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  • With the arrival of new heroes with many different gameplay features and forms, and the specific challenges of each mission, I believe re-establishing existing synergies in older heroes and creating more unique synergies, creating class synergies, t…
  • Are you trying to solve the bug? Seriously this argument? After several wars of the alliance played with active mystical dispersion and that was often decisive for the outcome, do you still talk about bug? Kabam you're being incoherent. The tickets …
  • The tickets down would be very well after nerf the mystical dispersion, since several players raised their champions because of the gain of power they would have and consequently the activation of certain abilities more quickly. I do not think it's …
  • I do not think Kabam is interested in modifying the synergies of the old champions. It could put in check the usefulness of the new champions. Once your focus seems to be the profit with the new champions. There are champions with more than 5 synerg…
  • I understood what you said. And I agree, however the company seems to be concerned about balancing the heroes, as compensating a high number of health for low critical damage for example. Definitely Psylocke has a good rating in terms of critical da…
  • Sorry, that's exactly what I mean. Special damage offsets critical low. I think Psylocke is good like this. Just have to change her low power gain.
  • Do not forget that Storm also gains critical damage increase based on opponent's power.
  • It would be better if her power gain were not 25% less. Maybe 15% or 10% less. She has a disadvantage against champions with power gain, such as Mordo, Hyperion and all mystics who use mystical dispersion. Mystics gain power and she loses power. Thi…