Pre-saved Team comps ?

dot_dittodot_ditto Posts: 489 ★★★
Ok, so I had thought about this a while back, but until I became uncollected, I didn't really notice it as much as I do now ..

With all the varied content, and more challenging content available to me, I notice I'm constantly selecting and re-selecting teams for various tasks. Anything from a really challenging run in Uncollected EQ, or Labyrinth, to an easy run on RttL, for Fantastic Four use ..

What I think could be really useful, is a way to setup teams ahead of time .. then just select them when needed.

So during champ select screen, just a button to Load a team, (maybe a button to Save a team as well)

this could bring up a list of saved teams ... a list similar to AW defense .. ( I know, the champs and names don't make sense here .. but my photoshop skills aren't THAT good .. just trying to give an idea of possibilities .. just because I can't build a proper team, don't hold that against me :P lol )

Anyway, this screen could easily show your saved teams, and you select 1 ... which then tries to load it the best it can. If a champ is already occupied (ie AW, or AW, etc.), it just doesn't load that champ, leaving the spot blank for you to fill manually ..

This would allow you to setup some commonly used team comps for either basic things (ie Daily Proving grounds, if you run that) .. perhaps a 4-man team for Hero use: (I use: 3* red Cyclops, 3* Blue Cyclops, 3* Red Magneto, 3* Storm .. + whoever I'm running for the mission .. ) ... and then fill in the gap ... etc.

This wouldn't be that hard to code/setup/implement either .. (as a software developer/DBA, I can say that with reasonable confidence ... ;) )


  • TerraTerra Posts: 1,349 ★★★
    This could be a very good quality of life improvement in the game. I support this change if it ever happens
  • GrimmbananaGrimmbanana Posts: 711 ★★
    Sounds useful
  • Hey there, thanks for the feedback! We'll pass it along to the rest of the team.
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