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  • Re: I understand why the AI's rate of putting debuffs on me is a lot higher than my rate, but come on!

    Ive always thought about this. Guilly has a 50% chance for her crits to cause bleed, but I swear I always go 4-5 crits before I finally get a bleed. Very rarely do I get back to back bleed some .

    Another is agent venom. His sp1 should cause bleed 60% of them time. I actually recorded 20 specials and only 9 caused bleed. Maybe I’m just unlucky though
  • Re: Infinity Stones

    I like that idea. I think to make it more interesting is that you get one "infinity gauntlet" and can only equip the gauntlet/stones to only one champ at a time. Then you are unable to switch it during quests and AQ/AW or need a special item in order to transfer it between your champs
  • Re: Rank up?!?! 5 star r4 or 4 star r5?

    They way I see it is taking a 5* elektra up is playing for the long term whereas maxing a 4* GP will help more now. I think it depends how many maxed R4s you have as well. I have 12 maxed 4*s and that's enough for me now. I'm focusing on ranking my 5*s up now. A year from now, that 4* GP could be useless in most situations whereas a 5* elektra will still be relevant.

    I also heard rank down items may make a comeback by the end of the year. If this rumor is true, you could take GP up now and whenever rankdown items come back, bring GP back down and rank elektra up. By then you may have her duped or even a better 5* skill champ