We are aware of an issue impacting some Summoners, resulting in the loss of their stash of SQ entry keys.
The team will be redistributing lost keys.
Timeline is uncertain.
(Slightly) More information here.


  • Boarding the Yes train. Choo-choo.
  • Thanks for the tips beyond Poll. Any help in Game I get the better.
  • So many good comments, giving advice I desperately wanted when posted this.
  • Thank you for your comment, extremely helpful.
  • Have both as 4*s and both Rank 4 Level 40 w/ X-23 being my first 4* pull in game so very partial to, BUT Archangel rather new to me, and even unduped is incredible everywhere I use him. So definitely Archangel first (but do not underestimate as has been my go to till now).
  • Thank you so much for your input, incredibly helpful.
  • Knew it would be my fault. Thanks for info. Now I’ll just go sit in the corner and be quiet. I won’t cry! I may sniffle and my lower lip may shake but I won’t cry. Thanks again for the info AND for being being nice to a waste of time, & space, question.
  • Thanks for good tips & starting discussion with even more info, esp burning dog-I just don’t learn by experience but have to be told.
  • Thank you for the insight! Will be very helpful in future so thanks again. Greatly appreciated more than prob know.
  • Thank you to everyone who has responded. You have shared a wealth of knowledge with me in exactly what I wanted to know (& how you figured out what I was asking me will be a puzzle unto itself :) ), and I sincerely thank all of you putting things into perspective, especially one I can now understand. Thank you again.
  • To Afrid, I’m afraid I did my best explaining question but even when I read it I don’t know if I’m getting across my question since I know what I’m trying to ask. It is a just a mess. To Singh and _LivingDeadGirl, how you could understand what I was asking was amazing but to even have answers is astounding. Thank you so…
  • Aside from getting continuously bad pulls, 1 after another, all 2* (3-4 months b4 saw my first 4* while others just met had 2-3 4*s in a week...), the only thing possibly worse is someone complaining, or even oblivious to what they have. I understand all above "I 'hate' you" & apologize for not doing homework beforehand. I…
  • Did not know that Sungj. I appreciate the tip greatly. I was putting my 5* Hulk R1L25 on back burner (for quite awhile probably), until had more 4* R3L30 and more 5*, but your advice has put a whole new spin on things. Need to regroup and replan, so again, thank you for such possible strategic advantage may have…
  • Am in an Alliance, keeping catalysts full and completed story quests as far as can (to point losing 1,2 or more Heros ea fight-revive/heal die again and decide "too rich for my blood). Thank you so much for taking time to give your hard earned advice. I guess it now begs the question can one really advance in M:CoC, under…
  • Thank you so much, not just for reply but for depth of answer. It is much appreciated. Thanks again.
  • Sorry to escalate a brewing police action (doesn't seem 'war' yet, hope peace may be achieved in our time) but really enjoyed the feedback. Not just the advice, which is very helpful, thank you, but how presented. Made me laugh and brought me out of a funk, especially as misery loves company and many (well Kronos at least,…
    in Gold Comment by Oldavise August 2017
  • Thanx: straight to the point and lightning fast answer, what more can one ask for? Really appreciate it.