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  • OG Thor is working like a charm. Also Angela.
  • Gonefishin1282 wrote: » Our alliance has come to the decision that we will be running an item free season 7. If we make it to the boss great! If we die three times and don't...who cares. We refuse to have to abide to this ridiculous 1 week break a…
  • TheSquish671 wrote: » Whay too simplified to be accurate
  • Kabam Porthos wrote: » We're all entitled to our differing opinions on what is good or bad about the game, provided we are respectful of others and constructive in our discussions. While you may feel that Tier-1 or Tier-2 ISO-8 is not useful for p…
  • Kabam Porthos wrote: » With that being said, let's try to make this discussion as constructive as possible. So far, you've touched on a few different areas of the game that you think should be changed, but you haven't really elaborated on these po…
  • To kabam support for the moment. I'm not really wishing to submit it to Apple YET as I'm pretty convinced that Apple will grant my request but scared of being banned.
  • I got Quake after reading the beginning of the offer... And identified that she was in the list. If I knew before, I would not have bought it. Submitted a ticked..
  • kpkumardts wrote: » Kabam Vydious wrote: » I think her boxing training session not yet finished still. It's very long session. and said IN A COUPLE HOURS. I don't mind the extra waiting time if we have constructive feedbacks. I'm so gla…
  • Fredhorst23 wrote: » So there was another thread about this that was closed without the discussion evolving into an answer. Basically a mod gave one bad response and considered it over. Well here I am trying again. Blades ds doesn't reduce mordos…
  • I love how the descritpion in French doesn't even include any information regarding ignoring the Dimensional Being's immunities !
  • BTW, I'm really sorry for you, is it happening in other modes ? Did you try to remove auto-fight in quests and see if it changes the behavior in Arena ? Maybe the app remembers your auto-fight selection and applies it on other fights. I had "sim…
  • Hello I'm Kabam Maïke, Thank you for posting the video of you clearly using a third party applications. Our application is bug free don't question our abilities ! Enjoy nothing as compensation and your account receives a temporary 5days ban as a w…
  • Device and Model: iPhone 6 Device Operating System: 11.1.2 WiFi: both Game Version Installed: 17.2.0 Game Mode: Arena Description of the Issue: I've been experiencing the issue ever since the last Event Quests. The device is heating very quickl…