First rank 5: Corvus unduped, Captain Marvel (movie) duped, Blade duped or Omega Red duped?

bhairy42bhairy42 Posts: 7
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Looking at taking up my first 5* to rank 5. Have some strong candidates but not enough resources. I don’t actually have Omega Red just yet but have all the resources to take him to rank 5 and awaken. Have completed 6.1 and initial clear of Variant 2. Therefore need to do complete 6.2 and first Variant. Also saving up for suicide masteries but will be a while off. Any tips/advice would be great.

First rank 5: Corvus unduped, Captain Marvel (movie) duped, Blade duped or Omega Red duped? 25 votes

Corvus unduped
StingerbkM1k0rinFhfjghhggggjfhfjglewiscallan 4 votes
Captain Marvel (movie) unduped
Lvernon15JuggerNotKobster84Maldroit2UnnecessaryJB1H3t3rMauled 7 votes
Blade duped
Fishyness123 1 vote
Omega Red duped
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  • bhairy42bhairy42 Posts: 7
    That should say Captain Marvel duped. I have her just at sig 54.
  • 10or_Strong10or_Strong Posts: 426
    Omega Red duped
    My 5* 5/65 Omega Red duped with suicides is the key to about 90% of monthly EQ Uncollected every month. Any non robot just melts against him. He is my absolute favorite to play in the game.
  • WerewrymWerewrym Posts: 2,111 Guardian
    Omega Red duped
    OR is amazing. Doesn't even need suicides (although they can help a lot). He's gotten me through so much content, definitely worth a first r5.
  • MauledMauled Posts: 123
    Captain Marvel (movie) unduped
    I have captain marvel and an awakened Corvus. My CM is 5/65, sig100 while my CG is 1/25, as I’m not really a fan of his play style. (I realise I’ve probably upset ½ the game here by intentionally snubbing Corvus, but I don’t like my 4* and I’m not putting T2A into a champ I don’t like).

    While I had CM at R3 I found she had greater longevity in a fight, and during her binary ignition and combined with Nick Fury, a burst mode that is comparable with Corvus until he is fully ramped up.

    Kabam also seem to be putting less ‘Corvus’ paths in quests and in AW people actively try to prevent easy paths to power him up.

    My other concern with Corvus is that the deeper into the game you get the less value Corvus is going to have, the health pools in 6.2 are very high, add another 50k for 6.3 then another for 6.4? Corvus is going to struggle to do that even at 4 charges.

    Also when you awaken CM her indestructible is extremely useful
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 1,870 ★★★★
    Captain Marvel (movie) unduped
    Corvus needs suicides for the full on endgame content, don’t wait to pull omega, that could be years, and cap m is just better than blade
  • bhairy42bhairy42 Posts: 7
    Awesome, thanks heaps for the advice. I was leaning toward Cap Marvel. With the larger health pools increasing I thought Corvus would start to struggle a bit too, and yeah KABAM seem to be trying to prevent Corvus dominance with all newer content.
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