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  • Did someone say Mystics and Spider verse?
  • I’m in the same boat. I will never have a shortage on resources as long as I play this game. I had 33M when V4 came out and since then I have r5ed 10 5*, r4ed 11 5*, lvl25 15 6* and I’m still at 28M. It takes disciplined resource management. I’d ra…
  • 😰 No lie, I was nervous for a sec.
  • I like this one! 😂😂😂 I want everyone to know I’m not mad. 😂 I didn’t need the t2a’s. I really needed t4b’s and I got them... I think 🤔 💭... you know what? I never checked. 😂 😂 😆 Please God no. Lmaoooooo The House Wins Every Time.
  • I don’t mind overflow. I plan on ranking a few 6’s to r2 and more 5’s to r5. If the window to use them was less than 30days I would be hesitant. Do you normally stop if you are winning big? Never seen that as a deterrent. “DAMN I’m cleaning up!! Let…
  • Terrible analogy. My bank account displaying the wrong amount is the same as this. I don’t know why people feel the need to stick up for a company that’s making Hundreds of thousands off of people, but can’t even honor when errors like this happen. …
  • Well then Kabam finally made it. I don’t if I should complain to Apple or the Better Business Bureau. 😂 Or maybe the Gambling commission since it seems to be Marvel Casino of Champions.
  • This isn’t the real world. It’s a mobile phone game. It use to be what you see is what you get. Instead I have no idea what I got. Allowing companies like this to take zero responsibility or accountability in informing the community of these possibl…
  • I don’t think I should be punished for a visual bug. That’s not my problem and I kept opening because of it so either way I’m being cheated. That’s like going to the casino and winning only to be told there’s a bug in the machine. That’s nice, fix i…
  • No I’m a FTP player. I have 16 in my inventory and you can see older t2a’s in my overflow. You have 30days to use overflow so all the t2a’s with 29days are new. That’s how I know they are missing.
  • Tragic really. I like some of the change they did already. Reduced Cool down timer, increase max energy, node tweaks, etc. Makes map 7 easier to run through Itemless, but they missed the ball on other things. Mainly epic global.
  • I came looking for this.
  • Appreciate it you. New change coming to AQ. At least it’s a start in a new direction.
  • Well they say they are listening to the feedback. I’m no Seatin but I am a dedicated player. I wish it had the same importance.
  • There’s no AQ focussed members in this forum?
  • Yeah. My phone is older than yours and I get the same thing.
    in Lag Comment by Izze_King July 7
  • I’m so glad I’m done with those variants. It sounds like a nightmare now.
  • They took down the old post without even a link for a follow up. We aren’t getting anything it seems.
  • I was running the Mutant path with Stark. No real difficulty. Then I switched to Cosmic with Doom. Same thing. Overall it was easy. I have so many dice in my overflow that I started randomizing for fun.
  • 2wks ago my alliance was rank 55. The next we were 47. We were amped for this week. Throwing everything we had at our prestiges, pushing for the next tier. only to be derailed. I understand maintenance times aren’t your fault but neither is us not f…
  • So if you didn’t finish AQ bye bye multiplier. That ruins the whole week.
  • I’m FTP. Never bought anything on the 4th with my units. I currently have nearly 10k units and I just reached over 10K prestige. I don’t think the offers are that great. Especially since we need to grind for our units. Unless the stones come in a se…
  • Could it be he had maxed limber and just shrugged off the stun faster or are you now being hit with the evade itself?
  • Who has a gold problem? Maybe you should manage your spending a little more.
    in Gold Comment by Izze_King June 6
  • Thanks for the help everyone!
  • Yeah I read it too fast. It’s not my normal path or anything I’m use to so I read it wrong. It’s physical damage you receive for making contact. My brain just linked the 2 together like and idiot. 😂
  • That sucks cause it makes you waste more to play. I really do hope they look at that.
  • That would KO me. I’d quit quit. 😂 I can’t even complain anymore hearing this.
  • The funny part is I was recording and ran out of room. I would’ve caught this on video instead of stupid pictures. 😑