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  • Just popping in to say kudos to the Kabam team for updating the rewards, it was desperately needed. Also, while you're in there examining rewards, maybe take a look at UC rewards which have also gotten stale. Thanks!
  • Which of her basic hits are non contact?
  • Are there zero rank up materials in this quest? If so, I may not do it, especially if it is energy intensive.
  • He can. But he hits soft and I don't love using him on attack.
  • How many spots?
  • He has the same signature ability my wife says I have
  • Or a 3rd option, you could sue them. And Google at least (no experience with Apple) does not automatically issue refunds for every request they get. If we travel back in time to when Kabam falsely advertised Darkhawk as having a synergy with AA, r…
  • I have 4 mystic awakeners and literally have every mystic already awoken except Immortal Fist and SS. I don't yet have Diablo or Maw. I have no interest in using them on any of these. I'm in the minority that think SS isn't particularly useful. An…
  • PS: I think the newly announced treasury policy is a good thing, even if it may occasionally cause regular players a minor inconvenience. I don't hate everything they do.
  • That's also correct. But the converse is also true... Just because Kabam support doesn't think you deserve a refund doesn't mean you don't. Google and Apple were an impartial party that was an additional recourse for a consumer who felt wronged. N…
  • Refusing to refund something that was falsely advertised is a perfect example. And I'm not going to tie up our legal system over a couple hundred dollars.
  • Just pointing out that a ToS isn't a gospel and most don't hold up under a lot of legal scruinty. And you CAN sue them, even though the ToS says you can't and you have to go to mandatory arbitration. However, let's be real, this is a video game, t…
  • No one is disagreeing with that. This new policy will impact more than those committing fraud. I can't speak for everyone but that's my main concern.
  • And what recourse is left to that player when support cuts and pastes some tangentially relevant canned response and then closes the ticket? None. And that's the problem with the new policy.
  • Just because it's in a ToS doesn't mean it's legal. Example: Company A creates and runs some mobile games. Their ToS explicitly states that players agree to let Company A come into their home and murder them for any reason at any time. So Company A…
  • I believe, for AQ, his most valuable synergy is Venom. Getting that first buff faster makes him much easier to set up well. And that's the challenge with him, getting the buffs you want. Dancing around endlessly trying to get buffs can get you kill…
    en Venom the Duck Comentario por Hulk_77 junio 2019
  • More than 2 regen is overkill city. This is my ideal set up also.
    en Venom the Duck Comentario por Hulk_77 junio 2019
  • Email communication with them about 4 or 5 months back. I filed my complaint the day the shut down ended. I also think I saw it elsewhere, I'd have to dig it up.
  • And crud, I just checked my old emails, it was the FTC and I crossed a wire and misspoke today. My brain was so convinced it was CC and not TC. I could edit my posts but I won't, I earned this shame. Anyways, replace any CC in my prior posts with T…
  • They're the government agency that covers false advertising. If Kabam advertises something falsely and that drives sales, and then refuse to issue refunds for it, they're who you complain to. There are a lot of places their new policy falls apart …
  • FCC is the agency to report for False Advertising.
  • This is NOT what the FCC says about it. Intent matters in the equation. If I must buy units to buy an offer, it's the same as cash in their legal opinion.
  • When I filed my FCC complaint I had their lawyer tell me the direct opposite of what you are saying is correct.
  • If you purchase the units with the sole intent to purchase the offer, then legally it is the same as directly purchasing that offer for cash. Using a proxy currency as an intermediate step does not alter this legally. This legal area is settled and …
  • They didn't fix the Darkhawk and Archangel synergy they advertised that never existed. Plenty of other examples too. I find this new policy very anti consumer. I'm unsure if I'll continue to purchase units moving forward, because in my personal e…
  • I have 29 6*s, all rank 1.
  • Perhaps she landed a couple hits to get ability accuracy reduction?
  • I have 29 6* now, no Corvus, no Domino, none that I want to r2.
    en Epic rift? Comentario por Hulk_77 junio 2019
  • The "other synergy members" wording that is on each of the Fantastic 4, does it mean it does not apply to the hero who has the synergy? In this case, that Force Block doesn't apply to Invisible Woman?
  • I got him down without any items on my first try, but I had the perfect team: 6* Thor, 6* Angela, 5* Heimdall, 5r5 CapIW, and 5r5 GHulk. This team let me take the health swap lane which is cake with Heimdall's synergy. Went at Sinister with Cap fir…