**Attention Summoners**
Due to issues surrounding Defensive Tactics, points from the current matchup in Alliance Wars will be removed after the season.
War Rating will not be adjusted.*
We are reducing the minimum matchup cutoff from 5 to 4 for this season.
We will continue to monitor the impact of this decision.


  • 1000 units down the drain
  • From support- "It was not directly stated that we will convert the Goldpool Crystals to Greater Golden Crystal ***BUT*** that is the meaning of the statement I highlighted below: "Pools Gold Crystal may have to come with me, I've decided to leave behind something as good as gold! Because it is Gold. It's the Greater Golden…
  • Has Mcoc done this before? Switch crystals after they're in your inventory?
  • Support is telling me the mail from dead pool was to inform players they would be replaced. I'm arguing with them that the mail only stated they would no longer be available and a new crystal would be. It didn't say that crystals you owned would be replaced.
  • BUMP because Id appreciate mod acknowledgment =) and if its a toilet idea, it is what it is. @"Kabam Miike"
  • Well, yes, I can see how this looks overly bemifitial to the player. I think you're failing to take into account that the games meta and economy is currently changing, and kabam is supporting it. Rewards are slowly being addressed and brought into line for a game that has a 6* as top prize, rather than a 5. Also, we do not…
  • I can see how you might think that by glancing it over, but I think they're totally in line with what's required to get them. I think a AQ 3x5 alliance would struggle to hit the 30k mark. Compared to the updated event quest rewards and more recent calendar rewards, I think they'd be appropriate.
  • I've been bouncing this idea around for a few months... But the time never seemed right. Now, with 6*s coming in, 5*s becoming the "new norm" and many other things changing, this felt possible.
  • Shared this on Reddit, felt it was valid here too. Loot boxes (crystals) that (1.) Have a higher chance to reward a specific prize and (2.) Can be bought with something other than premium currency (units) directly oppose the loot box system. Kabam knows this, and it has been becoming a bigger "issue" (how many saved and…
  • Did you get any resolution to this? I just sent in a ticket for the same issue, and you joined a week before me.
  • hey @"Kabam Miike" did you ever get verification on this? Thanks :#
  • Same info I posted in the other thread. I don't think this is caused by boosts or gems. Pi has possibly been rebalanced? Here's a snap of my mystic 4*s from today and from July 30th, I've upgraded the ghost rider but everything else (masteries, boosts, etc.) Are the same. I'm not currently in war, any quests or any arena.
  • I believe I'm also experiencing this... Attached are two pics, one dated July 30th and one from today. Only intentional change was leveling up ghost rider, no mastery changes or anything but war and a quest... But look at guill, magik and voodoo. July 30: Today:
  • Did today's update improve game for any of you?
  • Hey @"Kabam Pertinax" in another thread you explained why some threads were closed and how answers often take longer than the player base would prefer... Can you explain what going on with this thread? It's very long, many are having the exact same issues (Note 4 and S7 users who've received the update earlier than the…
  • Wait wait. This goes both ways. I can use my S3 or even a medium hit versus an opponent between there 4th and 5th hit. So maybe the 5 hit combo no longer exists, and you should be using the 4 hit combo
  • Does it have to do with timing out?
  • Totally understand your concern. It's not a 3rd party app. It's literally the same app, just coming from a separate download location. None the less, totally understand why you'd be nervous, kabam is strange... Honestly, I was really hoping my comment would force a kabam mod to comment or delete it... Hmm.
  • If you want your old game back, you can give this a shot. It might get you through the weekend. I'm not in the beta test so I can't experiment with this myself but there's no reason for it not to work. This could be considered "advanced", so if you're not comfortable with it, don't do it. It's that simple. 1st: allow 3rd…
  • Alright, with kabam mods not speaking up, let me try to help. 2 posts, the first to explain and the second to help. First, yea kabam **** up bad and that isn't any of your fault. Developing apps for iPhone can be a million times easier than doing so for Android. I've done both, but most my experience is in messing with the…
  • Not exactly. You'd have to, first, make sure you have a kabam account. Then uninstall the game from your phone. Then enable 3rd party install (in your phone settings). Then install the apk. Then log in. I've done it with many other apps when they've broken, but I've never tried it with kabam/contest, so I'm not sure it…
  • Hey all. I'm new on the forum so I understand if you don't have any trust in me or my ability to do this... But I can upload the apk (Android's version of an installer/exe) for version 14.0.0 and link it here so you can revert to the old version.... I'm not sure if it'll let you launch or if it'll ask you to update, but…
  • @themagehunter you mean guillys dupe ability? Haha