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What is your favorite sp3 animation?

IDogeIDoge Posts: 409 ★★
Mine personally is Sentry because he turns into the void and sucks you into a black hole. The sound effects for this are 10/10.


  • Chicken_MasterChicken_Master Posts: 18
  • CarossyCarossy Posts: 1,547 ★★★
  • BrudixTreeBrudixTree Posts: 801 ★★
    The top 3 funniest:
    4.: Howard The Duck
    3.: Venom The Duck
    2.: All Deadpools
    3.: Colossus

    Top 4 bada##:
    4.: Mister Sinister
    3.: Namor
    2.: Darkhawk
    1.: Phoenix

  • Woody15Woody15 Posts: 543 ★★★
    I like Crossbones and Iron Man (Infinity War). Gwenpool and Wasp are runner ups beacause I find them funny
  • Dead1Dead1 Posts: 226
  • RagnabroRagnabro Posts: 43
    Joe fixit
  • Rougeknight87Rougeknight87 Posts: 599 ★★★
    Groots where old mate rocket jumps in and starts blasting sh*t
  • DjkrdjjDjkrdjj Posts: 444 ★★
  • EvisceratorEviscerator Posts: 350 ★★
    Colossus. It's short
  • TerraTerra Posts: 6,560 ★★★★★
    Favorite sp3 must be for me
    1. Corvus. Why it's #1 for me is that most Corvus players stick to sp2 spam and almost never see the sp3.
    2. Wasp. Wonder how that bubblegum tastes like.
    3. Hype. I'm split on this since I've seen it happen to me so many times and I've unleashed it on enemies also so many times.
  • The_OneThe_One Posts: 2,936 ★★★★
    I like cap IW because I love seeing how much their health goes down from it
  • EarthEliteEarthElite Posts: 879 ★★★
    Colossus. One well aimed swing from him is enough to kill the opponent. Ultimate badass
  • OneAboveAll13OneAboveAll13 Posts: 190
    edited July 2019
    Phoenix... Her's like.. enough of your mess, Now I'll show you how to beat someone's a_s_s down... Lol
  • LordBeaverbrokeLordBeaverbroke Posts: 285 ★★
    I like Iron Patriot's because of the absolute overkill of it. An entire bombing run to eradicate the other guy the face of the earth.
  • BenQcSlayerBenQcSlayer Posts: 869 ★★★
    the Champion
  • Thicco_ModeThicco_Mode Posts: 8,852 ★★★★★
    Hype's is so boss
  • FreeToPlay_21FreeToPlay_21 Posts: 1,594 ★★★★
    Heimdall. When you can't beat your opponent. Just teleport them away.
  • Tony886Tony886 Posts: 538 ★★
    Heimdall & thor Ragnarok
  • GeorgiaDawgGeorgiaDawg Posts: 32
    The Champion breaks your back, so that's my favorite.
  • TheBestinTuakauTheBestinTuakau Posts: 955 ★★★
  • SighsohardSighsohard Posts: 620 ★★★
    None. Wish we could opt out of them. They’re boring.
  • RockypantherxRockypantherx Posts: 3,832 ★★★★★
    Ghosts. She’s so lax about the whole affair and on some larger champs she gets in a crotch shot
  • GQuantaoGQuantao Posts: 201
    Thor's is still a favorite of mine, and Havok's is a close second. I like Hulk's too, because when I see it, it usually means I'm about to win the fight :-)
  • Denzel116Denzel116 Posts: 523 ★★★
    Nick Fury
  • FhfjghhggggjfhfjgFhfjghhggggjfhfjg Posts: 4,492 ★★★★★
    edited July 2019
    Joe fixit. Its savage how he mows down the opponent with his guns then gives them a beatdown lol
  • Wubbie075Wubbie075 Posts: 570 ★★★
    GQuantao said:

    Thor's is still a favorite of mine, and Havok's is a close second. I HATE Hulk's too, because when I see it, it usually means I'm about to LOSE the fight :-)

    Fixed your post, lol!

    Not gonna say it's the best, but I still remember the "WHOA!!!" I shouted out loud first time I saw Guillotine's.
  • ShrimpRShrimpR Posts: 245
    Moonknight and ghost rider
  • SamMarquezSamMarquez Posts: 199
    Ghostrider with the bike.
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