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  • Can I take this item because of care
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    I logged back in , only had 15 minutes on my timer left
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    Back up for me. Hope it stays up.
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    Ebbtide said:

    How long does Fight Recovery last for an Arena Fight?

    What is the use of Fight Recovery if in instances where the company takes the game down it doesn't automatically preserve, extend or save a fight? The same with boosts or other time based things; why aren't they automatically stopped when something like this happens?
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    Yeeessshh.... so many people mid rift. That's rough. Glad I wasn't doing anything at the time. Lucked out in that respect.

    You will feel unlucky once the compensations are out.
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    And would you look at that! No longer in my Epic rift and I’m missing 10,000 shards. YOU. DONT. SAY.

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    So the hamster escaped from its wheel again. With all the money Kabam makes from their overpriced “deals”; you’d think they’d have the wherewithal to invest in a better cage to keep the bugger contained.
  • NaTiSaAdNaTiSaAd Posts: 50
    Was in the middle of a rift when emergency maintenance came up. When game came back up the rift had expired. How do I get those coral back?
    I bought an epic rift to play but when I finish my rift with no time left because of an emergency service break, I get no rewards. Keeping in mind that this is big fr a f2p account
  • RubydogRubydog Posts: 2
    If a dev could please respond I am asking for a refund for my 10k epic coral I spent to open an unstable epic rift. The emergency maintenance began soon after I opened the rift and it closed during the maintenance period. This is a direct result of Kabam problems and I should not just lose my 10k epic coral that I grinded for.
  • spidey31415926spidey31415926 Posts: 147
    Hey kabam what are y'all going to do for the people in rifts? And in quests? I beat Angela. Had her KO and that's when the game went down. And quake lost 50% health because of yall. Now. What will be done?
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  • RandomH3roRandomH3ro Posts: 7
    Swear this was the first time the game was down for quite a while unless I just got lucky....

    Anyways, I was on the rifts and had a 7* super-mega-featured crystal I want comp!!!
  • AzariahAzariah Posts: 9
    I was in a epic rift when the game went down. Once is came back up. The rift had expired. Am I going to get my 10,000 tier 4 corral back?
  • Marlo_Mike33Marlo_Mike33 Posts: 193
    Well my master rift expired. No reward and no 5,000 epic coral to do my next rift. That was fun
  • AestericsAesterics Posts: 18
    Dear Kabam Mike,

    I would like to bring to your notice that I've lost 10k heroic atlantean rift shards due to the outage that has been just fixed...

    Pls give me back my atlantean rift shards back.. coz the event got expired before you guys fixed the issue..

    Please help
    During today, there was an emergency maintenance without warning, this caused me and many other players rifts to end due to time wasted waiting and therefore were unable to receive our prizes and rewards. Also, I’m free to play so getting 1000 six star shards just to be thrown away is a bunch of BS. We demand and instant compensation of coral
  • bb_81bb_81 Posts: 147
    if there wasn't any notification in game or otherwise before the maintenance, then i see no problems with properly compensating those who were affected by the sudden game outage. if there were notifications sent out ahead of time, then no, tough cookie. cheers
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    Im back on (",)
    @bb_81 I’m 100% certain that there were no warnings ahead of time
  • Thicco_ModeThicco_Mode Posts: 8,852 ★★★★★
    I think people deserve something for this
  • bb_81bb_81 Posts: 147
    then you should be fully compensated with the corals you paid to get in, with the addition of whatever prized path you landed on, imo would be a fair as some landed on featured 5* crystal before the game went down, DO NOT get your hopes up or expect much from kabam at this moment. the game going down out of nowhere seems to be a omen to how kabam is fairing lately and it looks bleak for Netmarble's future.
  • NaTiSaAdNaTiSaAd Posts: 50
    Quit deleting my posts!!!! Emergency maintenance happened in the middle of a rift. Please return the coral used for that rift.
  • AstragithAstragith Posts: 2
    Was running a Rift when I was DCed. Couldn’t log back on until I had 43 seconds left to run the Rift. Needless to say I failed the Rift. Thank you Kabam for continually showing your dedicated fan base how little we mean to you. I already know 3 things from this.
    1 You don’t care that people used precious resources that have limited time duration.
    2 You won’t bother to actually respond to a single person here at all. You’ll just do your standard issue apology to All Our Customers
    3 You sure as **** ain’t going to reimburse or refund us any items that were used with a duration when the game went down.
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    Mixalis said:

    Guys. It's very likely that anyone whose rifts were affected by this game outage will be reimbursed. And stuff like this happens sometimes. It's sort of like how you occasionally can have your device crash. It doesn't happen often, but it ruins so much stuff. But you have to suck it up and deal with it. That's literally all anyone can do right now.

    Again, it is VERY likely that people will be compensated for stuff like rifts. I mean it would be nice to hear that timers were paused or something for the duration of the maintenance, but hey. Deal with it.

    Sure they will, because they NEVER reimburse us for their e maintenance
    Prove it. It's us losing out on rewards we otherwise would have gotten due to circumstances beyond our control. Scheduled Maintenance doesn't count under that because we can go 'oh hey maintenance starts in 5 minutes maybe I shouldn't start this rift', but emergency maintenance definitely does.
    And if you don't have any constructive reply to a comment, please just don't reply at all. It doesn't help anyone. If you'd asked that more like 'what makes you think they'll be giving us compensation for this?' then that would have been much more constructive. It's asking a question instead of going 'shut up because I don't agree with what you're saying', which is what that comment comes along as.
    @bb_81 many people have complained about this so this should be dealt with in a few days or at least one weeks time
  • MattMastaMattMasta Posts: 2
    I was in a normal rift and want my 10000 shards back as well!!! This was a big setback for me getting to the other three difficulties of the rifts
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