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  • I got the name wrong too.. beats , I agree with you not demon... he's the perfect example of what's destroying this.... the holyer than thou attitude as if he's never sw9re in his life but bullied kids left right and Centers in school then cried to teacher
  • Actually, on second thought... don't bother, I'm glad to be rid of this godforsaken game.. ive wasted far too much time and money in it and tbh kabams contemptuous attitude to it's own customers literally makes me wanna throw up and some of your practices are borderline illegal.. I mean according to your logic... it's ok…
  • I completely agree with Demonzfyre... Global has so many issues in many, many different areas and needs cleaning up but throwing out permanent mutes to whoever they feel like is NOT the way to fix things and will only result in hastening the death of this once great game... I've played since the beginning and can…
  • Yeah I got awarded howling commando again... I’m an ancient one!. That was one thing I actually looked forward to in a game I’ve been increasingly disillusioned with over the years.. anyone still playing after all this time at least deserves that