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*This includes currently unclaimable keys as well*
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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • Sabertooth65Sabertooth65 Posts: 6
    Oh and Franklin Richards (mutant)
  • CpAmericanoCpAmericano Posts: 167

    Wonder Man.

    Great retro character to add to the fold.
  • CpAmericanoCpAmericano Posts: 167

    Class: Mystic
  • CpAmericanoCpAmericano Posts: 167

    Class: Mystic
  • Sabertooth65Sabertooth65 Posts: 6
    Really think you should allowed trading champions and other objects such as: crystals ISO8 healing potions boosts catalyst profile pictures and buying things from other players
  • jjbgoodjjbgood Posts: 3
    Another Iron Man! Make an endgame version!
  • CpAmericanoCpAmericano Posts: 167

  • Biollante442Biollante442 Posts: 74

    Champion spotlight - Man-Thing

    About Man-Thing

    Ted Sallis, was attempting to recreate the Super-Soldier Serum that created Captain America. However, he was betrayed by his lover, Ellen Brandt, and Sallis had to flee from A.I.M. agents, who saw their potential of such a formula for their own evil ends. He injects himself with the serum, but after crashing in a swamp and apparently drowning is transformed into a swamp creature through a combination of his formula and, as later explained, magical forces extant in the area. Ted Sallis is no more, there is only Man-Thing! Man-Thing is a large semi-intelligent creature that dwells in the Florida Everglades. He is the sole guardian of the Nexus of All Realities located there. Do not be afraid though, for whoever knows fear, burns at the Man-Thing's touch!

    Character Class: Science (Mystic?)

    Tag: Male, Size: XL, Howling Commandos, Offensive: Tank, Defensive: Utility

    Basic Abilities: Poison, burning touch, empathy

    Signature Ability: Guardian of Nexus of All Realities

    -Man-Thing gains control of the Nexus of All Realities and manifests its raw power to aid him in his fight

    *Below 90% health: Man-Thing gains molecular regeneration indefinitely and regenerates 75% of damage applied from critical hits

    *Below 75% health: Man-Thing gains a passive true accuracy for 20 seconds, ignoring all evade and auto-block. Special attacks refresh true accuracy.

    *Below 50% health: Man-Thing gains his 'Burning Touch' buff for the rest of the fight

    *Below 25% health: Man-Thing overloads the Nexus of All Realities and degenerates 45% of the opponent's health, before regenerating it back, but any damage Man-Thing inflicts during this process he steals 9% health per hit.

    -Man-Thing becomes immune to nullify and fate seal, but if an opponent tries to place either debuff on Man-Thing, he manifests the Nexus of All Realities to backfire and apply it to his opponent instead.


    -Man-Thing is immune to bleed, poison, concussion, fatigue, and exhaustion, but suffers +45% damage from incineration and +25% damage from coldsnap.

    -Always active: Swamp Hide - Man-Thing's hide is thick, but also mossy and flexible which causes all critical hits to have a 45% chance to be glanced, however once the attack has been glanced, Man-Thing has a 50% chance to reflect that damage back towards his opponent as direct damage. If Man-Thing does not reflect damage, he gains a fury or cruelty buff for 10 seconds.

    Passive - Whosoever Knows Fear

    Man-Thing has an empathic connection to emotions, thus he feeds on the emotion of his opponents which have different effects depending on the opponent he is fighting and gains a passive Empathy buff on himself at the start of the fight:

    -Against villains: Man-Thing becomes violent against villains and his body produces fuming sulfuric acid, causing all of their hits to reflect (x)% direct damage upon themselves and Man-Thing inflicts (x)% energy damage on his critical hits with a 25% chance to inflict poison. If the opponent stays close for too long, they gain more poison debuffs as long as they currently have a poison debuff on them.

    Against heroes: Man-Thing sees their peaceful and caring nature, thus has no negative emotion and makes his body secretes a mild, soapy mucus that has a 65% chance to nullify any debuff that he suffers from. The closer the opponent, the more increased chance to nullify the debuffs. When Man-Thing nulifies a debuff, he regenerates 75% damage that it has been inflicted on him.

    Against robots: Man-Thing does not gain any emotion from robotic champions, thus he cannot form a connection with their emotions and will have a 35% decrease in ability accuracy, but will inflict a degeneration debuff on critical hits in return.

    If his opponent is neither hero nor villain, Man-Thing gains passive fear stack. For every 5 consecutive hits on his combo, Man-Thing gains 1 fear stack. Once Man-Thing reaches 10 fear stacks, his fear stacks are consumed and his empathy decides whether to identify the opponent. He has a 30% chance to identify as a hero, 30% chance to identify as villain, and a 40% chance to gain a random buff for 10 seconds and a random debuff on opponent for 15 seconds.

    Special attacks

    *Special 1 - Man-Thing hits the opponent a branch that he pulls from his body before turning into a giant ball of muck and bashing into the opponent with savage force.

    -On critical hits during the special, opponent suffers a slowed debuff for 17 seconds, reducing the ability accuracy of unstoppable and evade effects by 100%

    -Against villain champions, Man-Thing applies a slowed debuff for 20 seconds and an indefinite fatigue debuff

    *Special 2 - Man-Thing summons a legion of tendrils from the ground to beat into the opponent before turning them into trees to completely demolish all in his path

    -Man-Thing applies an armor break on the opponent for 80 seconds.

    -Against Villain champions, Man-Thing applies armor shatter for 30 seconds and inflicts poison debuff.

    *Special 3 - Man-Thing yanks the opponent into the ground to bring them to the swamps and becomes the thing their fear. Once the opponent is confused and afraid, Man-Thing places his hand upon their head and whosoever know fear, burn at the Man-Thing's touch!

    -Man-Thing becomes unstoppable and indestructible for 6 seconds

    -Against villain champions, Man-Thing also becomes unblockable for 5 seconds

    -Man-Thing gains a 'burning touch' buff for 30 seconds. Burning touch makes any physical contact with Man-Thing or vice versa cause the opponent to suffer a degeneration debuff and direct energy damage based on the critical hits. Opponents also suffer 10% reduced ability accuracy per hit on Man-Thing and a 25% reduced defense ability accuracy per hit by Man-Thing. Burning touch suffers a -55% potency against robot champions.


    -Fighting villain champions: Their violent emotions makes Man-Thing violent, thus he has more aggressive tactics towards them. The chance to poison his opponent, inflict energy damage, and inflicting direct damage from just getting hit will make villains think twice about fighting Man-Thing!

    -Burning Touch: Whoever knows fear, burns at Man-Thing's touch! That means if he gains a Burning Touch buff, then it is all kinds of dangerous to get in contact with Man-Thing! Every touch to him causes damage and every touch by him weakens your abilities!


    -Robot champions: Man-Thing does not gain extra abilities fighting against robot champions nor can he access the full potential of his burning touch as they decrease its potency by more than half

    -Hero champions: Man-Thing cannot apply as much damage towards heroes as he can villains. Man-Thing is more gentle to heroes and thus he is more about maintaining himself rather than destroying his opponents.

    -Incinerate and Coldsnap: Despite having utility and immunity to a good portion of heavy damaging debuffs, Man-Thing suffers even more damage from incinerate and coldsnap. Nature can't take the heat or the blizzard!


    Green Giants - Abomination, Hulk

    *Abomination: Abomination's radioactive hide causes a +15% potency of poison on opponents while causing a -25% bleed potency on himself

    *Hulk: After special 3, Hulk regenerates 40% health per fury stack consumed. If he has no fury stacks, Hulk regenerates 20% health.

    *Man-Thing: Man-Thing has a 55% chance to glance critical hits and a 65% chance to reflect damage to the opponent.

    It burns! - Human Torch, Red Hulk

    *Red Hulk: 30% chance to inflict an incineration debuff on opponent if at maximum stack of heat charges

    *Human Torch: every smoulder charge increases the duration of temperature by 1 second

    *Man-Thing: Burning touch has an increased duration by 15 seconds

    Elemental Hide - Korg, Thing, Iceman

    *Korg: Rock thorns ability can gain a rock stack for every well-timed block against opponents he has a class advantage over. Max: 7 stacks total from this approach

    *Thing: Unbreakable spirit ability reduces all damage by 35% for each rock stack

    *Iceman: 20% increased chance to place frostbite on opponent if ice armor is active

    *Man-Thing: Man-Thing has a +25% resistance against incinerate and coldsnap debuffs

    Flora and Fauna - Groot, King Groot

    *Groot: after a special 3, Groot gains an armor up buff, aptitude, and physical resistance buff for 15 seconds

    *King Groot: If King Groot's regeneration is nullified or does not activate like it should, he gains an increased 10% chance per fury stack to reactivate when fury expires.

    *Man-Thing: Man-Thing gains a regeneration buff every 20 seconds, but if he suffers an incinerate or coldsnap, he does not gain regeneration, but purifies the debuffs
  • Boomfiend527__Boomfiend527__ Posts: 89
    edited July 2019
    Fat Thor

    #Offensive: Raw Damage #Avengers #Hero #Size: L
    Stats (based off a 5/50 4*)

    Health - 13,008
    Attack - 1,216
    Critical Rating - 17%
    Critical Damage - 281%
    Block Proficiency - 59%
    Armor Rating - 13%

    Whatever it Takes (Captain America (IW)) (IMIW)

    Thor: Buffs last 16% longer.

    Captain America: Gain a +15% Precision Passive while Kinetically charged.

    Iron Man: Each Armor Passive provides +50% energy damage over time.

    If all three synergy members are present: Special 3s deal 300% more damage while fighting or defending the last node of a quest.

    Asgardians of the Galaxy (Starlord)

    Thor: Double buff potency while hitting with Stormbreaker.

    Starlord: At the start of the fight, gain bonuses from his signature ability equal to 50 hits in both his and his opponent’s combo meters, if he is awakened.

    Go for the Head (Thanos)

    Thor: +11% critical rating on Stormbreaker hits.

    All Heroes: +100% critical damage while Thanos is alive.

    Heavy Drinkers (Diablo)

    Thor: Whenever Thor would gain a Drunk debuff, he also gains a Cruelty buff, increasing Critical Damage by 30% for 16 seconds.

    Diablo: Drink concoctions 33% faster.
    Sig Ability - Still Worthy

    Despite his most recent lifestyle change, Thor is still worthy of Asgard’s power.


    - While Drunk, any debuffs that trigger Furies have a 100%** chance to be shrugged off, doubling the potency of the Fury.
    - Stormbreaker hits have a 100%** chance to be Unblockable while the opponent is Armor Broken.

    **depends on sig levels

    Drinking Problem - Passive

    - Excessive use of powerful Asgardian liquor has taken its toll on Thor’s body, reducing power gained from landing hits, being struck, or blocking by 30%.
    - Thor starts the fight with a Drunk debuff on himself, increasing Thor’s physical resistance by 45% but lowering his critical rating by -7% for 9 seconds. Drunk debuffs are not affect by ability accuracy reduction.
    - Thor’s need for a drink increases his power gain rate by up to 214% based on how long it’s been since he last activated a Drunk debuff.
    - Being knocked down or gaining a debuff sends Thor into a drunken rage, granting him a Fury buff for 9 seconds. Fury increases Attack by 243.

    All Attacks

    - Thor wields his mighty Stormbreaker on his first and second Medium hits and second and third Light hits.
    - Stormbreaker hits have a 20% chance to inflict Armor Break.
    - Armor Break reduces enemy armor by 70% for 9 seconds.

    Heavy Attacks

    - Thor buries Stormbreaker into the ground with an overhead swing, gaining a flat +70% Armor Break ability accuracy for the duration of this attack.
    - While under the effects of a Drunk debuff, Thor shrugs off all damage and effects of one basic attack while charging. Being struck in this way refreshes all Furies on Thor and pauses them for 5 seconds. This ability doesn’t activate while Furies are paused.

    Special 1

    Thor swings Stormbreaker, then uses it as a bottle opener.

    - Thor places a Drunk debuff on himself. Drunk debuffs increase Thor’s physical resistance by 45% but lower his critical rating by -7% for 6 seconds.
    - After this attack, every .5 seconds of allowing Thor to continue drinking pauses his Drunk debuff for an extra 2 seconds and fills up 8% of his max power.
    - If Thor wasn’t Drunk upon activating this attack, it inflicts Stun for 3 seconds.

    Dev note: this ability works like Diablo’s life elixir.

    Special 2

    Thor channels a bolt of lightning into Stormbreaker, then delivers a trio of mighty chops.

    - This attack deals True Damage.
    - A sudden surge of power grants Thor 10% max power per Fury active over 3 seconds.
    - 100% chance to inflict Stun for 2 seconds.

    Special 3

    Thor summons Mjolnir to join him and Stormbreaker in smacking the opponent around before Thor launches a massive lighting bolt from both weapons together.

    - This attack Purifies any Drunk debuffs on Thor, granting him a permanent Precision buff.
    - Precision increases Critical Rating by +4.5%.
  • Boomfiend527__Boomfiend527__ Posts: 89
    Fat Thor is designed to require a specific play style for both fighting with (Constant sp1 -> heavy cycle to maintain Fury) and against (Keeping him Drunk, and watching out for locking him in a sp2 cycle like Goldpool).
  • Sabertooth65Sabertooth65 Posts: 6
    I really think you should make an ISO8 crystals
  • Sabertooth65Sabertooth65 Posts: 6
    I also really think you should add agent Deadpool of Weapon X
  • DjkrdjjDjkrdjj Posts: 444 ★★
    Felipe300 said:

    6.5) LEGION

    David Haller= (Mutant)

    The most powerful personality of the Legion is none other than himself, David Haller. Lost in this mess, we sometimes saw David in total control of his mind, and on those occasions he was never more powerful and dangerous.

    6.5.1) Personalities of Legion

    -Johnny Gomorrah= (Mutant)


    Johnny Gomorrah possesses the ability to transmute other substances into salt. This power works on both living tissue and solid objects.

    -The Wolfman= (Skill)


    The Wolfman personality has an ability set that is similar to lycanthropy. He can transform Legion's body into that of a human/wolf hybrid. This form drastically increases Legion's physical strength, durability and speed. The resilience of his wolf form allows him to survive almost any wound. The Wolfman also grants Legion the power of regeneration. This acts as a healing factor that is superior to that of Wolverine or Deadpool. The existence of the Wolfman form allows Legion to survive most conflicts. This is also one of the reasons that he hasn't been killed, in order to remove a potentially dangerous mutant from the world.

    -Styx= (Mystic)


    When six of Legion's personalities gained physical form, following the events of Age of X, they immediately fled to Europe. The most dangerous of these personalities was an undead monster named Styx. Once he had made his way to Paris, Styx started a plan that would lead to him becoming a god. He intended to steal one of Legion's personalities that possessed the ability to manipulate reality.

    The X-Men pursued Styx to France, where they intended to return him to Legion's mind. Styx kidnapped Professor Xavier and used him as bait for a trap. He did not realize he was being led into a trap that was made for him. Legion used Chain's ability to make Rogue look like him. When she was close enough, Rogue was able to weaken Styx, to the point where he could be returned to Legion.

    Styx possessed numerous abilities, such as telepathy and the creation of illusions. His most powerful ability is his soul stealing touch. Styx can absorb the minds and souls of his enemies through physical contact. This also allows him to control their bodies, in order to make them into his zombie servants. The X-Men managed to deal with him quickly before another Marvel Zombies could happen.


    Psi-Leech Energy Manipulation: Styx is a psionic lamprey who specializes in the absorption of minds & souls coupled with puppeteering their rudderless cadavers. His powers are tactile in nature and need only be utilize via touch.

    Soul Absorption: Styx can absorb the spiritual essence of living beings on contact, enslaving their souls and leaving their bodies conscious yet subject to his every command. The souls are stored into an unknown limbo.

    Mass Mind Control: Styx is granted total control over the beings whose souls he had absorbed.
    Telepathy: Styx is an able bodied psychic of impressive power, even able to somehow supplant a conciousness as powerful as that of Prof. X without his noticing.

    Telepathic Connection: Styx is able to use one of his mind-slaves as a channel to a beings thoughts, connecting to them and listening to what the target who is not connected is saying. The breaking of the connection can shut down the channel-body.

    Insect Control: Ability to command and control vast armies of flies.
    Illusions: Styx was able to generate realistic illusions. The nature of those is unknown, as Magneto wasn't immune, still wearing his helmet. Those illusions may be the product of Xavier's powers.

    Psi-shield: Styx and the five other sub-personalities are somehow protected from psi-scanning, and even the Omega-level Telepath Charles Xavier was unable to perform a psi-contact on an unconscious Time-Sink. It was stated that this shielding was coming from their specific nature, as they weren't "living beings in the conventional sense".

    Absence= (Mystic)

    Absence is an alien/demon creature who claims to have traveled through realities and stars. Absence's power is to siphon off heat and love.

    Bleeding Image= (Skill)


    Empathic Pain Transfer: Bleeding Image's powers are based on the voodoo doll principle: He wound himself but seemingly all of the pain is transmitted to his designated victim, shocking its nervous system.

    Psi-shield: Bleeding Image and the five other sub-personalities are somehow protected from psi-scanning, and even the Omega-level Telepath Charles Xavier was unable to perform a psi-contact on an unconscious Time-Sink. It was stated that this shielding was coming from their specific nature, as they weren't "living beings in the conventional sense".

    Endgame= (Tech)


    Adaptable Armor/"A Response for Every Attack": It is currently unknown if Endgame wore an armor, or is this armor. It is also unknown if the adaptations of this armor are controlled by a mutant power, or technological. He has shown the following powers and adaptations:


    Ray-Guns: Endgame's armor seems to fire what looks like plasma or energy beams.

    Intangibility: Endgame has shown to be able to pass through cards charged with Gambit's bio-kinetic energy.

    Transmutation: Endgame was able to turn his suit into wood to avoid Magneto's magnetic manipulation powers.

    Psi-shield: Bleeding Image and the five other subpersonalities are somehow protected from psi-scanning, and even the Omega-level Telepath Charles Xavier was unable to perform a psi-contact on an unconscious Time-Sink. It was stated that this shielding was coming from their specific nature, as they weren't "living beings in the conventional sense".

    Someone said it to u nicely but stop with the pictures. They’re really annoying. Also no one wants these obscure characters. There are so many other characters I’d rather have first. Can u please just post a list so I can google them on my own time.
  • RockhoundRockhound Posts: 1
    I have been wondering, how come colossus does not have an unstoppable power? He is steel/metal but doesnt have unstoppable power? He needs to be unstoppable colossus first before he can have the power but kingpin has unstoppable power? I kinda dont get it
  • Agent_DeadpoolX55Agent_DeadpoolX55 Posts: 71
    edited July 2019
    You should add
    Weapon XI Deadpool (mutant)
    Agent Zero (mutant)
    Apocalypse (mutant)
    Lady Deathstrike (mutant)
    Hive (cosmic)
    Deathlok (tech)
    Black Heart (mystic)
    Typhoid Mary (mutant)
    Steel Serpent (mystic
    Fantomex (mutant)
    Azezel (mystic)
    Magma (mutant)
    Deadpool secret wars (cosmic)
    Agent of weapon x Agent Deadpool (mutant)
    Cloak and Dagger (science)
  • You should also add Silver Samurai (mutant)
  • You should also add Silver Samurai (mutant)
  • You should do
    Wiccan (mystic
    Hulkling (mystic)
  • lqd1lqd1 Posts: 54
    I feel we already have enough Spider-Man charters in the game, But because we have one in every class except Mystic, this one should be add into Mystic the "Fear Itself" suit

  • shadow_lurker22shadow_lurker22 Posts: 3,243 ★★★★★
    lqd1 said:

    I feel we already have enough Spider-Man charters in the game, But because we have one in every class except Mystic, this one should be add into Mystic the "Fear Itself" suit

    What Mutant Spiderman do we have?
  • AlexisgayAlexisgay Posts: 7
    We need the mcu Scarlet witch she will be awesome
  • Sabertooth65Sabertooth65 Posts: 6
    I really think you should have the dungeons there all the time
  • You should
    add X-23 venomized

  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 36,116 ★★★★★
    I have a suggestion. How about Songbird.

  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 36,116 ★★★★★
    Photo Credit to Pitermaksimoff
  • Thi101Thi101 Posts: 808 ★★★
    edited July 2019
    What about Wiccan? The son of Scarlet Witch?

  • AlexisgayAlexisgay Posts: 7
    Thi101 said:

    What about Wiccan? The son of Scarlet Witch?

    That's would be amazing but u can't just add one child u have to add both children speed
  • Boomfiend527__Boomfiend527__ Posts: 89
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    #Offensive: Raw Damage #Hero #X-Men #Size: M
    Stats (based off of a 5/50 4*)

    Health - 11,681
    Attack - 12,507
    Critical Rating - 21%
    Critical Damage - 192%
    Block Proficiency - 60%
    Armor - 2%

    Now You See Me Now You Don’t (Night Crawler)

    Quicksilver: Successfully dodging an attack inflicts a .9 second Stun debuff on the opponent while in Super Speed.

    Nightcrawler: Bamf stacks last until Nightcrawler’s third critical hit and provide +15% Bleed damage each.

    You Didn’t See That Coming (Hawkeye)

    Quicksilver: Dash attacks get +15% critical rating.

    Hawkeye: Deal 2% Attack as energy damage per percent of max power drained on Hawkeye’s special attack 1.

    Unnamed Synergy (Wolverine)

    Quicksilver: While in Super Speed, reduce the chance of triggering enemy abilities by 5% per Cruelty passive.

    Wolverine: +50% health gain rate for 4 seconds whenever the opponent activates a special attack.

    Family (Scarlet Witch) (Magneto)

    All champions: +4% health
    Sig Ability: Mach 4

    Quicksilver can move at Mach 4 speeds, allowing him to evade all of the opponent’s attacks.


    - Each Cruelty passive reduces Quicksilver’s Super Speed cooldown by 0.4** seconds.

    **depends on sig levels


    - An enhanced metabolism grants Quicksilver both immunity to Fatigue and Exhaustion debuffs and +10% of his max power when a debuff would expire.
    - Quicksilver dodges all attacks when dashing back. Also, whenever Quicksilver dodges or evades an attack, he has a 100% chance to enter Super Speed for 1 second. This ability has a 6 second cooldown after expiring.

    Super Speed - Passive

    - Quicksilver enters a state of Super Speed when charging a Heavy Attack, and he stays in Super Speed for the duration of the attack.
    - While in Super Speed, Quicksilver gains an additional +54% critical rating, has True Strike, and a 100% chance to evade all incoming attacks.
    - Quicksilver’s heightened metabolism allows him to Shrug off all debuffs when entering Super Speed.

    Dash Attacks

    - If Quicksilver is in a state of Super Speed, then critical hits pause Super Speed until his combo ends. This includes special attacks.

    Second Medium Attack

    - Quicksilver strikes fast enough to squeeze another hit into his second Medium Attack.
    - While in Super Speed, these hits grant Quicksilver a Cruelty passive that increases critical damage by 15.8%. These passives can stack up to 10.
    - Whenever Quicksilver would auto evade an attack, he loses a Cruelty passive. Cooldown: 0.5 seconds

    Heavy Attacks

    - Quicksilver stands and Taunts the opponent from beyond the speed of sound, inflicting a 4 second paused Taunt while charging.
    - Taunt reduces the opponent’s Attack by 40% and increases their chance of activating a special attack by 70%.
    - Taunt gains +2 seconds to its duration to a max of +8 seconds while charging. Taunt is unpaused once Quicksilver stops heavy charging.
    - While Taunt is active, Quicksilver cannot lose Cruelty Passives.

    Special Attacks

    - While in Super Speed, these attacks are Unblockable.

    Special 1

    - If the opponent is Taunted, generate 3 Cruelty passives.

    Special 2

    - Quicksilver activates this Attack in a state of Super Speed.
    - If Quicksilver was already in Super Speed, then this attack gets +50% crit damage and inflicts Stun for 4.5 seconds.

    Special 3

    - This attack consumes all Cruelty passives, gaining +20% damage per Cruelty consumed.
    - If more than 5 Cruelties were removed, Quicksilver enters Super Speed for 6 seconds.
  • MysterioMysterio Posts: 1,048 ★★★★
    -Kraven the Hunter
    -The Lizard
    -The Scorpion
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