Compensation for the Issues that we experienced on November 8th and the rewards that were unable to be claimed due to those issues are being sent out via in-game mail on November 15. Alliance War season rewards will be sent out on approximately November 20. Leaving your Alliance prior to this will result in missing out on your season rewards.

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  • This is still happening. Only an issue for me during item use but it really is tedious and irritating...
  • Domino is probably the worst but with the recent changes causing champs to “randomly” spam heavies... quake can be aggravating. Plus I have a heck of a time dexing her sp1. I usually end up blocking. It hasnt been a huge obstacle per se (I’m not dyi…
  • 6 Star shards😂 I opened 2 five stars today; dupe Jane foster and dupe kamala so.... pretty much what I expected
  • Domino does well (especially with rhulk) blade (GR) can be a bit risky with transferring bleeds back to you on sp1’s but he is who I used originally. Otherwise heal block champs like AA. If you want a little longer fight, crossbones doesn’t crit so …
  • If you’re lucky on the buffs they’re ok but they are tough. I have foregone epic previously but I do want the 4000 or so T5B for the month so I’m going to give er the old college try. I’m just going to buy my daily allowance of rerolls this time and…
  • (Image) Oh yeah... this is why; I stopped reading after 50 times in arena...
  • I thought there was going to be a special arena. I don’t know why I thought this or what it was based on but...?
  • 5 star- juggernaut 1st and 2nd 6 star was green goblin... I was actually not terribly disappointed by this. One of the first people I knew with a duped six star and he proved useful!
  • @SquishyjrThe_4TH by the way, your tip on hood 10 hit combo is actually very cool. Hood actually seems to have a slightly quicker recovery after a combo allowing you to start your next combo before AI retaliates (if they don’t have a special) it’s…
  • I would definitely be interested to see video of parrying immediately after a medium ending 5 hit combo away from the wall. I can’t seem to do it and tested it A LOT to make the video. And I do say this respectfully… if you have a tip on timing th…
  • Running list: -Antman -Drax -Ghost -Ghost Rider -Guillotine -Hood -Iceman -Mordo -Psylocke -Star Lord -Symbiote Supreme -Winter Soldier -X-23
  • I though duels might negatively impact the player stats (of some, rating...?)of my “opponent”
    in Dumb thoughts Comment by WiMak July 24
  • Always bothered me too. Besides evade champs just all around throwing off the rhythm of the fight, this hesitation when trying to punish specials drives me nuts. I don’t Frequently use Stark Spidey since I’ve never been lucky enough to get him as a…
  • Psylocke is another...
  • Disregarding the first which was 33% chance... we’ve had a 50-50 shot the past five weeks and the odds of flipping “heads” five times in a row is 3%… And we all know what 3% RNG looks like in practice (3% evade) 😂
    in aq map5 mini Comment by WiMak July 19
  • The list of champs effected has actually increased. I’ve just made mental notes and end combos with light attacks instead of mediums when using the champs (unless they’re against the wall) -hood -sym Sup -x23 -SL -GR -iceman -WS -drax -Mordo Ghost…
  • Noticed this last week and again just now (I only use him in arena) seems to occur when the AI is against the wall. First part lands, causes a couple incinerates, and the second part is blocked This may not be the only time. But, like I said, I do…
    in Mephisto sp1 Comment by WiMak July 17
  • I know I’ll catch a fair amount of eye rolling on this but, i’ll Say it... Blade. My very first great five star. Carried me through quite a lot. I use domino and, now ghost a lot. Both are so satisfying and a lot of fun to use but blade is still my…
  • Someone, far more skilled than I, should make a heavy interrupt compilation video of all the multi-hit champs. I’ld Watch that👍
  • I’ve never tried but I wonder if you can interrupt dorm heavy? That one’s fast. I’ve been sitting here thinking about heavy attacks🤔😄
  • (Quote) I was being sarcastic... that being said, I don’t think I’ve ever accidentally interrupted OML...? I have accidentally interrupted a spin kick and had mine interrupted by the AI
  • @SiriusBreak I’m PRETTY sure you can’t interrupt it. Could be wrong but the way-too-many-times i “tried” I couldn’t do it 😉
  • Same here. Put in a ticket and Kabam wanted an example (recorded “proof” today in class trip and sent it in) I first encountered it with an sp2 but here’s the blocked, unblockable sp1:
    in Ghost vs KM Comment by WiMak July 8
  • Just curious, now that it’s over... how many points were people scoring to rank 1-3 or whatever the top rewards were?
    in FANTASTIC 4 USE Comment by WiMak July 6