What was your first 5 star and how much did it help you?



  • Alex_sc11Alex_sc11 Posts: 176
    OG Spider-man from the first batch they released.

    Back then I wanted a spidy I haven’t pulled him as 3 nor 4star (still haven’t to this day) and I was amazed at his crits (waaaay before Corvus and Ghost, etc) he got me through act4 and was my MVP against maestro. He was also my first r4 and reigned supreme in AW for a long time
  • tinman76tinman76 Posts: 114
    Mine was Drax. Maxed Deep Wounds a short time later. The bleeds were fantastic.
  • HfchangHfchang Posts: 186
    Cap classic, block prof helped a bit
  • Woody_federWoody_feder Posts: 489 ★★
    Captain marvel og... she wasn’t bad but wasn’t amazing either.. she was also my first 5* I duplicated from a crystal.
  • Blizz_4R_Blizz_4R_ Posts: 95
  • Star_Lord_Star_Lord_ Posts: 528 ★★★
    OG Spider-man. This was back when there was just a handful of champs in the crystal - the initial 5* release.
  • G0311G0311 Posts: 901 ★★★
    Kamala Khann,.........nuff said lol
  • BrudixTreeBrudixTree Posts: 801 ★★

  • MSRDLDMSRDLD Posts: 716 ★★★
  • z2313457z2313457 Posts: 6
    5* Green Goblin.

    My roster has been favour with science. First 3* was Abomination. Then 4* Yellow Jacket and Joe Fixit. So Green Goblin is of some help because of its regen and great SP2.
  • Katzastrophe_Od1nKatzastrophe_Od1n Posts: 219 ★★
    classic spiderman. bit of armorbreaks and nice sp2
  • DrenlinDrenlin Posts: 427 ★★
    Rhino before his buff a few years ago need I say any more?
  • MikeyBoi69MikeyBoi69 Posts: 131
    Jug was my first 5* and 6* and they're both still unduped
  • 5
    I got night crawler which is great for defense in the long run but right now not that helpful
  • Tiger360Tiger360 Posts: 1,689 ★★★★
    It was SpiderGwen. At the time I pulled her, she was terrible but still a 5 star so I guess she kind of helped. Get's a 5 since she wasn't great then but now she's a staple on my team
  • TehsigzorzTehsigzorz Posts: 1,239 ★★★★
    Antman, hasnt used him apart from arena since I got him
  • GOLBGOLB Posts: 47
    My first five star I can remember but I now it was either loki or karnak
  • PrathapPrathap Posts: 558 ★★★
    Magneto I think.... He's the sole reason I don't get mad when I pull other meme champs right now... :)
  • 5
    My first 5* was Spidey Symbiote, then Groot. Spidey Symbiote helped somewhat but my 4* Cosmics still outshine him. Groot's still R1. Didn't get a good pull until my 3rd, Dormammu.

    My alt account's had all the luck, thus the 5 vote. 2 for main, 10 for alt. His first ones (in order): Venom (after buff), Hood, Gwenpool.
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