The game team has resolved this issue. Keys will be distributed via in-game messages and the quest timer will be extended.
More information and timeline here.
*This includes currently unclaimable keys as well*
As previously announced, the team will be distributing an additional point toward milestones to anyone who completed the Absorbing Man fight in the first step of the Winter of Woe.
This point will be distributed at a later time as it requires the team to pull and analyze data.
The timeline has not been set, but work has started.


  • V6 and Act 7.1 are great steps in the right direction. Fun content that allowed you to enjoy the game. If you want harder content run Abyss, you want the game to stay around longer keep making content like Act 7.1 and V6. The idea of our champs getting buffs has brought a great benefit to the future of the game.
  • @DNA3000 that’s spot on the terminology is so confusing and the way they use it suggest multiple things. For abilities such as Aegon where he we always get “passive” effect could be easily switched to the inherent ability will trigger XYZ. Passive will always make people think it can be changed as that’s the way some…
  • @"Kabam Miike" thanks for jumping in and help clear that up. Does that mean that his combo shield has always been able to be nullified and trigger spite nodes as an active buff. Could just be something I’ve never noticed.
  • Not really as long as the shield stays up I can only lose 5percent that’s why it’s great!
  • My biggest concern is the ability for champs to nullify it now. Seeing as he benefits from taking hits while in combo shield mode to build furies if that can be nullified mid combo it’s going to be messy and clearly a change to his mechanics. No different than she-hulk had her mechanics changed.
  • @"Kabam Miike" care to share the teams thoughts? Clearly a big change and one that was left out of the original patch notes. Whether intentional or not this needs some clarification as to why and what we should expect.
  • The reel is no different than a slot machine. It’s predetermined the minute you pull the lever, but those random god tier champs you see or next level star champs are visual que to trick the brain into thinking you were so close to a win. It’s what drives the memory to think next time I’ll get the four star or that god…
  • He gave it the good ol college try last year.
  • So Im going to say this will be much like the last variant. 6 total quest with one quest per star rating. Then a mix will be needed for the last quest. 1.1=1*, 1.2=2*, 2.1=3*, 2.2=4*,3.1=5* and then maybe a star rated path for each level in 3.2. Sounds fun.
  • Id hate to have a bunch of people rank up all their 2 stars and find out its only 1 path that requires them.
  • Will it only allow 1-2 stars? Or can you bring 5 and 6 stars?
  • Not single post from you on this thread has any facts. But you probably didn’t notice as you were to busy typing an thesis!
  • I never said it didn't need fixed, I simply said it was "fitting" and that you shouldn't call it "broken" because it was misleading. But you seem to prefer long winded statements to try and prove a point. Please carry on as the only thing really broken here is my hope that you may see anyone's point but your own!
  • We are in the same boat, ran 5x5, with unique modifier every day. Should have put us in the 21-24K range. Yet it's showing we didn't even make the 9th Milestone. Hopefully they will adjust before awards come out.
  • You can spin it all you want but the fact is, it was written as 90%. Not a typo of 22 or some other random prime number you give. It worked exactly like it was designed and intended. They intended it to provide "X" amount of armor reduction and damage, based on "X" amount of percentage. The problem was it was more damage…
  • I'd be terribly disappointed if they didn't. It's a team effort so it gets done, but a small adjustment would help. I love those that are so awesome at this game they have the answer for every fight. They are the same ones that let others take the mini bosses in AQ and war.
  • The new Hyperion is just a terrible mini boss, the added nodes also make him insta death. Add in the new modifiers and I think Kabam should look at adjusting his overall nodes. Just a **** fight at the moment.
  • The boost may have been Overpowering, but with the health pools and attack it was fitting. To say it was broken would imply it wasn't working right. It was working exactly as it was written. It's misleading to call it broken. I for one could care less about legends run, but I do care that many people bought this boost with…
  • When can we expect this update?
  • It is very rare for apple to charge this back, while apple has becoming increasingly difficult to gain refunds they have and continue to with hold any tracking information. Hence why you have only seen google play store accounts get docked, of all the refunds I have seen none of those that have been docked are on iOS…
  • Apple won’t release your info so kabam can’t dock you. That being said if you knew it was broken and it was confirmed not sure there is much you can do. Now if you bought a bunch of boosts to complete content and the following day said boost was cut by 70% I’d say you have a fair claim.
  • There were many more that also knew and took advantage. This was not very hush hush around the community from what I’ve been seeing and reading. Which makes it a true exploit, worse than those that ran a quest for a small revive an ungodly amount of times. The problem is so many people took advantage that you don’t see…
  • Any word from a mod on refund?
  • @"Kabam Miike" is there plans to refund anyone who purchased these now garabage boost?
  • A 70 percent reduction is over the top. They need to leave this as is or refund anyone who bought these boost the units. Almost 2000 in total.
  • As long as the refund the units people wasted on this boost I think it’s fair.
  • Clearly people that beta tested had the inside track, and even those that weren’t doing legends run were able to take advantage of it on the tougher bosses. You could hear it in BGs voice on the stream. So seems ridiculous to change it at this point.
  • Well they are allowing all those that knew and took advantage of the boost to keep their runs but they will be additional to the total so no one should miss it. If only this was tested in the beta! Oh wait it was.
  • Ending the war season now does nothing but hurt those that were not affected. These alliances have used items/units to keep their ratings and scores up. I don't think ending seasons now would benefit anyone. We would still be without 2 wars and in our current place. I think it's fair to let those finish out that were not…
  • This issue is just one of many from this past weekend. There a number of bugs and still lingering issues affecting the contest at the moment. I have seen a lot of people mention just extend the season and the biggest knock I have on this is that all effected alliances aren't equal. Alliances across the levels have been…