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  • I know you dont get much but every shard adds up
    dans Ww2 cap 3 star max sig Commentaire de Darv mai 2019
  • Thought I was sitting on a great idea thanks again
  • No kidding I've been playing this game for almost it's whole tenure and never knew this thanks I will check it out
  • Crit my apologies not crist
  • Not sure what your alli rating is or even yours but rank up who will best help you,with venom new upgrades he is much better and probably not a bad choice,but I would look up some videos of ghost she can crist 100k and there is a video of someone running LOL with her
  • Sorry forgot skill lol
  • The nerf to MD was a slap in the face forsure,ya they gave us back what we put into the mastery but not what we put into ranking the champs...MD barely works anymore...Ranked magik and dorm to r4 and now they are worthless...Look how op Blade is but yet they are worried about a mastery lmao..Let's fix in game issues for…
  • I can't play more than 5 minutes and neither can anyone in my alli aside from others overheating,we all love playing games this game and have invested years we need to get this game playable again as of lately it is becoming more of a hassle to even log on or attempt to fight multiple fights in AW,AQ or even questing…
  • We are all getting normal based rewards I'm sure kabam knows about it and they are trying hard to find a fix please be patient with them,they have been under alot of scrutiny with a few things believe in kabam
    dans AQ tiered rewards Commentaire de Darv juillet 2018
  • Same,when will there be a fix?Many alli if not all have been affected what's up kabam do we have an ETA on a fix?
    dans New bug AQ Commentaire de Darv juillet 2018