We owe cyclops an apology.



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    I like how you claim to be a low tier player, but also think you have a valid concept of how useful a champ is in comparison to others. Top tier players are the ones that have a large pool of information to compare to, while you only have access to a select few champs.

    That's perhaps a tiny bit harsh. It is true that more experienced players with larger rosters have an obviously larger pool of information to use to make judgments about champions, but that doesn't automatically mean their judgments are better. In particular, higher tier players seem to consistently overestimate the skill level and roster strength of the average player and the range of such across the entire playerbase.

    Although Kabam gets whacked constantly for their claims about Cyclops, this actually proves my point. The players ridiculing those statements are probably unaware that Kabam was almost certainly making statements about the *data* they see, not a subjective judgment about the champ. In other words, they aren't saying they *think* Cyclops is an effective champion, they are saying the game says Cyclops is an effective champion in actual practice, when played by actual players.

    It seems obvious to me why that would be so. They recently stated that their datamining showed Angela to be the most popular 5* champ. Beyond the fact that she's been around for a while, she has above average performance and she has a low skill curve to master. You just swing away and Angela will tend to do better than average for you. So of course in a mobile game where 80% of the players are probably not hard core players, the easy straight forward champion with the good performance will be popular. The same thing is almost certainly true for Cyclops. He doesn't take a lot of skill to master, and possessing armor break and unblockable specials with a low combo threshold almost certainly makes him perform better in the average player's hands than most champions.

    The fact that supposedly smart top tier players are unable or unwilling to acknowledge that, and simply walk away from the statement saying that true, Cyclops might be a better than average champion for most players but he has deficiencies in the higher tier game, is a black mark against the notion that top tier players' judgment is always better. Sometimes it has fatal defects unique to them.
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    VOLK1902 said:

    Too_qik said:

    VOLK1902 said:

    Too_qik said:

    VOLK1902 said:

    Too_qik said:

    VOLK1902 said:

    He is definitely a kabam Mike in disguise.Only he loves Cyclops.

    I swear I'm not kabam miike
    Yeah yeah you are not him.Definetely it's just a coincidence that you both like Cyclops.
    I don't like cyclops, I just don't hate him, you think cylcops was on my list when I spun the crystal out?
    Mike just admit that I found one of your multiple accounts.Admit it and I promise that I will pretend that nothing happened.Ok?
    I would totally just lie to you and tell you I'm kabam Mike, but pretending to be a kabam staff is against the rules. Ok?
    Yet another proof that you are Mike,only moderators follow and know the forum rules.
    Probably good practice for everyone to know and follow them. Hmm?
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    Kabam Miike was the 1 person who pressed the "awesome" button on this post
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    Sorry kabam michael but cyclops is below average
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    Cyke should be better. He kicks ass in every other game he is in.
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    Apologize? Me? I refuse good sir!😂
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    I sent email to kabam give you a Ciclops as 6*.
    So you now know when you open a 6* what you gonna get.
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    Too_qik said:

    Idk why cyclops *red and blue* gets so much hate, he's not THAT bad I have him as a 5* and he found some good usege against havock in the MEQ, good counter to Emma frost to he's also good on war defense on unblockeble SP1 node. And is great for act 5 breakthrough node.

    Now let's all apologize to cylcops for memeing him and all, I mean, Shure he's no Stark spidy but still. We owe him an apology

    Oh AND I frogot to mention that he's also good against characters with autoblock or high block proficiency with his crit. Through block.

    Said none ever before discovering how the game really works past lv 50.

    Good luck timing out vs any r4 havoc in any situation you have a 3 mins timer 😂😂
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