Invisible Woman visual issue (low importance)

There seems to be a issue with the 4 on her chest when she turns invisible. The 4 rotates 90 degrees. From the special moves video I'm guessing this should not happen:

Visible Fantastic 4 logo is normal.

Invisible Fantastic 4 logo is rotated.

From the Special Moves video.


  • I don’t think it is rotated 90 degrees. Looks like it is the Reverse Image, whereby almost every hero is just flipped depending if fighting on Left vs Right. Bucky's bionic arm, Aegon's missing arm, etc are all wrong from one side, correct from the other side.

    Think they specifically did some BOTH-CASES heroes, like if they have lettering on chest. Just looks like they didn't do the BOTH-CASE when InvisWoman is in Invisible mode.
  • KnordyKnordy Posts: 143
    Ah yes, it could be a flipped/reverse image indeed. :) But the issue still remains as it is correct when she's in visible form, but it's not in invisible form.

    If I look at this video: the 4 is not reversed when she goes into invisible form and she's the left fighter.
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