UPDATE: A new Hotfix (v32.2.3) is now being released to address this issue. Please keep an eye on your App Store for this update to address the below issue.

We are currently experiencing an Error when Summoners view a Champion’s Synergies while in the Champion Selection screen in Arenas and Duels. We are aware of this issue and are working on a Hotfix to address it. In the meantime, please avoid using the synergy menu to prevent this error and crash. We apologize for this inconvenience. Updates will be posted here: https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/293506/error-when-looking-at-synergies-from-champion-selection-screen

Bug - Variant 3.3, Spidergwen

MadcatMadcat Posts: 385 ★★★
Mode: Variant 3.3
Model: Samsung S9+
Version: Latest on both MCoC and Android
Node: Far left path in Variant 3.3
Defender: Spidergwen
Attacker: Archangel, R4/55 5*, duped, 52 sigs

Spidergwen is able to evade with 4 and 5 stacks of Neurotoxin from an AA with 52 sigs, aka 28.9% of reduction per stack. That is 115.4% and 144.5% reduction for abilities to occur, meaning evade should be impossible. I have been able to repeat this bug twice. The global node is only for TECH champions to not have their ability accuracy modified.


  • MadcatMadcat Posts: 385 ★★★
    Mods - any more information needed on this bug to get it reviewed? Seems like there are a few where the AI is immune to ability reduction effects in Variant 3 when they should not be immune, aka no local/global node, innate ability, or tech class.
  • gforcefangforcefan Posts: 310 ★★
    Yeah. The defenders seem to be immune to AAR. I had the same problem.
  • Hey there, we've passed your report along to the rest of the team.
  • We've fixed the issue where non-Tech defenders were affected by the Composite Construction buff.
  • MadcatMadcat Posts: 385 ★★★
    Thanks, Lyra! See my question in the main thread regarding compensation as this bug solely benefited the defenders and Kabam at the cost of the community.
  • MadcatMadcat Posts: 385 ★★★
    So this can probably be closed out except for one open question - will there be any compensation for the bug that caused all defenders to be immune to ability reduction modifiers rather than only tech defenders?
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