I have a 5*, R5 colossus. What do I need to do to participate in the colossus beta test?



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    They give the beta testers a maxed colossus if it’s like other beta tests... so having one already wouldn’t really matter.

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    _ASDF_ said:

    That must be with suicides? My 5/65 Ghost can do about 100-120k SP2 with suicides. I’d love to see video of your LC doing that haha. I could see near that with Champion synergy and Suicides. Pushing to SP3.

    No suicides, no synergy but it is dependent on RNG. If they're stunable, and not running Limber, I don't use anything except my L1. If everything works out and you pop your L1 at the right time you're doing, L1 > 9 hits > L1 > 9 hits > L1 > 9 hits > L1 > 9 hits > tank L3 > repeat. To get 9 hits in, your first LLLL combo after the L1 has to start as they're getting up from being knocked down. If you miss one of the first light attacks you can't get a 4th L1 in. There are also times that the first or second stun doesn't proc and you may eat an L3 early.

    Just tested it against RoL WS. I know he can't use his L3 so I did a cycle let him heavy me then did another. I mad 5 runs, 3 of which I was able to do 2 full cycles they were 150k, 180k, and 199k. The other 2 were around 130k, the last stun didn't proc.

    Sorry, don't have a video. Too lazy to upload it somewhere.
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    @_ASDF_ Luke doesn’t compare to ghost or aegon in terms of raw damage. When it comes to survivability, luke beats the rest of the champs pool, hands down!
    You’re trying to compare water with oil, but clearly the two are different things!
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    edited August 2019
    Invites are up, did you get one?
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    @PeterQuill wrong again. Luke at low sig can take 2-3 hits, like ice armor takes only one. Luke at high sig takes a full combo and a special with it. And that cooldown period shortens, that’s a plus for better survivability. He’s a survival champ after all!

    If you’re comparing Luke with corvus or aegon you’re basically comparing water with oil. They’re different things. And fyi corvus wouldn’t survive if gets knocked down by a hit!
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    Invites are up, did you get one?

    @EarthElite thanks for replying! I did not, and I’m in shock!
    Huhuhu... 😢😢😢
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    Come on kabam send this man an invite
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    nice champs!
  • SVWISVWI Posts: 74

    Come on kabam send this man an invite

    😢😢😢 it’s so unfair!
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    noooooooooo. so sorry homie. the beta testers will be testing with you in spirit :(
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    _ASDF_ said:

    Also, you never want to “intentionally” get hit with a single champ in this game except ghost. And she out damages him 10 fold. I think he’s great... just not top 10.

    The last part of this comment about not wanting to get intentionally hit is blatantly wrong. I occasionally take intentional hits with Darkhawk to trigger his regen (which usually outweighs hits be takes), as well as with Aegon as long as his combo shield is active to finish off some fights with his furies
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    Kabamm is bae u did good for this guy
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    I was hoping to get invited as well; have them both as 5*.. Seriously, cannot wait to see Old Man Logan be good. One of my favorite champs and watching Logan back when it was released hyped him for me even more. I'm gonna have to wait until his update goes live, I guess.

    Anyways, congratz on being chosen :)
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    That is bold, and I hope that it works out for you!

    Everybody else, please wait until you actually see what the outcome of the Test is. You don't know if Colossus will fulfill your needs right now, and you should never believe leaked content (which was wrong, btw).

    We haven't invited anybody to the test yet, but I hope you get to be part of it!

    I'd say the dataminers have a pretty good track record. The last one I remember being inaccurate was Sabretooth and he was worse than the leak indicated, unfortunately
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    I have a 5* duped Colossus, in R3. I should and want participate too o:)
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