To fully participate in the upcoming Banquet's Alliance Event you will need to be in your alliance for 14 days prior to the event's start date on December 20th. That means, stay in your alliance from December 6th onwards to enjoy all there is to offer in the Banquet event.


  • Thanks for posting this. My Alliance thought something was bugged when all the defenders were removed. Would've been nice to announce it in game.
  • One of my Alliance mates had this happen last War, now this War a different Alliance mate. The first members shared this screen, he couldn't get into War. @"Kabam Zibiit" @"Kabam Porthos" @"Kabam Vydious" @"Kabam Lyra" @"Kabam Miike" @"pseudosane" if you have a solution it would be most appreciated, thank you
  • Excellent news Jax, thanks for the quick response! Looking forward to the Twitch stream on Friday!
    in Danger store Comment by Wolfrhk April 12
  • I kept a lot of danger tokens, going by the timer as others here did. This was a mistake by Kabam, it's only fair to reopen the store and let others spend the rest of their tokens due to Kabams bug.
    in Danger store Comment by Wolfrhk April 12
  • You do know that some players were gathering revives weekly in the Danger Store to go on a last run? I wasnt one of them, but its apparent that this bug will affect those who were planning on running this on the final two days.
  • I see the timers at 5 minutes now, but the 99 zone boss module is still set incorrectly at 4 zones. I fear they will not resolve this before the event ends.
  • Thank you @SummonerNR I see it now. Never seen it disappear but just found a few people report it in the Nov announcement thread. I opened 8 Super Fabulous Crystals today and got 2 elbows, lucky RNG! When the right trade in piece comes around I will have my first 6* Platinumpool! Great event so far, I got the 5* thanks to…
  • There are mutliple threads popping up today, Kabam Zibit replied to the one below. Please submit information using his form here: https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/comment/2206850/#Comment_2206850
  • @"Kabam Zibiit" Thanks for the reply Device and Version: Samsung Galaxy S8+ Device Operating System: Android 9 Mobile Carrier: None Cellular or WiFi: Wifi Game Version Installed: 37.1.0 Game Mode: Story Quest Act 3.2.6, Alliance War Champions Affected: Presumably all champions Active Boosts: No Description of the Issue:…
  • Also couldn't back out of a War boss fight, its happening in multiple areas of the game. Already tried uninstall/reinstall earlier today. @"Kabam Miike" @"Kabam Zibiit" if someone can take a look at this would be greatly appreciated, seeing multiple threads being started Video link of evidence still available…
  • @Kabam Jax Problem happened again on my device, Samsung Galaxy S8+ Android 9 https://streamable.com/pmrsd4
  • Scheduled to be fixed next AQ cycle: https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/comment/2206297/#Comment_2206297
  • Same thing happened to me on Android, rebooted my phone and now it's working again. Hopefully will stay that way.
  • @"Kabam Miike" hopefully someone can look into this, wouldnt want champs locked for a whole day and certainly not for the duration of the AQ week. Thanks.
  • It would be nice for Kabam to clean up tags that are no longer being used like Chronos Corps and all the silly Goldpool ones. Also there is Inhuman Royal Family, and Inhumans only adds Quake and Ms.Marvel.
  • Same here, my Alliance runs 554 and cant get into Day 5
  • Ongoing discussions here: https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/302065/where-aq#latest https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/302079/aq-setup-is-bugging-cant-select-modifiers#latest
  • Appears to be yes. I can't go into other battlegroups but can enter my own even though we already completed 100%
  • Setup phase is back for us, but only had 8 hours to configure it. Make sure to double check early today, if I didn't check we would've missed it. Glad it's back but communication could have been better in game to alert everyone. Some people still think we are getting a week off.
  • Map5 2nd Torch mini is insane with Buffet on him. Brought in Collosus which in hindsight was a mistake, but should Map5 have defenders that regenerate so much? Seems like it needs to be adjusted, it's bad enough we can only use a handful of Incinerate immune champs now.
  • Chat bug has been around for years on and off, it definitely reappeared with a vengeance this month. Kabam refuses to fix or even acknowledge chat issues. I've been a part of multiple chat bug threads over the years that go absolutely nowhere.
  • Rewards were set to my in inbox within 12 hours of sending the ticket. Either the rewards were slow or they had to correct via support ticket.
  • Just got a response from Kabam Support: Hello Summoner, Thank you again for providing this information. I reviewed your account for it and I am glad to inform you that we are able to verify your ownership to the account. For the rank rewards of Refreshed Rampage Arena, I reviewed our resources, and I was able to confirm…
  • Same here and one of my Alliance mates is waiting as well, sent a ticket to Kabam with these photos
  • If they are restarting tomorrow they need to refresh the whole series, we all lost a ton of prestige by not completing the maps.
  • The smart move would be to cancel AQ for the week, since AQ Completion Event is running and some people won't be able to get the full rewards now.
  • AQ is back up, can anyone confirm 2nd round is 30 mins or 24 hours?
  • I can confirm the two devices I had trouble with last month (Samsung J3 and J7) were added to my Google Play store a day or two later right before the March content started. This month for April my devices were able to update on launch day (Monday before new content), so whatever compatibly problem they had before appears…
  • Both my devices Galaxy J3 V and Galaxy J7 are showing incompatible, yet the J7 I bought this July. Really hoping this is a bug that can be fixed within the next day or two
  • Below is the requirements on Kabam's own support page, they list Android 6.0 and above. This bug needs to be resolved IMMEDIATELY before a lot of users get locked out. Please reply @"Kabam Miike" @"Kabam Zibiit" @"Kabam Vydious" @"Kabam Porthos" @"Kabam Lyra"…