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  • I just did Ronan for the 2nd time and now I was rewarded with the Metal on Metal objective. I suggest trying again if you did it before 4:15 Central USA time on 7/21.
  • 100%, same issue here. Ronan is #metal and I cannot claim the Metal on Metal point.
  • BWDO will evade every couple of hits with or without the SP1 evade charge active. Just faced her on protect node (39) so I had to intercept - but her insight triggered 9 of the 10 times I tried. Falcon locked on reduced the evades but she still evades without the evade charge active. She still evades when AA has 4+…
  • For anyone that says she needs a buff .... A lot of people forget that she was one of the first champs to get a buff. It has been years. "Rewind" signature ability, no limbo. I don't remember if her power control was any good or not because she was unplayable. She's been one of my MVPs ever since.
  • I expected to see some base attack value updates. According to his Attack and Health values are the same as listed above. (42815 HP 2994 Attack at R3 6* ) For a guy I have affectionately called "Ultron Pillowhands" I had hope that he'd at least be getting an attack value bump. I realize that he'll produce more…
  • When does this go live? 10 AM Pacific time 10/1?
  • Too bad he's Meme tier.
  • PS: I'm going Skill/Mutant because I need Nick Fury. I appreciate Kabam's innovation with this crystal and how it made my odds much higher of getting the champ I want/need the most! Of course, we all know MCOC RNG & with my 100K shards I'll get both Cyclops, a Falcon or two, DD Netflix, Hawkeye, Bucky, Beast, and my best…
  • Some people I've talked to believe there will be a daily limit on the number of Dual Class Crystals you can buy (1). Some people I've talked to believe there is no daily limit. These are 2 interpretations of the same announcement (below). Has this been clarified anywhere? Here's the announcement that both points of view…
  • I've had a couple of friends educate me on Passive vs Buff. Cool, after 5 years of playing, I finally understand what people are talking about. I still believe this to be a BUG as GHOST clearly lists one stack of Cruelty as a "BUFF" when it's actually a "PASSIVE" The node in question just brings it to light that Ghost's…
  • When you pause it says "Buff:" Node doesn't distinguish between active and passive.
  • I didn't video it but lately I've been considering recording everything in AW due to weirdnesses. I have Quake and love using her. I don't recall being concussed, but I was not letting her hold highs on me either. Hard to know 💯 without the video.