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  • Will those trophy tokens remain as it is after the current month long beta or do we have to use them before 6 June (last date of bg beta preview)???
  • Lol..He was slightly better than elsa but now after that buff, there will be no contest..
  • I would like winter soldier buff... We already have one buffed BP so the community can wait for some time...
  • are uncollected or not? because you are saying quake can't do that... That fight can be done with any champ but it's quite horrible for beginners..
  • Agree.. that node combination is horrible for beginners.. kabam developers have much time to make easy endgame content for Quake & ghost but they are bothering peoples like you buy making weird node combination 😡 i remember when I faced that node in uncollected monthly quest.. i use tons of resources and that was my…
  • Believe me this the worst content that I ever saw in mcoc, let it be fair and put true strike on every champ because you said there will be no perfect counter for the gauntlet but they give unfair advantage to all the QUAKERS! I strongly believe they made that content for quake because those developers aren't that dumb…
  • It's the time to prove that Omega is more useful other than biohazard 😂.. People always shouting that Omega can do whatever namor does now no one is using him for that terrax
  • Lol, how stupid plannings I have already seen here.. just QUAKE-QUAKE most of them
  • Exactly, they don't know about anything (or at least what they already made in game like aegon who can cheese the content that they are supposed will remain unbeaten till few months)
  • No!!! I was hoping you will say only 6* are allowed. Now I'm too excited to watch how much knowledge your developers have to defend those defender from your mighty, one above all champ "The Quake" (magneto can also cheese some of them) when you also said no to big health pool & damage cap🙄
  • What is this! Why we don't have any explanation/information on this issue?? If they don't want to fix this even then they should supposed to write something about that.. Why they aren't bother to say "this issue is currently in investigation" or "this working as intended" and "That spotlight was forge" Give rank down…
  • Device- Asus zb601kl (& anything) Operating system- Android 9 (& anything) Internet- via cellular & Wi-Fi Game mode- everywhere Champion effected- War machine (his pre fight abilities) Mcoc version- latest (31.1.0) Description- War machine can't use his pre fight on/for himself.. as his champion spotlight said that his pre…
  • It can be done easily if they don't make something to counter quake & magneto... If they don't then even 1 million health pool will not be a problem So less than 4-5k units or more than 15k units.. I'm excited to see how much knowledge kabam developers have to create these type of content (big reward) without making beefy…
    dans Gauntlet unit worth? Commentaire de AGYAAT juin 2021
  • If health pool is not like abyss level then why they create these fight for quake & magneto cheese..? But I have faith in developers that they will do something to counter magneto or quake otherwise it will be too easy
  • Fix his prefight ability so he himself can use it or give me rank down ticket.. I took my 6* to r2 mainly because I thought he will be helpful in aq/aw when I need to shrug off any debuffs (parry stuns, encroaching stunn, 60 second bleed & poison..) But if it is not supposed that he can use his prefight for himself.. then…
  • Alright, he is decent (not too good) you can use him in aq because of sustainable regeneration and immunity But his unwanted evades (while blocking) can be tricky on offense
  • For me.. mags, namor, colossus and professor x are my frequently used champs, can't put them in order but I don't have apocalypse (he will be a most used synergy champ for me) but I think he will be at 5th spot for me
  • Professor x is also a solid candidate (evade & miss counter, reverse control, non contact attack, energy based attack, easy access to buffs, 💯% special attack damage & different synergy) Warlock is all about passive heal block & bleed damage with bleed immunity for me
  • I love the change they made for next aw session.. I was consistently telling them too make content that ban some overpowered champs (quake, ghost, doom, corvous..) first they implement that in variant (heroes & villian).. now they moved forward by making a new defense tactics! In last summoner sanctum I told them to make…
    dans New AW Updates Commentaire de AGYAAT mai 2021
  • Yeah his damage output is too tedious to get.. no one gonna use it (2 sp2 & sp3 or sp2 & sp3) but one rotation can be interesting (2 sp2 & and manage those armor break) but I don't know how potent it will be... They should add all avengers for his pre fight benefit... He really needs some offensive power gain for his…
  • Killmonger from gwenpool does to movie event
  • Mole will lose his evade counter mechanics if you go into frenzy mode, How he can be the best evade counter?? Professor x is the best he can also counter miss at same time without loosing his damage output.. And where is hit monkey!
  • He will be too good, he has 25% more potent armor up buff than g2099 (if you know how much sustainability it gives to her with 2 persistent charges) He has 66% more potent armor break than Medusa (armor shattered), he can stack 2 of them so it will be more than ~130% His one furry (he can stack 3 of them) is equal to…
    dans The War Machine Buff Commentaire de AGYAAT mai 2021
  • Ramped up g2099 is perfect for him, if opponent has will power then warlock also works.. ibom was tricky on that node when he was new now most of people nows how to counter him
  • If you have fix path (that you are saying, she never comes in your team for that path) in tire 4 alliance.. then it's really hard to believe (at least for me) that you play tire 4 wars.. don't wanna explain why.. or maybe you have quite good rosters so you can take that path without any worries of whom will you face on…
  • I think you don't run suicides... I'm not playing tire 4-3 wars in this season but I have seen many times people can use her on that path (actually I have assigned that lane some time for quake.. but I agree usually we don't use quake on that lane until it so necessary) because aw fight timer is extended quite a bit and…