To fully participate in the upcoming Banquet's Alliance Event you will need to be in your alliance for 14 days prior to the event's start date on December 20th. That means, stay in your alliance from December 6th onwards to enjoy all there is to offer in the Banquet event.


  • Unstoppable Colossus should at least gain the immunity to incineration from this Colossus buff.
  • From what I've learned so far is that you can do: MM, MLM, LLLL, MLLLL, MLLLM LLMLL, and LLMLM I think there's also a combo sequence that successfully implements a heavy but I can't seem to do it
  • I really thought the medium hit was the one that missed but I honestly didn't notice the exact missed hit. I just noticed that you do miss a hit and that sucks badly especially in tough fights.
  • You can actually do LLMLM Also, the LLMLL combo is very useful for certain champs (example: Luke Cage)
  • We run 5×5 AQ We need someone like you to replace a no active player
  • This thought just hit me! What able changing her heavy animation to expand like she already does, do the uppercut, and add in a nasty big foot stomp that knockes the opponent way back!?
  • So what I mean by similar to Quake is that she should be able to charge fury buffs until you let go of block and not have to worry about the auto release mechanism and nothing else. What would truly make her more useful is the ability to push back her opponents with each stretched out strikes! Being able to hit at a…
  • Yes I totally agree! My thoughts on this are that you can upgrade endlessly but you'd have to have that particular champ maxed out on both rank and signature levels. Then you'll use items like certain catalysts and a certain number of cores to upgrade the star rating.
  • Well look at it like this... believe that Electro is an outlet socket on your wall, you have a thin rod in your left hand indicating physical attacks and a long tip lighter in your right hand indicating energy attacks... now put the thin rod in the socket and what happenes??? Now light the lighter and put it as close as…
  • I do see how being a melee attack instead of physical or energy based makes sense but what makes my initial question valid is that those same attacks take on two different disadvantages. First: fighting against champs that convert/absorb/take reduced damage from energy attacks will always abuse that capability since that's…
  • If you think about it, you wouldn't be changing star ratings regularly. It would be a lengthy process since you'll have to build up each champion you do want to upgrade to fully max out including signature abilities. Then you'd have to spend a significant amount of items to include those master class cores. All in all it…
  • What's so weird about my explanation? Champs that deal energy damage shouldn't take damage from those sources that inflict damage against physical contact. It's as weird as seeing a fight against Ultron with the original black panther where he is causing Ultron to gain health from each physical attack... In short, anyone…
  • That is irrelevant to what I am explaining. Energy attacks deal energy damage. There is not physical contact. So why would any of the champs that do use energy based attacks receive damage from a physical contact effect!?
  • True but let's say the amount of cores required to bring a champ from 2stars to 3stars is 50 respective cores, then you can see how kabam can definitely gain a ton of money from users buying those cores from the in-game store
  • The main reason why I brought this up is because when Dr Strange hits a duped Ultron, he heals him or when he hits a blocking Ms/Cap'n Marvel, she gains power... it doesn't make sense to punish the user in both of these situations. If energy attacks are based on only energy damage then those champs who use that for of…
  • Yes I definitely recall saying that about magneto as well when I messaged kabam through the game app... anyone with energy based attacks shouldn't take thorns damage or any physical attack effects type damage
  • In my opinion, I do believe anyone with blades for weapons should cause bleed. Maybe a good way to input bleed for Angela is at the end of a full combo that ends in a low attack. Same idea used for Beast's ability triggers from certain combo sequences.