Buff Oldtron to make LOL worth the effort without hurting those who already did it - This will work!

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Hey dev team, please hear me out. I 100% Labyrinth of Legends over a year ago, but to this day, most of my team mates haven’t because the rewards no longer balance with the effort. If you buff the snot out Ultron (Classic), then you can create an incentive for players to complete the content again. And, you can do it without penalizing the players who already did it. It would probably be a fun rework for the devs too. Maybe lose the poison and evade and instead give him shock abilities and some big damage potential. Maybe he could be the first rework to get persistent charges of some sort. I hope you like the idea. I wouldn’t worry about over powering him because the players that already have him likely have super powerful champs in their roster anyways. He’s a fun champ to play, but he’s fallen behind much like Ultron (AOU).

Thanks for considering it,



  • MuzzMuzz Posts: 124
    Got some views, but no traction. At least no one disagrees. :D
  • Just as you say that, bam, 2 disagrees, lol. In this case, people disagree just to disagree. Personally, I would love to see both Ultrons get reworked someday. Slowly but surely they've become more irrelevant. Like many of the older champs. So perhaps down the road that leaky bot will get some love (those that saw Ultron Bleed should understand the leak comment, lol). I haven't completed LoL yet, but I still plan to do so regardless. I want to have him just to have him. If he does get a rework, that would be a nice bonus.
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    Thanks. I assumed I wouldn’t get much traction because the number of players who have 100% LOL is still fairly small and I doubt it’s growing very fast anymore. The rewards just aren’t worth it. That was my point... Give people an incentive by making the trophy a little shinier. He’s a fun champ to play, but his damage is too low. By the time most players acquire him, they likely have Ultron AOU in their roster. AOU is better than Classic, but still lacks damage. I still think it would be a good idea, but I’m sure Kabam has a lot of other champs on the buff list. Anyhow, thanks for your input, Sirius
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    I agree there. IMO any champ that is difficult to obtain but can be - not necessarily is - obtained without spending currency (classic Ultron and immortal iron fist come to mind) should be stronger than average champs, but not as strong as the ‘god tier’ champs to use Seatin’s tier list, so long as any utility they have is shared with a different champion
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