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Game Outage (Sept 2nd) [MERGED THREADS]



  • Frankyy420Frankyy420 Posts: 6
    Let's see if I get screwed as I was just loading into a fight, RIP to my champ most likely.
  • We're looking into this now!
  • Was running variant with 3 boosts. Nice one kabam. Perfect timing
  • SyedSyed Posts: 25
    This down time will ruin my Arena win streak i am sure
  • TimeGenesisTimeGenesis Posts: 673 ★★★
    back up again guys, I just managed to re-log back in
  • GD-DEV3LGD-DEV3L Posts: 76
    And then the game was gone and my day got worse.......
  • KtashakKtashak Posts: 225
    all day at work, want to relax a bit and after a nervous working day a little bit extra from KAbam.. thanks for not letting me to place my aw defense
  • VedisukeVedisuke Posts: 118
    She-Hulk 😈😈😈
  • SyedSyed Posts: 25
    I guess servers are on Labour day Holiday???
  • Feeney234Feeney234 Posts: 749 ★★★
    So much for my Labor Day arena flow smh lol
  • AndTavAndTav Posts: 261
    edited September 2019
    The game does not work as described, we changed its descriptions.
  • BriceMiesterBriceMiester Posts: 278
    edited September 2019
    I hope the Arena AND my Arena Boosts I just Placed on Several Champs arent counting down, I placed tons of them to get the points on Item Use in Summoners Sigil Solo Challenge I was gonna go and Grind the Arena and got kicked before I could, I'm already stretched thin trying to place in upper Rank Rewards in the time Allotted and now Its gonna be even tighter, doubt I make above 25% now
  • ZenioZenio Posts: 99
    probably tweaking something that was in favor of us summoners 👀
  • NojokejaymNojokejaym Posts: 3,858 ★★★★★
    I just got invitied to an aq beta
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 30,367 ★★★★★

    I just got invitied to an aq beta

    Top of the Forum.
  • MoletronMoletron Posts: 43
    edited September 2019
  • NojokejaymNojokejaym Posts: 3,858 ★★★★★

    I just got invitied to an aq beta

    Top of the Forum.
    i just saw it now ok, for a second i thought it was a bug
  • Labais55Labais55 Posts: 40
    let's get together and donate to new decent servers. times are hard in business and revenue is not great, so share direct bank account info for donations or make ingame offer for it. If we band together , im sure we as a community can do it !! Lets improve game what we love ! #support#kabam#server buy
  • wizz1ewizz1e Posts: 4
    I think they should be able to afford enough based on this article. The community has already donated enough to ensure the servers are supported. The better thing to do is understand that things happen and be patient so they can fix it quickly. 24/7 Server uptime 365 days per year is possible, though not likely due to all the various anomalies that will impact its uptime.
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 15,883 ★★★★★
    They have had very, very few issues since January. There is absolutely no need for this post. Plus, game wasnt down that long either.
  • NeotwismNeotwism Posts: 1,803 ★★★★★
    Is the game back up? The message is still at the top of the forum so i havent tried to log in
  • AJ_Engel30AJ_Engel30 Posts: 72
    It used to be that when the game had problems Kabam would acknowledge them and provide compensation. Not anymore. It's a wonder they don't have emergency maintenance everyday. That would increase item use and in turn increase spend.

    I defeated Sparky in 5.4.6, just before the Ultron boss, but I don't get credit for the Victory because Kabam went into emergency maintenance. When I get back on, my Medusa is dead and Sparky has full health. Yeah, really fair move Kabam.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 30,367 ★★★★★
    That entirely depends on how long the game has been down, and the scope of the effects of the outage.
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