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  • Can AW be skipped? Or is everyone required to participate on a rotating basis?
  • Is AW required?
    dans LF 2 for 5x5 AQ only Commentaire de arsjum 12 août
  • (Quote) It's funny you say that. G2099 is actually an excellent counter to safeguard and rage because her degen ignores both of them.
    dans Sentinel vs G2099 Commentaire de arsjum 11 août
  • (Quote) Calls out thirsty boys. Then goes on to express a desire to spend time with a shirtless man. Wink, wink. (Quote) According to the producers, it still would not have been enough to stop Thanos. He would end up kicking their butt anyway.
  • It seems for a lot of commenters here: I don't like a champion = overrated. I really like a champion = underrated.
  • I use my iPad and Android phone all the time, no issues whatsoever. I use my Kabam account to login on both.
  • I see an eighty-paragraph long post (something like that), I see the forum name @DNA3000 somewhere, then I realize that the post was not by him. Confused.
  • (Quote) This right here. Agree 100%.
  • @Lormif, Where have you been, just curious?
    dans "Random" Drop Rate Commentaire de arsjum 19 juil.
  • (Quote) Not everyone has such an extended roster and thus can afford to rank up their champions for rare use. But speaking about King Groot specifically, I don't think he's a useless champion at all. His sustainability and the ability to shrug off…
  • For example, Stark Spidey on his own doesn't get extended enrage timer but add Vulture into the team and you get extended enrage timer. What is happening to the OP is an anomaly. I hope the Kabam support can help.
    dans Labrynth bugged Commentaire de arsjum 18 juil.
  • (Quote) Not only is it possible but it's worked like that for years. Base attack + attack from synergy should be above 2000. That's the only thing that matters to get extended enrage timer. Nothing else should affect it. At least, that's how LOL has…
    dans Labrynth bugged Commentaire de arsjum 18 juil.
  • (Quote) I can vouch for Red Hulk being a viable option against Mephisto. I did not have Human Torch in my first run. Used r5 RH and took him down with 2 revives.
  • Annihilus is a pretty annoying defender to fight already but when he's stacked enough to have 27k attack and is on a no retreat node, that's just plain evil.
    dans Most hated opponent. Commentaire de arsjum 16 juil.
  • (Quote) That's your personal experience. I have used Domino a lot in my Act 6 exploration and not only that but was really impressed with the way she's worked well for so much content. That extended stun duration with Masacre synergy was so useful a…
    dans Top 5 mutant champs? Commentaire de arsjum 15 juil.
  • I am glad Kabam Miike cleared it by explaining in details. Otherwise, it's really getting annoying to see forum members screaming "emulator, so you'll be banned" without understanding what an emulator or the question being asked really are…
  • Colossus and it's not even close. This comes back to a lot o comparisons where players for some reason pick champions who are extremely good at niche situations over a champion who is quite versatile and covers way more than the other. Colossus out …
  • (Quote) NT being top 5 may not be as marginal a thought as it may seem. He's top 4 here:
    dans Ronin, Top 5 Skill Commentaire de arsjum 15 juil.
  • Just bring a counter to Magik. Every other fight she soloes easily. I 100% LOL over two years ago but recently just did a run with G2099 for fun. She is so sustainable that you can do it itemless as long as you bring a counter to Magik. Otherwise, s…
  • (Quote) Thank you for sharing that. It makes even more sense to me now. My son is autistic. His is not mild though but fortunately not severe either. I will be a happy and proud Dad if he ever becomes as articulate as you are. I would not mind his a…
  • (Quote) Sounds good to me. We butted heads a few times over this and other issues but I see these as friendly disagreements. My disagreements with you don't change the fact that you are one of my favorite commentators in the forum. That's not an exa…
  • @UmbertoDelRio, still a lot of theorycrafting and hypotheticals from you but little to no substance. Looking forward to your actual showcase. Having said that, I understand that we all have lives. If you do, great. If you don't have time or the de…
  • (Quote) I have no issues with you considering it top 5 for you but please don't confuse your personal top 5 with what can be described as "in fact." It's not a fact. What can be described as "in fact" is you not demonstrating any…
    dans Ronin, Top 5 Skill Commentaire de arsjum 13 juil.
  • (Quote) You admit that watching the beginning of the fight didn’t get you “into an impartial mood” and ask me not to imply you are biased. :)) Ok, my friend! You know how Blade works but you don’t know it well enough to suggest G2099 “probably” has…
  • (Quote) Was that video uploaded partially? It’s not even a whole fight. I’m not sure what exactly I can observe from that video.
    dans Ronin, Top 5 Skill Commentaire de arsjum 13 juil.
  • (Quote) And why would I not like to hear it? If you or anyone demonstrates the viability of NT in those fights, by all means. I'll gladly give credit where credit is due. I wish you could've watched the whole thing with an impartial attitude before…
  • (Quote) You are not approaching it with an open mind at all. KT1 by the way shares your opinion of NT and ranks him higher than Blade but he was able to present an objective evaluation if Blade. I specifically replied to your comment about Blade's…
  • (Quote) I find it hilarious how some of you guys doing Map 7 with stacked rosters assume your point of view should be the only thing that matters when in reality you represent a relatively small part of the playerbase. When the needs of all players …
  • (Quote) Full disclaimer: Guillotine 2099 is one of my two most favorite champions in the game (the other being Domino) and I have her in every star category from 2 to 6 and all are maxed! She is also solidly better than Blade overall in the current …
  • (Quote) I thought Swedeah actually took his IF to r5. Not seeing any preview sign in that video. It wouldn't be out of the ordinary for him. :)