Corvus's Armor Break Interaction with Physical Resistance

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Device and Version: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Device Operating System: 6.0.1

Cellular or WiFi: Both

Game Version Installed: 24.2

Game Mode: All game modes

Champions Affected: Corvus Glaive vs. any Champion which has physical resistance (passive/active) either on Nodes or as Champion abilities

Active Boosts: This occurd with Active Boosts or no boosts.

Description of the Issue: So what happens is when you apply an Armor Break with Corvus to a Champion who has Physical Resistance, Corvus' damage is reduced quite a significant amount, despite his True Damage Buff active.


  • iRetr0iRetr0 Posts: 1,240 ★★★★
    Lvernon15 said:

    This is known and has been for a while, but I can’t see it being fixed for at least 3 years since it detriments us

    I am well aware this has been happening for the longest time, I just got a bit of hope that maybe with the template they will listen to us
  • iRetr0iRetr0 Posts: 1,240 ★★★★
    Bumping this as it is still unfortunately relevant
  • RektorRektor Posts: 673 ★★★
    Noticed this as well

    iPhone 8+
  • iRetr0iRetr0 Posts: 1,240 ★★★★
    Is it possible you guys forward this to the game team?
  • GreywardenGreywarden Posts: 771 ★★★★
    happens with "what's yours is mine" as well. You put up weakness from resonate and place an armor break and you wind up doing very reduced damage.
    Literally this is starting to bug me how long it’s taking but if it helps I believe the. Damage reduction only occurs when their armor is brought below 0 because sometimes with corvus it takes 2 armor breaks for the damage reduction to occur
  • iRetr0iRetr0 Posts: 1,240 ★★★★
    This is still broken.
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