Bug - Variant 3.3, Spidergwen

MadcatMadcat Posts: 385 ★★★
Mode: Variant 3.3
Model: Samsung S9+
Version: Latest on both MCoC and Android
Node: Far left path in Variant 3.3
Defender: Spidergwen
Attacker: Archangel, R4/55 5*, duped, 52 sigs

Spidergwen is able to evade with 4 and 5 stacks of Neurotoxin from an AA with 52 sigs, aka 28.9% of reduction per stack. That is 115.4% and 144.5% reduction for abilities to occur, meaning evade should be impossible. I have been able to repeat this bug twice. The global node is only for TECH champions to not have their ability accuracy modified.


  • MadcatMadcat Posts: 385 ★★★
    Mods - any more information needed on this bug to get it reviewed? Seems like there are a few where the AI is immune to ability reduction effects in Variant 3 when they should not be immune, aka no local/global node, innate ability, or tech class.
  • gforcefangforcefan Posts: 205
    Yeah. The defenders seem to be immune to AAR. I had the same problem.
  • Hey there, we've passed your report along to the rest of the team.
  • We've fixed the issue where non-Tech defenders were affected by the Composite Construction buff.
  • MadcatMadcat Posts: 385 ★★★
    Thanks, Lyra! See my question in the main thread regarding compensation as this bug solely benefited the defenders and Kabam at the cost of the community.
  • MadcatMadcat Posts: 385 ★★★
    So this can probably be closed out except for one open question - will there be any compensation for the bug that caused all defenders to be immune to ability reduction modifiers rather than only tech defenders?
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