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  • 4k for every tick? Which Domino is this? The uncollected one doesn't deal that kind of damage?
    en Dominos ability Comentario por Tempest junio 2018
  • can a mod please confirm whether she is working as intended? I don't want to spend a ton of money on her only for them to 'fix' her later. Please confirm yes/ no and then whatever the answer is, we can continue the debate...
    en Domino’s Luck Comentario por Tempest junio 2018
  • can someone explain domino to me? how come a parry, evade, or block can 'fail'? Is it because of her -15% ability reduction? If so, then it should still work 85% of the time so how is it 4 out of 5 parries failed each time I fought her? Also, why are parries, evades, or block considered an 'ability'? Shouldn't it only be…
  • every time there is a RDT post there is so much outcry. I used to be against them, but now I feel like it doesn't really matter either way. Give the guy a break. They aren't going to be handing them out like candy. At best we'll get one for each level per year like last year. AT BEST. They are a nice to have, but don't…
  • Turns out these were not intentional changes.. They just happened as part of other updates. Magik is going to be back to how she was. Let's move on, glad Kabam did the right thing.
  • can someone enlighten me, has this been fixed?
  • Yes, the community is vocal. The fact that it complains does not mean that it is right to ignore them, because they pay money. They should be doing their best and respond, but they are doing worse than before at doing this. Fixing a bug is doing their job and SO IS COMMUNICATING WITH PLAYERS. I believe that is what the…
  • No, the point is that there was no transparency. When they fix or update a champ, they should be telling us about it, not do it on the sly. Patch notes mentioned AA 'fix', but all of these other fixes were not mentioned. Community trust is eroding because of this. regardless of whether so and so is or is not bugged or…
  • Did they ever fix Magik sp1 acting as a debuff and not nullifying debuff immune champs?
  • they aren't collecting more data than they have been all along. They are collecting the same data as before, just that there are new regulations now so they have to get explicit consent. Over the last few weeks I have received countless "privacy policy update" things from all the tech companies I use such as godaddy,…
  • This really sucks and is unfortunate. I find that Kabam support is effective in addressing only known requests with known resolutions, such as a name or email change. They are not very good at addressing unique circumstances where the answers are not already in their "handbook". And unfortunately they very rarely if ever…
  • People are complaining about IMIW and 38 and really, how come no one gives credit to Kabam for creating a character where Blade doesn't just steamroll him? Instead it's cries for nerf everywhere.
  • In his spotlight it says he auto blocks after getting 4 attacks of ANY armor, which explains why he auto blocks from armor provided by node. And yea, tier 3 and above is a cakewalk already so I'm not sure what you are talking about. Asked friends and their imiw on 38 gets at best 1 kill, most of the time 0, as people…
  • I'll bump you.. Because I admit I thought the video was funny and couldn't help but chuckle at your misfortune!
  • no kills at Tier 2 on node 38 in the last war. he's expected there, and people ask the guy with the skills and one of a variety of champs to take him down. medusa is still a tougher defender who has been getting kills consistently. Her kills are lower now that she's been around for a while and people have figured her out,…
  • @YoMoves Corvus: IMIW can gain MOLECULAR armor when he is hit or hits someone. This is a UNIQUE armor that can be removed by armor break. On Node 38, the node allows gaining of armors from the aggression armor buff, but THIS IS NOT MOLECULAR armor. Therefore, if you parry with Corvus, he WILL armor break depending on how…
    en Nerf Iron Man Comentario por Tempest junio 2018
  • I feel like the first tier offer was only worth 1000 units anyway... i think 2000 for a t4cc and 3 t4b is too much.
  • The Hood is great.. but he does not hit very hard which makes it hard for him to solo a big fat medusa boss. A 4/55 Hood will have no problem soloing a 4/55 medusa but a tough time soloing a 5/65 one. With all his other really good abilities, I guess there had to be a compromise... otherwise he would be too OP?
  • I tried using the 12K PI rule and that didn't work, still ran into death matches. You just need to avoid all 3/30 or equivalent.. when I throw in a 4/40 or 5/50, I don't encounter the blade death squad.
  • Yea, never seen anyone's heavy attack get blocked... @Fixxx ask for video evidence..
  • I'd vote for Corvus. As you said, you already have an immunity champ. GP is also a very nice choice, but CG is so much fun and he hits super duper hard. It is relatively easy to get at least 2 of his missions (kill a mutant/ tech) which makes him even stronger. He is also really good for fighting IMIW.
    en Next rank 4/55 Comentario por Tempest mayo 2018
  • Corvus is not bugged. Hyperion to me is already pretty "old", and really any high damage champ and multi hit heavy champ should do decently at least. People were complaining about node 24 and this is just the new thing to complain about. In fact, node 24 is mostly a mode that everyone beats mostly with Void and he's a much…
    en Nerf Iron Man Comentario por Tempest mayo 2018
  • @linux the node says one of the armor ups is removed every hit the defender receives. It's not because of the armor break. That may be what you're seeing. If the armor ups provided by the node were molecular, one parry from Corvus would have removed them all.. But since they aren't, he's just removing them one per hit like…
  • very few have any/ many points in SYG though, so it is hard to say... someone with SYG and medusa top champ would be nice to duel and find out once and for all.
  • i thought the question was: say the attacker uses a multi-hit heavy to intercept a Medusa while she has 3 fury up, will she have a chance to autoblock the attacker? for example, I intercept medusa's heavy attack with hyperion, she may not be able to autoblock the first hit, but will she be able to autoblock and parry me on…
  • He's very beatable now.. The community works fast to solve even the hardest challenges.. Hah
  • Yes, many people have already figured out how to beat him with any champ even on node 38. Regarding the armor breaks and armor being removed on node 38, I wanted to discuss that.. In IMIW description, it says his molecular armor is UNIQUE, and it is removed by armor break. However, the armor up provided by that node is NOT…
  • The community has already found a way to beat him.. :)
    en Nerf Iron Man Comentario por Tempest mayo 2018
  • I think it's probably 2. It's a huge task testing a new champ thoroughly.. to cover all possibilities, you would have to test him in every quest and every game mode. Not that it can't or shouldn't be done, of course. Maybe they can have a whole map of AW with nothing but IMIW and then have a tester fight every path to the…
  • My guess is to wait it out so he has zero. then when you hit him, do it slowly and keep an eye out for when he gets an armor up, and then stop hitting him until it expires. Like fighting a stun immune spidey without an ability reducing champ.