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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • Kyo kusanagi (nest) (tech class)
    #defensive: tank, #offensive: dmg over time, #KOF, size: m
    Crit chance: 10%
    Crit dmg: 161%
    Armor: 22%
    Block proficiency: 57%
    Passive: Advanced robotics provides full immunity to bleed and poison effects
    The remarkable suit made by NESTS provides full immunity to incinerate and nova flame
    When being strucked, kyo has a chance to gain a persistent charge, increase his armor rating and armor break potency by 10% up to 6 charges.
    All attacks have a chance to inflict armor break, reduce their armor rating by 4s
    Sp1(nest power): this attack Incinerates the opponent, dealing ... over 2.5s. If kyo can perform a dash attack before incinerates expire, he immediately convert it into an armor up passive for him. The armor up passive will be removed if being attacked by a sp3.
    Sp2(dip down): gain a cruelty buff increase his Critical Dmg Rating for 7s
    Burns up to 45% of the target’s max Power and inflicts Direct Damage proportionate to the amount lost.
    Sp3(i’m the best): incinerates the opponent, dealing ... over 15s. Attacking the opponent pauses the debuff and refreshs it if he can launch a Heavy attack
    Sig ability(potential power): if kyo is inflicted with an incinerate effect, gain a Smoulder passive. Attacking kyo have a 0% chance to incinerate the opponent for ... over 4s. This chance increases by a flat +5% for each Smoulder on kyo
    If kyo is inflicted with a taunt debuff, he has a ...% chance to Purified it.
    Synergy bonuses
    Original copy(kyo): all champions gain 15% armor rating. This boost is double if kyo (nest) and kyo still alive.
    Enemies(kyo): all champions gain critical rating
    Bio: Discover that kyo is a potential individual, the NESTS cartel has taken his DNA and make clones based on his power, but the most impressive android has been discovered. And now it’s here in the Contest
  • LazuliLazuli Posts: 94
    edited June 2019
    Hey it’d be awesome if you guys could add America Chavez (Miss America) as a character. She fits the female and diverse category and has awesome powers that could really fit well in the game.
    She would be cosmic champ and some of her powers could include power stomp, starburst, and a Sp 3 attack that gains an increased attack rating if it’s activated while she’s below a certain % health. She could be bleed and poison immune since in the comics she has invulnerability, and she could have synergies with Loki (since she fought him, Doctor Doom when he’s added, Captain Marvel, and the Captain America’s.
  • Jared4243Jared4243 Posts: 1
    4.Sliver Surfer
    5.Quick Sliver
    6.Cinematic Scarlett Witch
    7. Valkyrie
    8. Rescue
    9. Iron spider
    10. Dark Phoenix
    11. Antman (time travel suit)
    12. Wong
    13. Bullseye
    14. Scorpion
    15. Mecha rhino(Spider-Man ps4)
    16. Electro 2099
    17. Galactus
    18. Chaturi
    19. Anti venom
    20. Nova
  • Biollante442Biollante442 Posts: 74
    Champion spotlight - The Mangog

    About the Mangog

    Mangog, or "The Mangog" as it originally referred to itself, is the physical manifestation and sum total of the hatred of a billion beings from a race that was slaughtered by the ruler of Asgard and the Norse Gods, Odin. Imprisoned deep beneath Asgard, Mangog was accidentally freed by the Rock Troll Ulik, and went on to wage war against Odin and the other Norse Gods on several occasions. Mangog proved to be physically unstoppable, and is usually only defeated when his dependence on psychic energies (such as hatred, fear, or feelings of devotion) felt by other sentient beings to sustain itself is exploited.

    Character Class: Cosmic (Mystic?)

    Tag: Villain, Male, Size: XL, Offensive: Raw Damage

    Basic Abilities: armor break, power siphon, nullify

    Signature Ability: The Hatred Who Walks

    - Mangog becomes powered by the billions of souls within his very being, granting him the ability to gain sin charges from critical hits on his opponent.

    -Mangog carries the sins of his opponents from fight to fight. If Mangog had a Sin Empowered in the last fight, he loses it in the next one, but starts the with 30 sin charges.


    Mangog's thick hide can withstand the wrath of Odin himself and laugh. Mangog is granted (X)% physical resistance and (X)% energy resistance

    Passive: Sin Eater

    The Mangog feeds on rage, hatred, and wrath to empower himself. He starts with a passive sin eater buff and a stack of 0. He gains a stack of 2 sins when the opponent is close to him for (X) seconds, but looses sin stacks when they are distant for (X) seconds. If Mangog is power drained, hit with a fate seal, or knocked down by a mystic champion he loses all stacks and has to start from 0.

    *Mangog is unable to feed on the sin of robots, therefore goes not gain a sin eater buff or sin charges

    *Cosmic champions enrage The Mangog and thus increase his sin eater stack (X)% faster

    *Champions with a class disadvantage interferes with Mangog's feasting, causing him to take (X) seconds longer to gain sin charges from them

    Mangog gains abilities depending on the amount of sin charges.

    * 5 sins - Mangog gains a combo shield for (X) seconds for every 10 consecutive hits

    * 10 sins - Mangog becomes immune to ability accuracy reduction

    * 20 sins - Mangog's super strength increased, giving him guaranteed armor break on critical hits (max: 7) When Mangog exceeds max stack, he applies armor shatter to the opponent for 30 seconds

    * 30 sins - Heavy attack inflicts a heal block on opponent for 10 seconds seconds. If opponent has a regeneration buff, they are heal blocked for 20 seconds

    * 40 sins - Special 1 inflicts power drain on opponent and potency of power drained is based on level of opponent's power.

    * 50 sins - Mangog gains true accuracy, allowing him to ignore auto block and all evade effects

    * 60 sins - Mangog gains an unstoppable buff while charging a heavy attack, if he gets hit, he loses the buff and executes the heavy attack immediately

    * 70 sins - Mangog's armored hide becomes empowered and impenetrable, granting him immunity to bleed, armor break, armor shatter, incinerate, coldsnap, and frostbite.

    * 80 sins - Special attacks cost 90% less power, however power drains 5% per second until Mangog has no power.

    * 90 sins - Mangog's special attacks become unblockable

    Passive - Sin Empowerement

    * Once sin stacks reach 100, The Mangog consumes all stacks into a passive 'Sin Empowered' buff that combines all sin stacked abilities for the rest of the fight.

    * Once Mangog is Sin Empowered, he cannot lose more than 30% power from any outside source.

    Special attacks

    1) Special attack 1: Mangog slams into the ground to stumble and stun the opponent before swiping them with his claw and finishing them off with a blast of mystical energy from his mouth.

    * Mangog nullifies a buff on the opponent and applies it into himself

    * Mangog gains 3 sin stacks. (does not apply against robot champs)

    * If Sin Empowered, Mangog nullifies all buffs and applies them into himself

    2) Special attack 2: Mangog shows his might by swinging his fist at the opponent to stun them and then hits them with a bombardment of fists before pushing them away with a massive energy blast.

    * Mangog applies a power siphon to the opponent, draining power from them and applying it to himself

    *Mangog gains 9 sin stacks. (does not apply against robot champs)

    * If Sin Empowered, Mangog also power locks the opponent for (X) seconds.

    3) Special attack 3: Manifesting the rage of a billion angry souls, Mangog unleases a beam of high concentrated energy at his opponent to weaken their will and grows to massive size to crush them in his jaws before spitting them out.

    * Mangog places an essence steal to his opponent, draining them of power and health for 4 seconds

    * Mangog gains 20 sin stacks. (does not apply against robot champs)

    * If Mangog is Sin Empowered, essence steal is applied for 6 seconds.


    * Cosmic champions: Mangog gains sin charges faster when battling against cosmic champions and

    * Proximity: If skillful enough, Mangog can continuously gain sin stacks and gain new abilities in his fights. The closer the opponent, the more powerful Mangog becomes so that will require being aggressive.


    * Robots: Mangog is unable to gain sin charges from robots, thus cutting him off from gaining more abilities into himself and turning the tides in their favor.

    * Fate Seal: Fate seal will take away all of Mangog's sin stacks and make him start all over again. Champions like Doctor Strange, Ghost rider, The Hood, and Scarlet Witch for example will be good in controlling Mangog's stacks and prevent him from gaining more abilities.

    * Power Drain: Draining power from Mangog causes him to lose his sin stacks, thus he is prevented from gaining more abilities. Magik, Dormammu, Hawkeye, and Psylocke are perfect for any scenario against Mangog.

    Synergy Bonuses

    Judgement of Gods - Thor

    *Thor: If Thor has a fury buff, Thor has 40% chance to inflict shock debuff on opponent with special 1

    *Mangog: inflicts a degeneration debuff on robot champions after special 3

    Wrath Incarnate - Thor Ragnarok

    * Thor has a 35% chance to gain Thunder God's Wrath on critical hits while Boon of the Gods is active

    * Mangog becomes indestructible for 10 seconds once he gains Sin Empowerment

    Death of Asgard – Hela, Loki

    *Hela: If all champions on team are knocked out, Hela becomes indestructible at the start of the fight for 7 seconds

    *Mangog: 30% chance to revive himself up to 20% health if Sin Empowered

    *Loki: Curse lasts for 15 seconds

    Souls of the Damned [Ghost Rider, Morningstar]

    *Ghost Rider: immune to incineration damage

    *Morningstar: While stealing a soul after performing a special 3, any debuff applied to Morningstar is applied to her opponent as well

    *Mangog: Sin stacks are lost 25% slower if opponent is far from Mangog
  • We should have seen a Jessica Jones (science class) champ a long time ago. All the other Defenders are represented. I think she would do well. Also for an OVER POWERED minority champ we should have Blue Marvel (science class) make his way soon.
  • ClydaniaClydania Posts: 440 ★★
    Kittty Pryde, Ink, Absorbing Man, Jean Grey (X-men blue),
  • Fan1241Fan1241 Posts: 47
    I think ego would be cool
  • Fan1241Fan1241 Posts: 47
    Mantis and ego im a big guardians fan
  • Fan1241Fan1241 Posts: 47
  • Metal_DaddyMetal_Daddy Posts: 33
    I didn’t see them suggested(but I may have missed them in all the pages here), but how about Deacon Frost or Nomak(from Blade lore). We have zero enemies of his. Both would probably be skill class, but Frost could be mystic as he became the Blood God in the first movie. Either way, we need at least one of them🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Thi101Thi101 Posts: 808 ★★★
    We could have more female Tech Champions.
    Mystic we have, Scarlet Witch, Guillotine, Magik...
    Science we have She Hulk, Wasp, Quake...
    Mutant we have Storm, Psylocke, X-23, Emma Frost...
    Skill we have Black Widow, Elektra...
    Cosmic we have Gamora, Angela, Hela
    But the only female Tech I remember is Nebula... we could have Rescue, Jocasta and Shuri...
  • Metal_DaddyMetal_Daddy Posts: 33
    Thi101 said:

    We could have more female Tech Champions.
    Mystic we have, Scarlet Witch, Guillotine, Magik...
    Science we have She Hulk, Wasp, Quake...
    Mutant we have Storm, Psylocke, X-23, Emma Frost...
    Skill we have Black Widow, Elektra...
    Cosmic we have Gamora, Angela, Hela
    But the only female Tech I remember is Nebula... we could have Rescue, Jocasta and Shuri...

    We also have Ghost, but yeah, you got a point
  • Cassidy_96Cassidy_96 Posts: 9
    I would love for you guys to complete the Defenders and bring in Jessics Jones. Why not?
    Also: Dr. Doom andThor Stormbreaker.
    Would also love to see you guys upgrade Storm and Pheonix. They deserve it!!!
  • ClashyKnightClashyKnight Posts: 59
    Lady Sif and either Lorelei or The Enchantress
    Absorbing Man
    Agent Coulson
    Klaw/Ulysses Klaue
    And make the classic Captain America better. If he can wield Mjolnir, then he should technically be strong enough to beat some 2019 champs in the game in auto-fight.
    Spiderman 2099
    Phantom Rider (Old West Ghost Rider)
  • ElementalBashElementalBash Posts: 107
    I would love to see pyro added he is one of the coolest mutants. I would also like to see quick silver. Maybe in August we will see another X men event I would love to have those two added!
  • Thi101Thi101 Posts: 808 ★★★


    #Defensive: Utility #Control: Denial #X-Men #Hero #Size: S

    Teleport, Concussion, Stun, Power Sting, Power Drain

    Signature Ability (max):
    Blink of an eye:
    Projectiles, such as gunshots and energy blasts are nothing to this portal master. Blink has a 65% chance to Teleport non-physical Special Attacks and 85% chance to Teleport basic non-physical attacks. Teleported attacks deal no damage to Blink.
    This ability is considered as an Evade effect.

    Passive - Portal Charge:
    * Blink generates charges every 1 second while holding Block. Up to 10 Portal Charges can be generated this way.

    * The next time Blink blocks or Teleports a non-physical attack, if she has 10 Portal Charges, deal half the damage avoided directly to the opponent and consume all Portal Charges.

    * 7 charges: Blink has a 50% chance to ignore all Evade effects.

    * +60% Energy Resistance

    Heavy Attacks:
    * Heavy Attacks inflict up to 5 Power Stings to the opponent, consuming the same amount of Portal Charges. An opponent with Sting takes 700 damage when activating a Special Attack.

    Special One:
    * 60% chance to Stun the opponent for 5 seconds.

    * 100% chance to inflict Concussion, reducing the opponent’s Ability Accuracy in 50% for 10 seconds.

    Special 2:
    * Consumes all Portal Charges, inflicting Power Drain, draining power from the opponent proportionally to the number of charges consumed.

    Special 3:
    * This attack consumes all Portal Charges, granting up to a 250% damage bonus, based on the number of charges consumed.

    * 100% chance to inflict Stun for 7 seconds.

    * Friends:
    - Iceman, Bishop, Colossus
    • +10% Energy Resistance to all champions.

    * Mutant Agenda:
    - Wolverine, Magneto, Storm
    • All mutants have +10% power gain.

    * Days of Future Past:
    - Sentinel
    • Blink - Charges are generated twice as quickly.
    • Sentinel - Shock, Incinerate, Armor Break and Heal Block debuffs inflicted are 30% more effective.
  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78

    Azazel Hellclub= (Mutant/Mystic)
  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78
    Man-Thing= (Science/ Mystic)

  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78
    Argus Panoptes (Olympian)= (Mystic)

  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78
    Beta Ray Bill= (Cosmic)

  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78
    Supremor/Supreme Intelligence = (Cosmic)

  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78
    Blackheart= (Mystic)

  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78
    Arachne (Olympian)= (Mystic)

  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78
    Apocalypse= (Mutant)

  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78
    Ex Nihilo= (Cosmic)

  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78
    Mojo= (Cosmic/Tech)

  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78
    Kallark/Gladiador= (Cosmic)

  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78
    Itsy Bitsy= (Science/Skill)

  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78
    Jack O'Lantern= (Mystic/Skill/Science)

  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78
    Lambda-Zero/Stardust= (Cosmic)

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