredevil [Both] & Multiple Man -
    Massacre, Daredevil [Both], and Multiple Man take 1% less damage from their opponent’s Special 3 attack for every 1 hit in their Combo Meter at the time of the attack’s activation. This effect does not stack with duplicate synergies.

    “Time Travelers” - (Cable & Bishop & Kang & Multiple Man)
    Cable & Bishop & Kang & Multiple Man -
    Whenever Cable, Bishop, Kang, or Multiple Man fall below 10% of their Maximum Health, they regain all the Non-Unique Buffs they acquired throughout the fight, these reapplied Buffs have an infinite duration.

    “A Sinister Dupe” - (Mr. Sinister & Multiple Man)
    Mr. Sinister -
    If his opponent has a Signature Level of 1-50, Mr. Sinister starts the fight with 1 Emergency Shield Buff which reduces the opponent’s first successfully landed Special Attack’s Damage by 60%.
    If his opponent is unawakened, Mr. Sinister starts the fight with a Passive Emergency Shield Buff which reduces all of the opponent’s successfully landed Special Attack’s Damage by 30%.
    Multiple Man -
    Multiple Man gains a Passive 30% increase to his Critical Rating when facing an opponent with the #X-Men tag.

    “Teammates” - (Havok & Sabertooth & Multiple Man)
    All Champions -
    All Champions gain +5% Perfect Block Chance.
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    I think everyone should get 5000-9000 five or 6 star hero shards for doing the best they can and should get some good rewards for their progress.
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    edited June 2019
    My wishlist:-
    Ancient one
    Iron Spider
    Quick Silver
    Weapon X
    My Imagined Abilities of Apocalypse:-
    True strike
    Memory loss( Opponent forget all of his abilities when apocalypse has only 10% of health)
    Buff steal( steal all kind of buffs including unstoppable and invisibile for 10 sec)
    Future Prediction(Gets 60% chance for perfect block and evade and reduce the rate of opponents regeneration and evade and critical hit damage)
    Immune to Shock and Poison
    Awakened Ability:-
    Memory loss:-
    This buff activates at the start of fight and stays for 7 sec and again when when apocalypse is below 50% and below 20% for 5 sec
    Magneto(Magneto crit rate increase and regenrates for 7 sec when blocked for 5 sec. Apocalypse future prediction rate increases by 30%)
    Storm (Gets indistructable for 5 sec when below 10% of health for both Storm and Apocalypse)
    Phoenix ( Her incrinate damage increases and gets Future prediction for 5sec)
    Psylocke(same as storm)
    Archangel(Bleed rate increases for archangel and apocalypse is immune to bleed and his every hit stacks bleed on opponent when Apocalypse is below 5% for 10sec. Archagel gets immune to shock and can be able to steal buff when for 5sec when he is below 20%)
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    With the new addition of Namor I'd like to see both Stingray and Tiger Shark added as they both share a history with Namor and would introduce a new tech champ (Stingray) and science champ (Tiger Shark) with what I can only imagine will be some interesting and unique abilities.

    For the Spiderman far from home event I do not want to see another spiderman as there are more than enough in te game already. Instead of like to see someone who was neglected when homecoming came out and that'd be Shocker, Herman Shultz not Montana, as he's a unique and underrated villain who in his own right has had Spiderman on the ropes numerous times. Along with Mysterio they would collectively introduce very unique tech champs to the contest.
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    Hey kabam add professor X

    Profesor X- mutant
    Special1- telepathy; the ability to induce in others mental illusions, temporary mental or physical paralysis,
    Special2- amnesia; the projection of "mental bolts" to stun or render a person unconscious
    Special3- profesor X evades and then messes with the opponents mind like the end of x-men: apocalypse

    Signature ability: dread the X
    When awakened he inflicts degeneration buff that last for 15 seconds while profesor X regenerates 10% of his health while this buff is active
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    Bio- Mystique is a mutant shapeshifter with the ability to psionically shift the formation of her biological cells at will to change her appearance and thereby assume the form of other humans and animals.[76][77] She can also alter her voice to duplicate exactly that of another person. Originally, it was clearly stated that Mystique's powers were limited to appearances only; she could not assume the powers of the people she morphed into or alter her body to adapt to different situations. Additionally she could not change her overall body mass when taking on the appearance of a person larger or smaller, but due to subsequent enhancements she has stated that her body mass is not fixed and can change when she does.

    Sp1- mystique mimics the appearance and abilities of her opponents with exquisite precision, and her natural appearance should include her blue skin and yellow Eyes
    Sp2- agility movement when she hits the opponent and reduces their attack damage
    Sp3- Mixed feelings making mystique alter and conceal her scent from her opponents enhanced senses, and is capable of changing her shape to a greater degree, including altering her limbs to form tentacles and bladed weapons

    Signature ability: my children (Mystique is the mother of the villain Graydon Creed, the X-Men hero Nightcrawler, and adoptive mother of the heroine Rogue.) grants her the ability’s of nightcrawler’s along with the powers of rouge.
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    My Sugestion of Characters

    -GALAXY (Cosmic'S)

    1) Kallark/Gladiator (Cosmic)
    2) Silver Surfer (Cosmic)
    3) Adam Warlock (Cosmic, Mystic)
    4) Beta Ray Bill (Cosmic)
    5) Terrax (Cosmic)
    6) Quasar (Cosmic)
    7) Nova (Cosmic)
    8) Firelord (Cosmic)
    9) Stardust (Cosmic)
    10) krugarr (Cosmic)
    11) Wraith (Cosmic)


    12) Dr. Doom (Science)
    13) The Destroyer (Tech, Cosmic)
    14)Dracula (Skill)
    15) Shocker (Tech)
    16) Attuma (Science)
    17) Kraven (Skill)

    -Olympus Group (Kabam): (Appearance HQ, Hercules Vol-1 nº138,139)

    18) Delphyne Gorgon (Mystic)
    19) Thanatos (Mystic, Skill)
    20) Zeus Panhellenios (Cosmic)
    21) Argus (Mystic)
    22) Arachne (Mystic)
    23) Typhon (Mystic,Cosmic)
    24) Poseidon Aegaeus (Cosmic)


    25) Hellstorm (Skill, Mystic)
    26) Satana (Mystic)
    27) The Living Mummy (Mystic)
    28) Werewolf by Night (Skill, Mystic)
    29) FrankenCastle (Mystic, Skill)
    30) Morbius (Mystic)
    31) Man-Thing (Mystic, Science)


    32) Spider-Doppelganger (Cosmic)
    33) Man-Spider (Mutant)


    34) Vox/Super-Inhuman (Skill)


    35) Toad (Mutant)
    36) Quicksilver (Mutant)
    37) Blob (Mutant)
    38) Shadow King (Mutant)
    39) Legion (Mutant)
    40) Professor X (Mutant)
    41) Azazel (Mutant, Mystic)


    42) Blue Marvel (Science)

    43) Odin (Cosmic)
    44) Hercules (Cosmic)
    45) Skaar (Cosmic)
    46) Misty Knight (Tech)
    47) Nico Minoru (Mystic)
    48) Captain Britain (Mystic)
    49) Spider-Woman (Science)
    50) A-Bomb (Science)
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    If Kabam cared for the players, it would be obligatory that on certain levels the player would receive on merit the appropriate champion for some difficulty. Example: How to pass the Abomialnavel knot without an immune to proper venom and without spending? The managers spit in our faces without the slightest shame of calling it rain.
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    Signature Ability:
    Death Touch:
    Being the personification of death itself, Lady Death can bend the laws of life as she wishes. Critical attacks have a 60% chance of inflicting a Degeneration debuff, draining 50 health twice per second for 5 seconds.

    This champion is immune to Degeneration and Poison debuffs.
    While the opponent has a active Degeneration debuff, Lady Death increases her Attack Rating by 200.

    Heavy Attacks:
    Heavy attacks grants a Precision buff, increasing Critical Rating by 200 for 4 seconds.
    Heavy attacks inflict one Degeneration debuff on the opponent, draining 50 health twice per second for 5 seconds
    Heavy Attacks are always critical.

    Special 1:
    This attack has a 40% chance to Stun the opponent for 4 seconds. The chance to Stun increases by 5% for each Degeneration debuff on the opponent.

    Special 2:
    This attack has 100% chance to inflict a Concussion debuff on the opponent, reducing their Ability Accuracy by 60% for 6 seconds.
    Each Degeneration debuff on the opponent when Concussion is activated increases it’s duration by 1 second.

    Special 3:
    This attack 100% chance to inflict 3 permanent Degeneration debuffs on the opponent, draining 50 health per second.
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    Jean Grey has amazing potential to be an interesting and fun character to play.
    Some suggestions:

    Heavy Attack: Telekinetic Blast
    Jean knocks her opponent down with a quick blast of telekinetic energy from her powerful mind.

    Special 1: Telekinetic Trip
    Jean literally jerks her opponent's feet out from under them inflicting a quick, parry-esque stun.

    Special 2: Come Here, Go Away
    Jean yanks her opponent toward her with her telekinesis and then slams them back against the wall inflicting a stacked stun effect.

    Special 3: Crush the Body and Mind
    Jean envelops her opponent in a crushing telekinetic aura flinging them high into the air, slamming them down to the ground, and then slamming them against the wall with a final telepathic blow. If the opponent is not KO'd from the Special 3, a massive stun effect is inflicted.

    Jean Grey: Awakened
    Jean uses her telepathic powers to read opponents' skills and powers giving her a perfect block against heavy, special 1, special 2 attacks 75 - 100% of the time depending on the level of her awakened signature power (and the power level of her opponent).

    Also as a Duped/Awakened character, Jean's special attacks pack much more power giving her increased critical damage.

    Awakened Jean's Special 2 gives her a power steal 75 - 100% of the time depending on her power level and the power level of her opponent, while her Special 3 guarantees a power steal 100% of the time whether duped or not.

    When an Awakened Jean Grey gets below 5% health, she surrounds herself in a last ditch effort Telekinetic Shield to give her Perfect Block for several seconds. This effect is 100% invulnerable to everything and anything for however many seconds it lasts no matter the power level of her opponent. (This particular Telekinetic Shield's duration depends on the character's power level and rank.)

    Evade NEVER works with Jean Grey duped or not. Sorry, Spider-Man.

    Jean uses her telekinetic powers to deflect automatic effects like Electro's static shock, Iceman's coldsnap, and Quake's aftershock. Her ability to do this effectively depends on her rank and level and whether or not she's duped.

    Jean Grey: Unduped
    Unduped Jean still packs a wallop, but her perfect block may not be so perfect all the time. Also, no last-ditch effort telekinetic shield.

    Some possible character weaknesses (they all have them): She's not immune to much, if anything, so Jean depends heavily on her Perfect Block to deflect bleed, shock, poison, coldsnap, etc....

    Obviously, with Cyclops and of course there would an X-Men synergy. Enemy synergy: Emma Frost, Magneto, Mr. Sinister. Jean should have a Phoenix Force synergy, too, superior to Emma's Phoenix Synergy.
  • SlytherinMasterSlytherinMaster Posts: 4
    The following suggestions came from Jh_Dez:

    Teenage jean has the ability to psiphon mental energies from others around her in the comics.
    I suggest reworking her power steal to make her more unique among other power control champs.
    Signature ability:
    Jean awakened becomes a master of her psionic abilities making her immune to inverted controls
    Also, when jean stays close to the opponent for more than 2seconds(timer decreases based on sig) she psiphons power from the opponent, increasing her attack rating by 70% and increasing power rate from attacking the opponent at the same time reducing opponents power gain from attacks

    Special 2 suggestion
    Jean draws her opponent in with her tk and uses tp to project the opponents fears, terrifying them before using tk to blast them away.
    This attack is class based. By that I mean the fears of the opponent is the class they'd get class disadvantage from.
    If jean fights a cosmic, she projects the fears of a cosmic which is mystic champions. Cosmics fear getting their buffs nullified so jean does what a mystic does. Any buff active on a cosmic gets nullified immediately and replaces them with a corresponding debuff. If it's fury, she nullifies and places weakness, if it's precision, she nullifies and places exhaust and so on.
    Against mystic, she projects science. Nullify is common to mystics. Jean gains a passive fury and cruelty buff that lasts for 10seconds
    For tech, jean projects cosmic and inficts armor break on the opponent removing a maximum of 2stacks of armor
    Against science, jean projects skill and places a concussion debuff on the opponent reducing ability accuracy by 45% for 15sec
    Against skill, why bother. She's already far superior than the regular homo sapien
    Against mutant, she reduces their special attack damage by 15% for the rest of the fight

    These abilities have no effect on robots

    When jean is to be knocked out, she gains a tk shield that absorbs damage till it breaks (max of 8hits,blocked attacks included). During this period jeans attack deals extra damage and she also gets a prowess buff
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    I also think Shuri will be coming soon in mcoc, especially as Tony Stark is no longer in mcu, as a tech genius it's only natural that she will take his place as a tech genius, plus I think we'll also see Valkyrie Ragnarok (movie version) as Thor handed over the baton over to her and Captain Falcon, since Captain America has retired from mcu also..
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    -Olympus Group (Kabam): (Appearance HQ, Hercules Vol-1 nº138,139)

    18) Delphyne Gorgon (Mystic)
    19) Thanatos (Mystic, Skill)
    21) Argus (Mystic)
    22) Arachne (Mystic)
    23) Typhon (Mystic,Cosmic)

  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78

    -Howling Commandos:

    -The Living Mummy (Mystic)
    - Werewolf by Night (Skill, Mystic)
    -Creature of Frankenstain (Science)
    - Man-Thing (Mystic, Science)
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    Nemesis/Holocaust : (Mutant)

  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78

    Vlad Dracula (Skill, Mystic)
  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78
    Sugar Man: (Skill, Mutant, Science)

  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78

    Shadow King : (Cosmic, Mutant)
  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78
    Styx (Legion Personality)= (Mystic, Mutant, Cosmic)

  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78
    Johnny Gomorrah (Legion Personality)= (Mystic, Mutant)

    Tem um dos conjuntos de poder mais originais nos quadrinhos. Com a capacidade de transformar qualquer coisa em sal, incluindo tecido vivo.
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    Azazel (Mutant)

  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78
    -ANNIHILATORS: (Cosmic'S)

    Kallark/Gladiator (Cosmic)
    Silver Surfer (Cosmic)
    Beta Ray Bill (Cosmic)
    Quasar (Cosmic)
    Nova (Cosmic)

  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78
    Guardians of the Galaxy : Krugarr of Lem (Cosmic)

  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78
    Wendigo: (Mutant, Cosmic, Skill, Mystic)

  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78
    Danny Ketch Blue Ghost Rider Blue: (Skill, Mystic)

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