Please be aware, there is a known issue with Saga badging when observing the AW map.
The team have found the source of the issue and will be updating with our next build.
We apologize for the inconvenience.


  • You do not need to grind to 500k points if you are only concerned with getting the 2 rings. It only takes 10 rounds with 3* maxed to reach the 75k score for the 2nd ring. 10 rounds with 3 fights = 30 fights total. Even if you care about the Title at the final milestone, that would be around 30+ rounds total.
  • As you pointed out - that you are only assuming, but this still leaves it as 1) a bug as I had pointed out; or 2) a failure to be upfront of the terms of the Rank Up gem. If that is the terms of the Asgardian Rank Up Gem - whereby you can only Rank up whichever champion that was pulled from the accompanying 6* crystal then…
  • It seems ironic that you are using an “equality is not a pie” reference since that is used as the basis of my evaluation. A progressive term, “Equality is not a pie” states that by providing more rights/rewards to certain disadvantaged parties will not result in the current advantaged parties suffering a loss - hence, more…
  • Excluding that trophy Kang, just a couple more and I would have completed all the 6* Tech... but my cosmic on the other hand 😅
  • For the current featured - the information was only out in advance as it was part of a deal in Cyber Weekend deals. For all other Featured 6*, KABAM has stopped releasing the champion mix as they claim that it causes speculation. So at this point, the only option is to wait out the next 2 weeks.
  • It is impossible to be doing Tier 8 tomorrow for anyone. There's simply not enough feathers provided to give you the Uru to reach there. The earliest will be at least 3/4 days later.
  • Along the lines of empowering women... Wouldn't it be a better idea to give special bonuses for using Female champs to make the fights? Not that the current fights actually requires any bonuses to make them easier.
  • You seem to be describing different events here: 1) The deduction happens after you purchase the crystal. - you lose the 10k 5* shards 2) you open the crystal - the game hangs. At the point where the games hangs, this can mean 2 things: a) you did not successfully open the crystal b) you open the crystal but the champ that…
  • I do believe that you may need to make your question clearer so that people can even attempt to answer the question on whether something can truly be unblockable if it can be blocked. Much like the question of whether God can create a rock so heavy that even he himself cannot lift, your question looks more focused on…
  • Does that guy actually claims credit for "beating" the boss? If not, then the issue may lie with the rest of your team-mates for congratulating someone who only does 3%. It seems obvious that winning and claiming credit for beating the AQ boss means alot to you, contrary to what you are claiming as hilarious. May I suggest…
  • Its a shame that it went down so quickly that it did. Looks to be interesting when they finally get it working.
  • Definitely some of the champions are missing. Was trying to duel the new Abomination the other day and can't find him either.
  • The first gives you bonus if you end with a Light Attack - and the second if you end with a Sp2. Hence, is considered as different events.
  • Congrats man! Thats fast getting CGR already!
  • If this is eternal, then wouldn’t it be moot whatever way the vote goes?
  • Chose Sunspot for big damage and prestige All great choices though!
  • Here's hoping that she will get released soon and I will have use for my Mystic T5CC
  • It would take forever for some to even see those other champs inside their roster
  • Congrats! 6* VTD is a great pull as well!
  • 2019 - still the highest numbers of strong champs like Doom, HT, Gully 2099, Thing, Sunspot, Warlock, BWCV, CMM, NF Probably all the ones that you will need to your through AOL and Act 6.
  • Usually it gets converted to gold or some other equivalent minor prizes like shards for some crystals. Also, if you are not Cavailer at this point, isn't it quite tough for you to earn those radation? Those Legendary rooted fights are not exactly easy.
  • So that makes 179x max 3* champs. Weird flex - but ok.
  • Well, they are buffing a champ whose show got cancelled on Netflix - so it’s not as if they are promoting anything. That said, why not tune original DD at the same time is beyond me.
  • There's no way that you can Quake that node in AW - regardless of whether its stun debuff or passive (so Doom doesn't work either). Some strategy involve - Human Torch/Sunspot to deal incineration so that you can parry during the opening; NF who is basically stun immune in his second state. It depends on the champion that…
  • Congrats! Omega is definitely a great pull as you progress further into 100% Act and beyond.
  • The real value of Cap IW is his awaken ability + high sig level - being able to armour break, petrify, purify debuff and cause weakness. A 6* version will be less useful since the sig stones will be hard to come by.
  • Just to be clear - you were running 1 or 2 BG (or even 3BG)? If you were running 1 BG - then those guys with 14 members aren't even all participating. So it means that these guys are not even seriously running their AW to start with. If you were running 2 BG/3BG - then it will mean that you are spreading to 1-2 ppl/BG to…
  • It depends on the level of progression that you are currently in. Considering that you only have 3 god-tiers at the moment - BWCV, NF and Ghost, there are still miles of champions that you can pull. If you have not done AOL, then Aegon, Doom and HT would be high on your list of champions/ For monthly stuff, there are Gully…
  • It's obvious that you have some thoughts of your own - why not share them first?