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  • It is not only NF who start fight with 2nd life its mephisto who didn't even regenerate in arena fights anymore. I don't know if kabam make any changes I also find this issue. @"Kabam Vydious" probably you can help us here. Is that a bug o…
    in Nick Fury Comment by Shan October 27
  • I just played the game whatever I played for just 20 minutes but it was much better than before. I will appreciate the work but still it was too much long
  • @"Kabam Miike" @"Kabam Vydious" will you please assist us on this issue this is going worst every passing day. I currently login and play 4 fights in AW and 5 in AQ and it take more than 1 hour to finish. One from you said that k…
  • I appreciate what kabam team says. But I don't know why all updates are starting with issues. Whenever we update the game there is some bugs some serious issues. And this network issues is more than only worst. Mean it take more than 10 minutes to l…
  • Yup it's the real issue and still we are facing this issue. I guess this issue is only for android user not for ios users. But whatever is this. It should be resolved at top periority bases
  • Try not to chased him please. He give us info in a different style it's up to us how we can get that. He gives us much clues but still I can see many are figuring without issue.
  • It take more than 4-5 minutes to start a fight. It's really worst thing to wait for a fight for this long.
  • @Whaaaat search function in where? I didn't think so. Coz all other fights and quest are working normally this issue is only with LOL fights.
    in Lol fights Comment by Shan August 22
  • @"Kabam Vydious" I heard last week will have all bosses. This confused me a lot. Do last week will have all weeks bosses or all the bosses in all weeks mean those will be 30 fights for last weeks. If we have to stand against these 30 fight…
  • Look like rewards are awesome if we survive till epic. I am sure we will be able to get all titles. These types of quest should come time to time I like these
  • @DoubleDelta bro you are right. But many people like me love to play arena. And for arena we need much upgraded champs. Infact for 5 and 6* arena we need all our 5* at rank 3 and above. Which cost much resources. I am still low in champs but many st…
  • That is what we really need. Kabam should increase T1 alpha from 3 to 5 in arena also there should be more places to get those like with units we should be able to get that whenever we want at the same price all the time. T1 Alpha is getting much im…
  • I didn't understand RPG. As much as I think Mcoc is not RPG are we gonna add some stuff?
  • This map is same like old map where we was have to play with 9 paths lol. Even more hard as now we will have to face many mini bosses also.
  • Clear the issue plzzz