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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • SłєiρηirRødSłєiρηirRød Posts: 37
    Quasar (Phyla Vel)
    Fing Fang Foom

  • BoneBone Posts: 30
    @CrusherOfDreams ur to into this game
    edited June 2019
    Class: Science
    Tags: #Control #Medium #symbiote #Lightforce #hero
    Bio: During an attack where the current Venom host ambushed an unknowingly cured Eddie Brock, the symbiote attempted to reunite with his former host. The reaction from Brock’s white blood cell antibodies rejecting the symbiote’s attempt created a new Symbiote known as Anti-Venom!
    Awakened Ability: Symbiotic Impurity- If knocked out of a fight, Anti-Venom will regain 10% of health based on number of unused energy bars.
    Genetic Memory
    Camouflage: Anti-Venom becomes invisible for 3 seconds.
    Accelerated Healing factor: Anti-Venon cycles health regeneration.
    Immune to Incinerate: Anti-Venom is immune to Incinerate champions.
    Power Drain: Anti-Venom’s Special 1 & 2 has 25% chance to activate power drain while Special 3 has 30% chance.
    Symbiote Rejection- Venom, Spider-Man (Symbiote). With Venom, Anti-Venom gains +1 Genetic Memory buff. With Spider-Man (Symbiote), Anti-Venom gains increased Critical damage.
    Spider Sense Immunity- Spider-Man (classic), Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Spider-Man (Stark enhance). Anti-Venom starts the fight with Camouflage buff for 5 seconds.
    Toxic Shock- Agent Venom, Green Goblin. Anti-Venom’s Special 1 and 2 grants 30% chance of inflicting power drain while his special 3 grants 50%
    Symbiote Infestation- Carnage, Venompool, Venom the Duck, Symbiote Supreme. Anti- Venom. All champions gain Armor buff
    Lightforce Mutation- Mr. Negative. (TBD)
    Class: Science
    Tags: #Control #Medium #symbiote #Lightforce #hero
    Bio: During an attack where the current Venom host ambushed an unknowingly cured Eddie Brock, the symbiote attempted to reunite with his former host. The reaction from Brock’s white blood cell antibodies rejecting the symbiote’s attempt created a new Symbiote known as Anti-Venom!
    Awakened Ability: Symbiotic Impurity- If knocked out of a fight, Anti-Venom will regain 10% of health based on number of unused energy bars.
    Genetic Memory
    Camouflage: Anti-Venom becomes invisible for 3 seconds.
    Accelerated Healing factor: Anti-Venom cycles Health regeneration.
    Immune to Incinerate: Anti-Venom is immune to Incinerate champions.
    Power Drain: Anti-Venom’s Special 1 & 2 has 25% chance to activate power drain while Special 3 has 30% chance.
    Symbiote Rejection- Venom, Spider-Man (Symbiote). With Venom, Anti-Venom gains +1 Genetic Memory buff. With Spider-Man (Symbiote), Anti-Venom gains increased Critical damage.
    Spider Sense Immunity- Spider-Man (classic), Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Spider-Man (Stark enhance). Anti-Venom starts the fight with Camouflage buff for 5 seconds.
    Toxic Shock- Agent Venom, Green Goblin. Anti-Venom’s Special 1 and 2 grants 30% chance of inflicting power drain while his special 3 grants 50%
    Symbiote Infestation- Carnage, Venompool, Venom the Duck, Symbiote Supreme. Anti- Venom. All champions gain Armor buff
    Lightforce Mutation- Mr. Negative. (TBD)
  • NewDawnDebNewDawnDeb Posts: 106


    CYBER enters The Contest ..................................!

    Can you add CYBER kabam.

  • NewDawnDebNewDawnDeb Posts: 106

    About Sandman:

    Bombarded with a massive dose of radiation from an experimental reactor, low-level mob henchman William Baker discovered that he could transform himself into a sand-like form that he could manipulate and reshape at will. Eager to use his new powers to better his station in life, Baker embarked on a life of daring robberies as Sandman!

    Base Stats & Abilities

    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    . Health: 16972
    . Attack: 1373
    . Max PI:
    . Without Signature: 3975
    . With Signature (99): 4523

    Character Class: Science

    Passive - Organic Sand

    . Sandman's Organic Sand form grants him full immunity to all Shock, Bleed, Poison, Coldsnap, Frostbite, Death Spore effects.

    Passive - Sand Armor

    . This Champion has additional Block Proficiency in its Base Attributes.
    . Sandman begins the fight with a layer of Sand Armor active, increasing his Armor Rating by 633.97.
    . If Sandman would lose more than 6% of his Max Health from a single source, his Sand Armor protects him from the blow, reducing the health loss to 6%, then it shatters; Once shattered, Sand Armor takes 13 seconds to reform.

    Passive - Density Control

    . When Attacked: Sandman subtly alters his Density during combat, with precise Density Control, granting a 40% chance for incoming attacks to glance; Glancing hits cannot be critical and deal 50% reduced damage.

    Passive - Silicosis

    . Deals 20% Attack as Energy Damage per second.
    . After filling each bar of power, Sandman has a 33.33% chance to inflict Silicosis on the opponent dealing Energy Damage over 7 seconds, preventing them from Evading attacks and Healing.

    Developer Note: Silicosis is a Passive effect, and therefore do not count as a Debuff.

    Basic Abilities: Enfeeble, Cruelty, Stun, Armor Break.

    All Attacks

    . 65% chance to inflict Weakness, decreasing the target's Attack by 10% for 3 seconds and the potency of their Power Gain effects by 20% for 5 seconds.
    . Opponents passively suffer 50% reduced Ability Accuracy for as long as they are under a Debuff effect.

    Heavy Attacks

    . 35% chance for Cruelty, increasing your Critical Damage by 50% for 10 seconds.

    Special 1 : Size and Mass manipulation - Sandman enhances his size and mass and strike the ground.

    .85% chance to Stun for 3 seconds.
    .This Attack is unblockable.

    Special 2 : Mace and Sledgehammer - Sandman mold his arms and hands into mace and sledgehammer to strike the opponent.

    .100% chance to Armor Break, removing enemy Armor and applying 65% Armor reduction for 15 seconds.

    Special 3 : Sandstorm - Sandman turns himself into a sandstorm, and flies around his opponent to suffocate him.

    .100% chance to Stun for 5 seconds.
    .100% chance to Armor Break, removing enemy Armor and applying 70% Armor reduction for 20 seconds.
    .This Attack instantly reforms Sand Armor

    Signature Ability: Porosity - Incoming Attacks tend to pass harmlessly in the Porous sand of his body.

    .Contact attacks has 35% Chance to miss.
    .Non Contact attacks has 70% chance to miss.

    Developer Note: Sandman's Signature Ability combined with other Defensive Ability makes him tough defender to beat.

  • MJWolverine21MJWolverine21 Posts: 18
    Mystique (Horsemen)

    Including original Mystique can get a bit tricky but the Horsemen Mystique could be added easily. That we seen on X-Men: Evolution episodes "Ascension - Part 1&2"

    Her shapeshifting powers can be seen at the fullest potential there like turning into animals, snakes, bats, get invisible, camouflage and other powers like :

    Maybe stronger than DC's Martian Manhunter sometimes

    As we see, her powers can be used both Offensive and Defensively.

    At her sp3, She could deal a number of melee attacks each transforming into one of the X-Men Brotherhood or Horsemen. like Shang Tsung's Fatal Blow in Mortal Kombat 11

    She can be added on a future Age of Apocalypse Event Quest alongside with the confirmed character En Sabah Nur (Apocalypse).

    If that event takes place, I have another proposition to make. Introduce a non-playable character,
    Professor X . :wink:

    Apocalypse will force Professor to go against summoner against his will. So we will have to fight against.

    We have seen Professor travelling on hovering chair. He will do the same on the Battlerealm like M.O.D.O.K. He won't even have to use his hands to fight either . He will Hit and Block both Telepathically.

    At his sp3 : He will put on his Cerebro Helmet. Everything around the opponent would went dark, black. The opponent will turn here and there confused. then he/she will see the X-Men around whom professor called through Cerebro. He/she will get hit by everyone like Cyclops's Beam, Iceman's Ice, Storm's Lightning, punch & kicks by Colossus and Rogue, and finally - A Fastball Special By Colossus and Wolverine.

    My point of adding Professor as a non-playable character because he is not that kind of person to get down into fights. He always prefers doing stuffs or convincing someone through discussions, not even using mind controlling. Even on this fight, he is fighting against his will under Apocalypse's influence.

    Hope it catches Kabam's eye.
  • MooseJuiceMooseJuice Posts: 1
    edited June 2019
    I think just giving a month to a few characters from Spiderman Into the Spiderverse. Maybe not re-skins of Miles or Peter or Spider Gwen, But seeing Spider-Ham would be absolutely amazing, along with Noir and Peni. And the villains would look amazing. Especially Scorpion, Tombstone, Prowler or any one that you don't already have a version of in the contest. Though Doc Oc, Kingpin, Green Goblin and anyone else from that perfect movie would be an amazing addition.
  • Agent222Agent222 Posts: 4
    Spider Man
    Es sollte ein Sand Man geben wenn es ein Green Goblin gibt
    Er sollte für deff sein
    Er sollte immun gegen alle Debuffs sein für die Zeit wo er Sand Aktive hat, und sein Sand Sollte nach 60sec weg gehen
    Er sollte Alle Superkräfte Verschlucken wenn er Sand Aktive hat, also 80% der Superkraft Schaden verschluckt er.
    Er Sollte Wut laden je mehr er schaden im Sand bekommt, und er sollte den Gegner mit Sand Voll machen, also er sollte ein debuff haben Sand Im Schuh, und das würde die Gegner immer langsamer und Schwächer machen und Ihre Fähigkeiten bis zu 80% verringern. Wenn er Wasser bekommt dann geht sein Sand Buff direkt weg, Z.b. Namor wäre der beste Kounter für ihn. Und er sollte 1Wut für Alle 20 Treffer bekommen.
    Es würde mich sehr freuen wenn ihr ihn ins MCOC rein tut.
  • Agent222Agent222 Posts: 4
    Und Die Animationen von Sand man sollten wie von Das Ding und Kamala Khan zusammen sein, so groß wie das Ding und so dehn bar wie Kanal Kahn
  • Agent222Agent222 Posts: 4
    Und man Kann ihn auch mit Einäschern sein Sand Buff weg machen
  • A l p h aA l p h a Posts: 540 ★★★
    It would be amazing if we could get endgame game versions of the main trinity when it falls where there are 3 released in 1 month!

    Thor_Endgame (Fat thor with stormbreaker and mjonir)

    Captain America_Endgame (Cap with Mjonir)

    Iron man_Endgame (this version in the final battle of endgame)

    On a separate note i think it would be great to add in valkyrie in her armor

    And lastly we need to get a version of rescue!

    Alpha Scorpion
  • AdityaLohia2100AdityaLohia2100 Posts: 64
    They Should add a comic version of Baron Zemo- Skill
  • lqd1lqd1 Posts: 54
    Human Touch(Jim Hammond)-Tech

  • lqd1lqd1 Posts: 54
    Young Angel - Cosmic

  • Cassidy_96Cassidy_96 Posts: 9
    Please put in Jessica Jones!!! Have a good Defenders synergy!!!
  • Metal_DaddyMetal_Daddy Posts: 33
    You know, we have Thor, Hulk, and Hela from ‘Ragnarok’ I think a Loki from the movie wouldn’t be a bad idea🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Flappy_Ninja64Flappy_Ninja64 Posts: 109
    1st, I would suggest not to suggest characters coming in movies close in the future, like mysterio. Kagan will most likely add them in. Also, might I suggest adding some of the Runways?
  • Flappy_Ninja64Flappy_Ninja64 Posts: 109

    1st, I would suggest not to suggest characters coming in movies close in the future, like mysterio. Kagan will most likely add them in. Also, might I suggest adding some of the Runways?

  • The_Champ9876The_Champ9876 Posts: 4
    I would like to see Captain America (Endgame) with his shield and Thor's hammer. Also I think there should be a Thanos Endgame with his spear thing.
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 5,341 ★★★★★
    Having recently re-watched Thor: Ragnarok, I wonder if one more champ from the film could appear as an occasional minion/miniboss for Hela. Even if they just reskinned Punisher:

  • The_Champ9876The_Champ9876 Posts: 4
    I think a Thanos from Endgame should be added because he would be a very powerful space type with his spear and gold armor. He would bring a lot of people that get him happiness. I think he should be a 6 and 5* character. For his first special attack he should through his spear at the opponent after a couple punches. The rest I don't really care. If you do add Thanos Endgame first of all thank you and second can I have him because watching the movies Thanos was such a awsome butt kicking villain. He just brings me excitement. Thank you for reading this and have a great day.
  • Regal_PantherRegal_Panther Posts: 13
    I hope they don't plan on skipping over Silver Surfer like they did Jessica Jones. Don't just use them as event cut scene dialog non-playable characters be sure to add them. Silver Surfer would represent the first true champ that should be
    1. Immune to Bleed, Poison & Incineration like Iceman (poison immunity is common to the cosmic class but none so far are truly immune to Bleed and Poison together - at best, King Groot when on fury can shrug off debuffs other than his full bleed immunity - Surfer is built to traverse space and dip in stars unfazed so these three for sure, if anything has to be taken away it would be poison immunity)
    2. Able to use his Cosmic Awareness to gain True Strike, countering evasion
    3. Probably use his Cosmic Awareness to possibly dodge others' True Strike abilities
    4. Like many other cosmic champs he should ramp up his striking power (give him a way to stack furies and convert them to passive furies - maybe get stronger as others use their energy since he can absorb and manipulate energy, building faster if his opponent uses energy attacks instead of physical and projectile specials)
    5. One of his specials could involve his board, but he would otherwise be riding on it. Maybe he can have an auto-block ability as the board is linked to him psychically
    6. I do not think Galactus fits in the game as a playable champ, but he could be involved in Surfer's Sp3
    7. It would also be great to have a synergy with him, Dr. Strange, Namor and Hulk so it can reference the O.G. Defenders who were bound by a spell to come together against their will (who also became the Order).
  • Bajan_SamuraiBajan_Samurai Posts: 107
    (Apologies for the Mystique triple post: My draft kept showing as if it wouldn't post. Now onto the next request with the mechanics of the champion's abilities considered)

    Sister Grimm (Nico Minoru)

    Class: Mystic | Sex:F Size:S | #Metal #Control: Counter | #Runaways #A-Force | Persistent Charge

    Why Her: Representing for the Runaways. Suitable powers would include:
    • Under regular circumstances, Nico can cast 3 of 9 possible Spells in a match depending on the Character Type of her opponent (Offensive, Defensive or Control).
    • Only one spell can be active at a time. When facing Science champs she is restricted to 2 spells in the match due to Class Disadvantage*
    • Nico can cast 1 offensive, 1 defensive and 1 utilitarian spell in the match without damage to herself, but whenever she repeats a spell she bleeds and it reactivates stronger
    • In order to cast these spells, Nico must consume 1, 2 or 3 bars of her own power respectively, but Casting also consumes the opponent's power once per level (1/3rd, 2/3rds or all of the opponent's max power level respectively when she triggers the effect)
    • Since Nico casts with the 1st of each unique special, Nico will fail to launch her special and consume the power while teleporting back and forcing back the opponent, causing no damage to them (since she benefits by draining their power without contact and this effect cannot be blocked)
    • When facing Cosmic champions, Nico also has an additional Class Advantage** based power lock apply to them for the amount of power they would need to gain their next full power bar during the 3 spells (DEV NOTE: making her class *disadvantage and **advantage to Science and Cosmic respectively in these ways allows for her main abilities to apply to any Off., Def. or Control champ without also having to be overly complex in restricting something other than the respective standard attack rating increase or decrease)
    • Her three Offensive options are: Degeneration, Attack Boost and Armor Burn
    • Her three Defensive options are: Reversal Armor, Auto Evasion and Buff Reflect
    • Her three Utility options are: Power Steal, Health Steal and False Strike
    • Each of the 3 abilities in each of the 3 types are set by facing the character type (e.g. against Off:Burst, Off:DoT or Off:Raw she would cast Degeneration, Reversal Armor and Power Steal; but for Def:Guard, Def:Tank or Def:Utility she'd cast Armor Burn, Buff Reflect and False Strike to get around the high likelihood of armor ups, defensive damage and auto-evades that Defensive champions tend to have)
    • Nico suffers -0.1%, -0.2% and -0.3% health loss due to Bleed when she casts each level of spell; but otherwise is resistant to the full effects of bleed, and reclaims some health lost due to any source of bleed at the end of the match (unless in a heal block quest stage). She reclaims 1/3rd of any bleed damage sustained per Persistent Charge
    • Each spell type re-triggers whenever she reaches the power threshold it was cast at for [x] seconds
    • The order she activates each special in determines how potent (intensity and duration) the associated ability would be (example: if she goes Sp3, Sp2, Sp1 her Offensive ability would be strongest (66% stronger than if Sp1 happened first and 33% stronger than if Sp1 happened second); her Utility ability would be weakest; and each lasts 33% longer than the one triggered before it; activating the Sp1 effect last also allows her to repeat it more frequently by using Sp1 then reaching that power threshold again the quickest)
    • Nico is able to shrug off Bleed debuffs when she converts blood to Spells and experiences 50% shorter duration and 50% less damage from Bleed inflicted on her
    • Also when inflicted with Bleed she becomes able to cast whichever spell she first activated with any other power threshold (e.g. if she casts Degeneration by doing Sp1 first, and if she is made to Bleed by any source during the match, whenever she makes contact within [x] seconds of reaching any other power threshold, Nico would be able to inflict Degeneration for that window of active time at Sp2 and 3 thresholds, and double stack at the Sp1 threshold or just cause Degeneration on contact for the time she bleeds)
    • Nico starts her next match after a win with the last ability she used active and can apply it up to 3 times (one per power level reached); as such she gains up to 3 persistent charges from winning matches in events and does not lose these charges unless she loses a match and resets to 0 (i.e. match 4, 5, etc. will always allow her to activate the ability she kept from the last fight 3 times).
    • Nico is unique in consuming her own power bars instead of attacking up to 3 times, so she is meant to also be unique in activating her Spells while being attacked by others' specials (once she's not already hit or stunned beforehand) and dodging the opponent's special in this way
    • Because of her initial power consumption and as a Mystic, Nico gains Kinetic Instigation for 3 seconds after each special she launches, allowing her to gain some power even if the opponent is blocking her attack

    Ability Descriptions

    Since Armor Burn, Reversal Armor, Buff Reflect and False Strike are not common abilities here is a little more about them, and also more about her Auto-Evade.
    • Armor Burn is an Offensive ability cast during her first Sp1 against Defensive types, allowing her the ability for [x] seconds whenever reaching 1 bar of power again to cause opponents that can armor up to receive incineration damage over 3 seconds equal to the direct damage she dealt during the [x] seconds; if the opponent had an armor up effect while this was active, the damage dealt from incineration is doubled; and champs that cannot armor up at all receive 50% less damage from the incineration
    • Reversal Armor is a Defensive ability cast during her first Sp2 against Offensive types that regenerates any damage taken in the [x] seconds following reaching Sp2 thresholds for the rest of that match (e.g. if hit by an attack strong enough to take up to 99% of Nico's 100% health immediately after reaching 2 bars of power, she will regenerate 99% of her max health over 3 seconds at the end of the [x] second spell window)
    • Buff Reflect is a Defensive ability cast during her first Sp2 against Defensive types that shrugs off any debuff applied to her during the [X] seconds after reaching 2 bars of power and applies it to the opponent [unless they are immune to that debuff] at the end of her active spell window (e.g. she would shrug off a Armor Break inflicted on her by Iron Man and apply it to him at the end of the window; if she was armor broken twice during that window, he would suffer 2 stacks of armor break for 3 seconds; however, if Abomination inflicted poison on Nico during the spell active window, she cannot poison him at the end because he is poison immune) - with certain Synergies, Nico also mirrors Buffs that opponents activate during her active spell window if under conditions that would give her the Buff Reflect ability (i.e. must be facing a Defensive champ)
    • False Strike is a Utility ability, cast during her first Sp3 against Control types, allowing Nico to ignore all forms of evasion for [x] seconds of her spell active window after reaching the Sp3 threshold; this is potent enough to include evasion from the Dexterity mastery for those [x] seconds as well (the only evasive champion in the Science class is Spider-Man (Miles Morales) so this works out since it also requires the fight to last the longest to achieve this window of time that evasion is cancelled)
    • Auto-Evasion is a Defensive ability cast during her first Sp2 against Control types. It works like Symbiote Spider-Man's evasion lasting [x] seconds after a special, so it isn't that unique in that way; however, the way it is animated would work like a teleport backward and would be the same animation when she uses any special for the first time.

    Important Synergies

    Because Nico does not gain full potential without consuming 2 full meters worth of her own power, she relies heavily on certain synergies for disadvantageous situations.
    • Regaining power: When paired with Magik, Nico starts the fight gaining 50% of a full power meter (i.e. 1.5 bars) over 5 seconds in a Sorceress Supreme synergy allowing for her to cast a spell sooner; if another female Mystic is also present, Nico gains another burst of 25% power over 3 seconds after her first special
    • Building spell potency: Nico's first spell is always at its weakest unless she is paired with Winter Soldier, Cable, Klaw or Misty Knight for their Arms Race synergy (teaming multiple champs that have one normal and one enhanced arm) allowing Nico to raise the potency of her first spell up to +100% increasing +20% at a time whenever she uses any special (obviously, Klaw and Misty Knight are suggested additions as well; read about their design suggestions here)
    • Reducing opponent power: again, because she can go a while without an offensive special, Nico further reduces opponents' powers if she is paired with Captain Marvel, She-Hulk or Medusa, cutting opponent power gains in half when they are under a beneficial effect for the first minute of the match (A-Force synergy)
    • Relying on blood to cast some of her spells, Nico is unique in reclaiming health lost from bleed damage at the end of matches; however, this would be further extended to all forms of Damage over Time effects via a Synergy with the O.G. teen runaways, Cloak & Dagger (of course, the design suggestion for Dagger as a playable champ with Cloak floating behind her is also found here)
    Interestingly enough, I also think using something like different abilities based on the opponent type should also be added to Karnak, but I will add those to the Champion Improvement threads. Just that for him I envision him finding the flaw in Champs by
    1. passively weakening Offensive champs, or their Raw Damage, Burst and Damage-over-time potency
    2. reducing Control champs' Denial or Counter abilities
    3. disabling Defensive champs' Guard, Tank and Utility attributes
    reducing them by 30% when reaching a combo of 25, locking that in by achieving 3 heavies, and reducing it further by repeating a combo level
  • 1kz1kz Posts: 4
    Hi all, gentlemen, developers, I didn’t even know that the game has such a forum, although I’m playing the game at the very beginning when iso was in the same storage with catalyst, I’m writing to you with Kazakhstan I would really like to see in the game a spiderman war of infinity more than a killer mode I hope that you answer my question) :)
  • Bajan_SamuraiBajan_Samurai Posts: 107

    Cloak & Dagger

    Cloak & Dagger can be a pair, or two champs with guest appearances by the other during special moments.

    As a pair

    Class: Science (with a Mystic catalyst requirement during rank ups) | Sex: F (because of Dagger as main combatant)
    Type: Control: Denial | Size: S (because of Dagger) | #Mercenary
    #Dimensional Being (because of Cloak) | teams: #Dark X-Men #Secret Avengers

    The design of this 2 in 1 champ would be Dagger as the main fighting champ with Cloak floating behind her for most melee fighting.
    • Her fighting style would be based on ballerina-like movements and Cloak would drift forward or backwards on a .6 second delay.
    • Because of Cloak's delayed movements, when Dagger dashes back she is able to cross behind him, so while he is between the opponent and Dagger, she cannot be hit by projectiles because he is shunting them into his cloak of darkness
    • While blocking, Cloak's movements slow down drastically because he lowers to the ground to wrap his cloak in a protective sheath around Dagger (1/3rd speed), so dashing back and blocking immediately can extend how long it takes for Cloak to drift out of the opponent's way. This gives two benefits: 1) contact with Cloak inflicts Degeneration and 2) projectiles are shunted away for longer (up to 1.8 seconds) both of which may buy Dagger time while the opponent holds off their attack until Cloak is back in line with Dagger
    • Cloak also has 4 areas of shadow on the battle field (forward third of each quarter) which become active while Dagger and Cloak are in their block stance, so if the opponent is trapped on the corner spot, or standing on any of the three other spots, they will also suffer a minor degeneration effect
    • When Cloak is in line with Dagger blocking, their block proficiency is high; however, if Dagger dashed ahead of Cloak but had to block, since he is slowed down to drift up to her, Dagger is not wrapped in his cloak so she has a low block proficiency (trade off for Cloak's benefits when in front of Dagger)
    • Dagger's light projectiles cause opponents hit directly to Illuminate for 7 seconds (give or take Mastery effects and Tenacity/Purification effects) - whenever an illuminated opponent is over a shadow zone or in contact with Cloak their degeneration health loss is absorbed as health gain (15%-90% transfer rate for 4* and below and 20%-120% for 5* and above depending on signature levels)
    • Dagger throws light projectiles during Sp1 that can cause the Illumination, and her heavy finishes with a dagger stab that can cause a shorter illumination effect (up to 4s) during which opponents cannot proc their buffs or debuffs and Cloak moves faster for 5 seconds after specials (.2s delay instead of .6s)
    • During Sp2 Dagger also throws light projectiles, but Cloak also teleports behind the opponent and stays in contact with their back for 10 seconds unless they move (forward or back) requiring Cloak to also move to regain contact - of course, Cloak still moves in relation to Dagger's movements so she must dash forward or back to compensate for the opponent's new position (DEV NOTE: Cloak's normal degenerative effect is amplified by a shadow zone's minor degenerative effect so being in contact with him while over the forward 3rd of any quadrant causes a major degenerative effect to the opponent if Dagger holds a block stance)
    • When Dagger holds block for 1.5 seconds, she triggers Radiance on herself for [x] seconds that Purifies any debuffs on her
    • Dagger's Radiance lasts 2.5 seconds if under 1 bar of power, 4 seconds if between 1 & 2 bars of power, 5.5 seconds between 2 & 3 bars, and 7 seconds if all 3 bars are full.
    • While Radiance is active her heavies cause Illumination on the opponent for 4 seconds but it only lasts 2 seconds if she is not Radiant
    • Because Cloak and Dagger's powers are born from a scientific accident, they are in the Science class, but since their powers tap into another dimension they require a Mystic catalyst during rank ups like Karnak requires a Cosmic catalyst despite being a Skill champ (due to Inhuman cosmic attributes) and they also count as Dimensional Beings when facing Blade (DEV NOTE: it would be interesting to differ that Cloak and Dagger would be the first to level up in a special way: either 1. Dagger can only level up to a 2/3rds way point with Science ISO at the x1.5 faster pace, and using basic ISO or other ISO at the regular pace, while Mystic ISO is required to level up the remaining 1/3rds at x1.5 pace because it is technically leveling up Cloak's mystic like levels)
    Check here for the original take on Cloak & Dagger as a fighting duo against Crystal

    As Separate Champions pt1: Dagger

    Class: Science | Sex: F | #Mercenary
    Type: Control: Denial | Size: S | teams: #Dark X-Men #Secret Avengers

    Dagger would be the same as described above, except she does not have Cloak floating behind her most of the time. Instead, Cloak would teleport in whenever Dagger uses Sp2 or 3 and there would be no Shadow Zones on the forward 3rd of each quadrant of the battle stage while Cloak isn't present. Since Cloak is also not a constant presence in this version, the pairing is not considered and Dagger is not counted as a Dimensional Being although she still has a mystical element and tie to Cloak that requires the use of a Mystic Catalyst while ranking her up.
    • During Sp2, Dagger high kicks the opponent, throws a light dagger at him/her, then Cloak teleports behind the opponent for 10 seconds, adjusting position based on Dagger's movements on a .2 second delay to stay in contact
    • While in contact with Cloak, the opponent suffers the aforementioned degeneration but also suffers power loss over time at a rate of 2% per second (degen rate increases with signature but power loss rate is fixed)
    • During Sp3, Dagger walks back into Cloak's darkness and they disappear causing the opponent to look around nervously; Cloak suddenly teleports onto them engulfing them in absolute darkness before Dagger lights up the dark holding a bunch of light daggers (or an energy ball) and throws it at the opponent, blasting them out of Cloak and back onto the battle stage. After they are back on the normal stage, Cloak remains behind the opponent for 6 seconds causing degeneration if they remain in contact
    • Unlike the previous design as a pair, Dagger does not steal health from Illuminated opponents contact with a Shadow Zone because both the health draining and shadow zones are properties of Cloak; however, during Sp3 inside Cloak he technically steals health and power from the opponent and Dagger gains 25% health of the damage dealt from the base attack rating of the Sp3, burns 25% of the opponent's current power level, and gains 50% of the opponent's lost power
    • If Cloak is present on the team, health stolen from opponents during Dagger's Sp3 also repairs up to 25% of any health Cloak lost in a previous fight
    • All other attributes mentioned in the 'Champ-As-A-Pair' design apply to Dagger as a separate champ including her lower block proficiency; instead though, her ability accuracy including her block proficiency raises while Radiant allowing her to reduce damage from projectiles by 90% (higher with signature, and also applies to portions of Sp3 that appear to be projectile based)
    • While Radiant, she purifies any Damage over Time/Duration effects, is immune to Limbo and Degeneration, and is highly resistant to energy damage; non-energy D.o.T effects consume her Radiance instantly though, so she is susceptible to multiple hits that cause bleed, armor break, weakness or stun that were not environmental or inflicted with an energy attack
    • While Illuminated, opponents cannot activate Buffs on themselves or inflict Debuffs on her
    • Unique level up quirks with Dagger as a separate champ from Cloak include that 1) when Dagger activates Sp2 or Sp3, the effects associated with Cloak are 2X stronger if Cloak is a champion owned by the summoner, 2) Cloak's effects are also an additional 50% stronger if Cloak is on the current roster, and 3) Cloak's abilities are further enhanced by the Star and Rank of Cloak - (All meaning, even if one has a Maxed 5* Dagger, some of her effectiveness is lowered significantly if Cloak is only a 3* R1 champ, and much greater if Cloak is a 6* R2)

    As Separate Champions pt2: Cloak

    Class: Mystic | Sex: M | #Mercenary
    Type: Offensive: Damage over Time | Size: M
    #Dimensional Being | teams: #Dark X-Men #Secret Avengers

    Cloak on his own has many design elements like Symbiote Supreme, except his effects are more smoky and less tentacled: He hovers and has a dynamic cape effect. As a teleporting champion that does not require a hit to cause damage, he would also present a unique opportunity in causing damage from behind without contradicting the current design of champions' hit response animationsn.
    • Cloak on his own has basic attacks like Symbiote Supreme, except his mediums flip dark smoke from his cloak at the opponent
    • Additionally, while dashing back, Cloak teleports in a puff of dark smoke and cannot be hit while traversing through his shadowy dimension
    • Cloak is always floating except while blocking, and while in that block stance he activates the Shadow Zones on the forward third of each quadrant of the battle stage
    • If an opponent stays on or passes over an active shadow zone, they begin to degenerate at a rate of [x] health every .5 secs they are in contact with the zone, and lose power at 1% every .5 sec as well, so it is especially dangerous to be trapped in a corner with the shadow zone there while Cloak is blocking or after a Sp1
    • During Sp1 all of Cloak's shadow zones become active for 4-7 seconds (depending on Signature Level), and Cloak himself oozes black smoke, both causing degeneration when in contact with the opponent
    • During Sp2, Cloak flings open his cape and pushes back the opponent with a puff of black smoke, and Dagger pops out of his cape's aperture from the waist up, stabs a light sword into the opponent, then retreats back into Cloak, before he teleports behind the opponent for 6-10 seconds (depending on Signature level and Masteries)
    • During the time Cloak is behind the opponent, there are very few that have abilities that affect him (Electro and Omega Red would be rare exceptions because of contact or proximity damage effects) - since he is not hitting the opponent, this does not trigger evasion either but opponents can dash forward to get out of contact and stop losing health and power over time (DEV NOTE: Cloak has no hit motion while behind an opponent so the programming of attack responses to fly backward is does not have to be contradicted or replaced with a fly forward reaction, in fact, alternatively Cloak could have a grabby or pulling motion that could use the same fly backward reaction to hits instead so he is not limited to floating around to keep contact in order to cause damage)
    • If the opponent was not far back, they can also dash back to cross through Cloak instead of dashing forward, passing through Cloak speeds up the timer by 15% each crossing, shortening the time Cloak can remain before teleporting back to his normal position
    • Dagger's stab causes the opponent to illuminate as well, so if in contact with Cloak or passing over any active Shadow Zones while avoiding being in contact with him, Cloak gains a portion of the health and power the opponent loses (DEV NOTE: the effectiveness of Radiance is stronger if the summoner owns a Dagger; lasts longer if Dagger is on the current roster; and additionally steals health and power at a higher rate and duration if Dagger is of higher Star and Rank) on the flip-side, if the opponent evaded the puff of smoke and Dagger's stab, the absence of Illumination prevents Cloak from draining much health via contact or shadow zones.
    • Without Illumination from Dagger, Cloak can only steal enough health to grant him 1% regeneration per second if Dagger isn't owned by the Summoner; if owned Cloak can regenerate 2% health per second via constant contact with him or the zones, and 4% per second if she is on the 3 or 5 champ roster in the current War/Quest. With Illumination inflicted, Dagger at the lowest Star and Rank (1 Star R1) can only raise the potency of Cloak's health stealing by 15% but at the highest current level 6 star R2 she can grant Cloak a potency increase of 90%; a 6 star at R5 when those levels are enabled should provide 120% potency
    Notable Synergies
    • Dark Justice with Iron Patriot, Punisher, Blade or Wolverine, Cloak and/or Dagger grants 1) IP a second 50% less potent Arc Overload after the first burns out; 2) Pun a guaranteed 'Defy Pain' for 8 seconds and a second one for 4 seconds if facing villain champs, 3) Blade's healing can recover up to 95% of his health instead of 70% if facing Dimensional Beings (extends to villains or mystics as well if GR or Meph/Dorm are present); 4) Wolverine gains fury for 3 seconds after any regeneration effects raising his attack rating by 25%, and Cloak & Dagger have healing effects on all shadow zones/Cloak contact
    • Dark X-Men with Namor and Emma Frost (and Mystique if ever added)
    • Dark Dimension with Dormammu, Dr. Strange, Mordo or Hood which makes Shadow Zones present and active constantly without Cloak and/or Dagger needing to block while Dorm, DS, Mordo or Hood have enhanced healing effects stealing 1% power from the opponent whenever healing occurs
    • Friends with Luke Cage, Daredevil, Spider-Man and Captain America [modern] (and Sister Grimm if added) granting all teammates +4% block proficiency and +3% power gain rate (or Anti-Registration)
    • Song & Dance or Dance Fight with Black Widow (and Dazzler if ever added) allowing Black Widow (or Dazzler) a 20% chance to purify any debuffs inflicted on her with each hit, and Dagger's medium attacks burn 5% of her current power level from the opponent as long as she is radiant
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    Phantom Rider - (previously known as Night Rider or Ghost Rider)

    Bio -
    Hamilton Slade was an archaeologist with the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. He became interested in his ancestors Lincoln Slade and Carter Slade, his great-great-grandfather and great-great-granduncle, respectively, after finding out about their exploits in the Old West as the costumed hero known as the Phantom Rider. Carter Slade was the first Phantom Rider, his brother Lincoln took up the mantel shortly after Carter’s untimely demise. While Carter used the mantel to uphold justice and protect the innocent, the persona of Phantom Rider drove Lincoln mad to the point he kidnapped and violated the Avenger, Mockingbird, who had become lost in the past. Hamilton’s research led him to the burial place of Lincoln Slade, who had been laid to rest by Native Americans of the tribe that had first befriended Carter Slade and gifted him the Phantom Rider costume. Buried with Lincoln, Hamilton found the original costume of the Phantom Rider. Touching the costume allowed the spirits of both Carter and Lincoln to possess Hamilton's body, transforming him into the modern incarnation of the Phantom Rider, and also granting him the spirit form of Carter’s horse, Banshee. At first Lincoln Slade’s will and spirit were stronger than Carter’s and Hamilton’s, and Lincoln was in full control of Hamilton’s actions and behavior, leaving Hamilton unaware of anything that was going on. Carter Slade's spirit recognized the madness that afflicted Lincoln, even in death, and was constantly battling Lincoln's spirit for dominance within Hamilton as he knew that possessing poor Hamilton and leaving him with no memory of events was wrong. With the help of Mockingbird and the Avengers, Carter's spirit eventually subdued Lincoln's, and Hamilton regained control of his body and mind - Carter's benevolent spirit merely guided Hamilton and lent him his power so that Hamilton could continue to fight injustice and restore the reputation of the Phantom Rider, which Lincoln’s madness had tarnished.

    Class -

    Tags -
    #Hero, #Rangers, #Control:Denial, #Size:M

    Signature Ability - “Ethereal Cape” -
    While Blocking, if any incoming Physical Attacks are to deal at least 2% of Phantom Rider’s Maximum Health as damage through his block, the opponent’s attacks have a 30-80% chance to Miss, based on Phantom Rider’s Signature Level.
    This ability only activates while successfully Blocking, and has no effect against Heavy Attacks, attacks that are Unblockable, or Energy Attacks.

    Abilities, Attacks & Animations -

    Unique Ability - “Ancestral Madness” -
    Any time that Phantom Rider incurs an Inverse Controls Debuff, Lincoln Slade’s Spirit takes over Hamilton’s body for the duration of the Debuff. While possessed by Lincoln Slade, Phantom Rider gains a substantial Passive Fury Buff, increasing his attack by 50%. However, Phantom Rider also suffers from a Degeneration Debuff, which deals 0.5% of Phantom Rider’s Maximum Health as Direct Damage to himself every second that Lincoln Slade is in control.

    Unique Ability - “Quick Draw” -
    If Phantom Rider lands the first hit of the fight, he can gain Cruelty Buffs while charging his Heavy Attack.

    Basic Attacks & Animations -
    Basic Attacks -
    Similar animations to Ant-Man’s or Star-Lord’s Basic Attacks. (Charging backhand on the dash attack, punches on all light attacks, and a kick when ending a combo with a medium attack.)
    When ending a combo with a Medium Attack (kick), Hamilton Slade has a 75% chance to inflict a very small Bleed Debuff on the opponent from his spurs. Bleeds inflicted from Phantom Rider’s spurs last for 4 seconds.

    Heavy Attack -
    Charging a Heavy Attack makes Phantom Rider assume a Quick Draw Stance - throwing back his cape, holding his hand over his pistol, fingers restless, ready to fire.
    If Phantom Rider landed the first hit of the fight, he gains a stack of Cruelty every second that he charges his Heavy Attack. These Cruelty Buffs increase Phantom Rider’s Critical Damage Rating by 10% for each stack, and last for 4 seconds after successfully landing the Heavy Attack. If Phantom Rider does not successfully land the Heavy Attack, all Cruelty Buffs are instantly lost.
    If Phantom Rider did not land the first hit of the fight, he receives no bonus for charging his Heavy Attack.
    Releasing the Heavy Attack causes Phantom Rider to fire his pistol from his hip, releasing a large plume of smoke from its barrel. After firing the pistol, he quickly places it back in its holster. Despite using a ballistic weapon, this attack has the same range as most champions’ Heavy Attacks.

    Blocking -
    When Blocking, Phantom Rider shields himself with his cape.

    Special 1 - “Lasso of Darkness” -
    Hamilton Slade kicks the opponent to create some distance, then with the Phantom Rider’s signature Black Lariat, Hamilton lassos a rock from off-screen and hurls it at his opponent.
    This attack inflicts Enervate and Combo Block Debuffs on the opponent for 6 seconds. Enervate prevents the opponent from gaining power when struck, and Combo Block is a Debuff that prevents the opponent from building up their Combo Meter when successfully landing attacks.
    If the opponent’s Combo Meter is 0, the Enervate Debuff from this attack can be applied through the opponent’s block.

    Special 2 - “Spectral Six-Shooter” -
    Phantom Rider whips out his revolvers and unloads their ethereal ammunition into his enemy.
    This attack inflicts a Curse Debuff for 5 seconds. The Curse Debuff deals 7% of Phantom Rider’s Attack as Energy Damage to the opponent every second, and allows Phantom Rider to steal any of his opponent’s Non-Unique Buffs throughout the Curse Debuff’s duration. Stolen Buffs last for 5 seconds.
    If the opponent’s Combo Meter is 0, the Curse Debuff from this attack can be applied through the opponent’s block.

    Special 3 - “Banshee” -
    Hamilton Slade whistles, and the spectral form of Carter Slade’s horse, Banshee, appears to aid Carter’s descendent in battle. Hamilton leaps onto Banshee and they trample his opponent, knocking the opponent to the ground. After the trampling, Hamilton lassos his opponent’s leg with the Black Lariat, and drags the opponent behind the ghostly horse at full gallop. The opponent breaks free from the lasso, and as they sit up, begins to look around for the Phantom Rider who seems to have vanished. Suddenly, Phantom Rider and Banshee appear behind the opponent. Banshee rears back, and Hamilton shoots the opponent at point-blank range with his revolver, causing the screen to go black.
    This attack inflicts an Armor Break Debuff and a Power Leak Debuff on the opponent for 12 seconds.
    Additionally, this attack inflicts an extra 20% Damage against #Villain opponents.

    Synergies -

    “Spirits of Vengeance” - (Ghost Rider & Phantom Rider)
    Ghost Rider -
    Dashing back and holding Block uninterrupted for 3 seconds places a new Judgement on Ghost Rider’s opponent: Judgement of Greed. This Judgement has a 100% chance to activate, and instantly converts any Non-Unique Buffs currently active on the opponent into a Debuff of the inverse effect. For example, Regeneration would be replaced with Degeneration, Armor Up would be replaced with Armor Break, Precision would be replaced with Fatigue, and so on. All Debuffs applied to the opponent through this Judgement last 5 seconds.
    Phantom Rider -
    Activating a Special 3 Attack grants Phantom Rider a Passive Lifesteal Buff for 5 seconds, allowing him to Regenerate a small portion of his Health with every successfully landed attack within the Buff’s duration.

    “Ancestral Power” - (Guillotine & Doctor Voodoo & Phantom Rider)
    Guillotine -
    La Fleur du Mal draws its power from the blood it spills. Guillotine gains 50% more Power from all sources whenever her opponent is Bleeding.
    Doctor Voodoo -
    If Doctor Voodoo has Full Health during the first 10 seconds of the fight, he gains Power instead of Health. This Power Gain grants Doctor Voodoo 7% of his Maximum Power Meter every second that he has Full Health during the first 10 seconds of the fight.
    Phantom Rider -
    Carter Slade’s spirit offers guidance to young Hamilton Slade, raising the Phantom Rider’s Maximum Health, Power Rate, Physical Resistance, and Energy Resistance by 7%.

    “Horse Whisperers” - (Spider-Man [Classic] & Phantom Rider)
    Spider-Man [Classic] -
    Once in possession of an Asgardian Helmet that allowed him to speak the language of horses, Spider-Man befriended the Pegasus Queen Arctorious, otherwise known as Buttercup. Inspired by Queen Buttercup’s heroism and warrior spirit, Spider-Man’s Dash Attacks gain 250% Block Penetration against #Villain opponents.
    Phantom Rider -
    When Banshee tramples on Phantom Rider’s opponent during his Special 3 Attack, it inflicts a Permanent Passive Open Wound Debuff on the opponent. These Open Wound Debuffs can be stacked with multiple activations of Phantom Rider’s Special 3 Attack, up to a maximum of 5 total.

    “Unforgiven” - (Hawkeye & Phantom Rider)
    Hawkeye -
    All Debuffs inflicted on Hawkeye’s opponent have their durations doubled.
    Phantom Rider -
    While Phantom Rider is possessed by the spirit of Lincoln Slade, the Degeneration Effect inflicted on Hamilton’s body by the Ancestral Madness Ability is doubled.

    “Moonlit Warriors” - (Moon Knight & Iron Fist [Immortal] & Deadpool [X-Force] & Taskmaster & Phantom Rider)
    Moon Knight -
    After activating a Special 3 Attack, all effects and abilities granted to Moon Knight from the current phase of the Moon have their effects and durations increased by 200% for the remainder of the fight. This effect does not stack with multiple Special 3 attack activations.
    Iron Fist [Immortal] -
    Activating a Special 3 Attack inflicts a Passive Chi Block Debuff for 10 seconds. Chi Block Debuffs combine the effects of Enervate, Combo Block, and Power Sting - preventing the opponent from gaining power from incoming attacks, preventing the opponent from increasing their Combo Meter when successfully attacking, and inflicting Direct Damage to the opponent if they activate a Special Attack while the Chi Block Debuff is active.
    Deadpool [X-Force] -
    If Deadpool reaches a Combo Meter of 100, he hacks the game and gains a Regeneration Buff that restores him to Full Health over the course of 3 seconds.
    Taskmaster -
    Taskmaster’s Exploit Weakness Effect deals an additional 30% damage at night.
    Phantom Rider -
    Phantom Rider’s Special Attacks gain a 200% increase to Block Penetration as long as his opponent has a Combo Meter of 0.
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    All specials close to the Hulkbuster
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