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  • I’d make sure to 100% last quest in new variant before selling anything.
    dans 1* Roster Commentaire de Bapoi décembre 2019
  • Time for an R: Red Guardian
  • On the last two paths of cap’s quest. This does not amuse me..
  • This one is in the category ‘let’s revive a necrotic thread’ though 🤣
  • Hold on, those are different things altogether in my view. You're comparing something that can be programmed into the AI (inversion of controls), to a choice made by a player. If we use Sparky and place a taunt, it sure has an effect on the AI. Why would the inversion not have an effect? Sorry, but your answer seems off to…
  • Hmm.. Always avoid his L1 because it resembled SP's 'awesome damage' on her L1 (yes, I thought that low of him..) Destroying Spideys does sound like a good deal, as well as IMIW. I'll give him an unleveled whirl, see how he fairs against RoL WS then. Might bring him up from there. Thanks for making the pain mildly less,…
    dans SIX STAR CRYSTAL Commentaire de Bapoi septembre 2018
  • I got Karnak eaerlier tonight. Go dance naked in the streets, your pull is so much better than mine..
  • @GroundedWisdom Since when are you one to back out of an argument? You find it a miss. That's perfectly fine, but don't say you weren't warned in the announcement thread. The water is very much wet in there. But fine, you have your opinion, I have mine. All good. @Akhilxcx Nice to know I'm part of the 10% then. I'm by no…
  • Stating they lied is farfetched. At best, someone made a mistake in a bit of code. It definitely wasn't intentional as 'lying' would seem to indicate. Basically what you are saying is that you went in prepared for a tough fight, but didn't manage to beat her. That's another topic entirely. She is quite manageable, but not…
  • If you literally not deduce from that there will be a bigger encounter, as well as seeing that you have your entire roster available, that's just silly to me. Not one day has master given you any choice besides 2*, Epic hasn't given you a choice past 3*. Here you have up to 6* available and it doesn't trigger an alarm bell…
  • Honestly, if you read the announcement on the Danger Rooms, it's clearly enough stated in there. That single line to me meant that bringing in lower champs wouldn't be a smart move. It sure as hell doesn't read like 'the diffculty will be the same'. There's a clear warning there, even if reading between the lines is harder…
  • Well he is, but there was once an event where he had his 'fresh from the tank' look. That's the one they are referring to.
    dans Weapon X. Commentaire de Bapoi septembre 2018
  • Could you look up a post above yours and say that again?
    dans Weapon X. Commentaire de Bapoi septembre 2018
  • Did you even notice that you could bring your top champs in there, or did you just blindly click the start button? There were plenty pointers that it wasn't a 2* only area. I'm sorry, but blindly clicking net-next-next... that's asking for trouble. Even if you didn't do Heroic. Something should click, seeing your 5* champs…
  • Epic is Epic should be, a harder challenge than average. It's not mandatory to do it though. There's always the option to stop at Master if you're so inclined. But for the energy cost and the rewards, to me Epic is just fine. Some easy to obtain shards there.
  • Not the point. The point is wanting Weapon X and not believing others that he can't be played. Stating he is in modded versions might just make those 'unaware of the contents of the ToS' go and try those, then come back to moan about getting banned. This is the kind of thread that will go nowhere fast. I should have worded…
    dans Weapon X. Commentaire de Bapoi septembre 2018
  • I actually found that having her there, provides people with a nice place to go and practive on her. She is far more manageable than she is in EQ. Granted, the powergain is annyoing, but she hits for so, sooo much less in the Danger rooms, it's more than doable. Take the Heroic quest, practice on her, go into Master,…
  • Let me put it somewhat different then. If the heroic version already had higher rated champs suggested, in what universe would it be logical to then pop a bunch of 2* into master, given that you have your entire roster available to you? Some generic thnking does apply in this case. In regular EQ, do you ever think 'oh,…
  • Which means, not in this game. Also, enjoy getting yourself banned playing about with mods. Smart thinking, starting threads on content that is against the ToS. Awesome thinking.
    dans Weapon X. Commentaire de Bapoi septembre 2018
  • Please do enlighten me.. Any ray of sunshine on this pull is worth it. I've had 'less than favorable' pulls before, but this is the first time I had to just close the game and put away the iPad, as fast as anger and blood rushed into my brain.. As a 3* and 4*, I have zero use to him. Absolute zero. So if he has some worth,…
    dans SIX STAR CRYSTAL Commentaire de Bapoi septembre 2018
  • You really want to compete with anyone who was here during that event about whether or not he has been playable? He isn't a playable character, nor has he ever been.
    dans Weapon X. Commentaire de Bapoi septembre 2018
  • Entering the quest and seeing the ratings of the opponents, you'd think people would deduce that maybe backing out and bringing a big team is smarter... Or am I thinking too highly of people now?
  • No, he's never been a playable character. He's been in a quest. Never for the players to use.
    dans Weapon X. Commentaire de Bapoi septembre 2018
  • Wanna trade for my fresh Karnak? Never thought I'd find myself not wanting to stick ISO in a champ because it'd be a waste of gold and ISO. Or that I wished that I could have pulled IF or DPX. This is just about the worst possible outcome for all this saving. Can't even sell the ... FML indeed..
    dans SIX STAR CRYSTAL Commentaire de Bapoi septembre 2018
  • I appreciate the research, but I'll be damned if I'm going to hobble the fight more than is needed. Just bring a non-tech high damage dealer, and treat him as stun immune. No need to put yourself at a bigger disadvantage than is there already. And for the record: AA WRECKS him once you get a couple neuros on him.
  • Banned = you probably did something you shouldn't have. Try support. Mods will close this and re-direct you there anyway..
  • No, just no. I get the idea of making older champs more useful. Adding this, it will only ensure that those things you describe are given to the best attackers and defenders, and those same older champs will be benched even harder than before. It'll imbalance the game to the point of destruction. Just imagine a Killmonger,…
  • Went through and upon facing mr. Sentinel, my first thought was that it would make the forums. And here we are. He was a seriously tough nut to crack. Not in the Epic, that was more than manageable, but Master... I was glad to have Storm and Cable with me, Storm got him down to about 30%, Cable finished it off, but it's a…