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  • No need, can do all alone but just thinking where is this “witch hunt” going.... I have a feeling it goes wrong direction
  • You wish! And what will happen when someone log other for aq(map6)? Other way is almost impossible to clear map6 100%... That is piloting to. So let’s punish all who plays map6.... I think this is only witch hunt... And doesn’t bring nothing good for a game. I bet Kabam will be first to see difference on their bank account…
  • After every war there will be lots of reports. I bet that least 90% off losers will report cheating. After every war.
  • Today is piloting? What will be tomorrow? Are all spenders cheaters to, becouse they spend more then 1000$ a week and others can’t? Lets ban them to, becouse they accounts are to good
  • Kids😏 Must be hard if you don’t have money and can’t buy items for better account .
  • Wtf! Looks like you actually don’t get a point. Did you ask your self what it means if someone have two accounts?
  • And what is next step? Deliting game?
  • Any moment a mod will be along to tell you that "offers are planned and coded well in advance, and don't correspond to issues happening in game." (Even though just last week, they gave us 2500 5* shards as 'compensation', miraculously as we received an in-game offer to purchase 7500 5* shards. But no, totally not planned.…
  • Both visions are bugged. Rhino is bugged. It's pretty frustrating. I have little faith left.
  • I don't think it's as big of an issue as you guys say it is. Firstly, we're operating under the premise that it was actually his kid that sold the champs. Sorry, I don't trust any one at face value as a general rule, but these forums are crawling with people who lie and twist stories to try and get ahead. So whether it's…
  • Yea, unit deals are the best. I can't stand when they make us spend cash instead. I mean, I usually have to buy the units regardless, but it's the concept. Lol
  • I completed each map before moving to the next. All the keys you pick up on a map can be used on said map. Or, you can complete paths in different maps using keys from the other maps. Simple way to do it though is just to explore fully one at a time.
  • I like your point but I don't think the rdts are justified. We've transitioned to all champs having the same usefulness (or uselessness I suppose), and that is diversity. All the champs we had before are still worth having, but now others are as well. Thing is, with the new format, what champ it is doesn't quite seem to…
  • I feel for you man, I do. I dropped an Odin and a loot bag for medusa, still didn't get her. Instead I'm now 11 mil in to arena working desperately for her. Thing is, it's a gamble. I've gotten the feature on 3 crystals, on 5 crystals, on 10, etc. I've not gotten them in more. It's frustrating, but I acknowledge it's a…
  • The cheapest has been 100$, for the crystal. Generic has never been "sold", but is available in the labyrinth, and is on track to cost me 1800$. Lol. Good luck getting one for anything less than several hundred (if Kabam ever puts one 'on sale').
  • To be fair, the title says "Act", and the post asks for "Map". 50/50 shot. You tried to be helpful. That's more than most can say on the forums.
    dans Act 5 energy Commentaire de Drizzits septembre 2017
  • Signature stones at that point in time were more rare and valuable. They're a lot more available now, so yes, it comes off under whelming. Lol
  • But So is every one else. It's fair. The progression curve is maintained.
  • You're the one player miike referred to when he said 30 min timers punish players. Lol. Yes, you get energy faster, it doesn't necessarily mean it has to be used right as you get it. It gives more freedom.
  • Not offended but if you're only on 5.2.4 and having this many problems, that you've turned to community out reach, she may just not be ready. The collector will not be kind to her in 5.2.6 I can tell you that. Have her slow down, and reach a point where each map won't be completely unbearable.
    dans Help Commentaire de Drizzits septembre 2017
  • And even that 5400 was only just released this week. Lol. Guy says it like he's been doing it for months.
  • I wish they would too, but they wont. Expect this thread to be closed down soon.
  • Curious where you're getting all your t2a fragments. Would love to know your secret because I've bought every major t2a deal they've put out and still haven't completed another set.
  • ... I'm guessing you just hit level 50, didn't you? There's already exclusive events happening right now (kind of). But you have to earn it (uncollected). Reaching level 50 is in no way difficult and can be done with moderate grinding at best.
  • The only generic 5* gem is in LoL, so a value of roughly $1500. You're asking for a free 1500 because the game came down for not even 20 minutes today. You take things 0-100 real quick, don't ya bud? I agree, things are frustrating lately, but dang.
  • You guys, t2as will come. But as it stands, only people who have 100%ed the Labyrinth are running a full squad of r4 5*s. T2a shards have become more available, and will probably be even more so as time moves on. The game is still a grind and follows a progression curve. They can't devalue the hardest content in the game,…
  • I don't mean this as an insult or put down, so please don't take it that way. But PI is some what irrelevant, so using mastery points to see it doesn't quite make sense. As for *s and tier of champ, it plays slightly more of a role but only because it'll be a slightly harder fight. I'm not sure how that helps you in your…
  • I think a lot of people here are forgetting that there's still a grinding aspect to the game, and a curve to be followed. T4cc are still more available, but not necessarily abundant. T2as currently are still the highest promotion item in the game, sure that's going to change, but as it stands the only ones running full…
  • Pretty sure they're lowering the required amount so 6*s can take the original amount. But you're absolutely right. As it stands, 5*s are the only ones requiring them, and they haven't been released, so all "reducing" the amount does is give us some ambiguous statement that doesn't actually mean anything.
  • I see strengths in both systems. But as we transition to the new system it'll be harder to incorporate new champs in to certain types of teams (raw damage, crit rate/damage, etc). Which is unfortunate, but I rarely build teams for synergy anyway. The right champ has always been more important imo.