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  • Hence the problem, Carnage and Venom got buffed at the same time and one is so vastly superior and useful while the other is not even close in utility, champs should be balanced and not be so vastly inferior to another not to mention how unbalanced these "buffs" are. Colossus is vastly useful, OML isn't even good, Red Mags…
  • He is comparatively useless to Venom. Limited usability in majority of content, a good champ can stand alone and not need another dud like Red Goblin wasting space on a team to make him usable. He needs another rework to make him as usable in multiple content like Venom. Maw had multiple buffs, Carnage needs it too, champs…
  • Highly disappointing champ, just pulled him as a 6* today, very upset. There is a reason my 5x duped 5* is sitting at rank 2 while my Venom is 5/65. Carnage is pretty useless, no immunities, can't counter spider evades like Venom. Buff Carnage please, he is supposedly superior to Venom in comic lore.
  • Nah, they just need to buff the other lame mutants like Jubilee, Beast, Cyclops to her level, thats all.
  • She ain't a letdown like Jubilee thats for sure.
  • The "Superior" Ironman doesn't have SUPERIOR in his name for no reason...right?
  • As kt1 said...sure if she is your 1st or 2nd 6*...but would not waste any cats on her since he even states at least half the class is better than her.. I would rather depend on my 5* mags than rank up a disappointing dud like jubilee who can only shine act 5 and below. Trust me I don't all about duds. My 6* roster trash…
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  • I definitely would pick Stryfe over Jubilee, the OP thought Stryfe is bad. And no, Jubilee is not worth rank up materials, KT1 is 100% right there. Underrated is basically a term used on champs that are NOWHERE CLOSE to being as good as the top ones. I could careless if the champ is "underrated" lets be honest, we want to…
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  • Those were KT1's assessment of Jubilee, and frankly I agree, she doesn't impress anywhere or you would use her over an Apoc, Mags, AA, or Colossus or use any resources on her, a dud of a champ. Coming out after APoc, she falls woefully short and is pretty useless in comparison. KT1 also ranked Overseer over Jublilee in his…
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  • She needs a buff WAY more, came out the same month, just pulled her while other ally mates pull CGR and Doom, Prof X during the same week. She came out after Apoc and is a complete DUD of a champ. As KT 1 said, Jubilee is "mediocre incarnate," can get stuff done if you are doing act 5 or below. Jubilee definitely need a…
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  • This is the second day I cannot get into aq, has this been fixed for you guys yet?
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  • Luck sure as hell hasn't happened for me with 6*s! 2 Ally mates pulled Doom and CGR...while my TRASHMASTER was between their openings. I don't even have a 6* that is even comparable to those, TRASHMASTER is so awful even for arena fights, dude is a freaking noodle in the Agent Venom and Classic DD mode! My 6* roster gotta…
  • That is true, I never like Stealth Spidey, even youtube legends like KT1 finds him too squishy like I do, BG as well isn't a fan. Stealth has his following, but I ain't one of them.
  • OG Vision allowed me to beat 6.2.2 Sinister today, I used Warlock synergy. I never pulled a 5* Heimdall. Maybe Sym will be considered once I reach Champion. I am taking my time in story.
  • I did just because I keep getting 6*s I don't want at all, I got so sick of the RNG and never pulled a Doom, Corvus, Warlock, HT, Red Mags, Apoc, or CGR that I spent my units on a guaranteed champ I can use with my 5* Warlock and 5* Mags. Previous pulls from July 4th and Cyber Mondays netted me Capww2 twice, Squirrel Girl,…
  • Skill is the only class that I don't have a 5/65...just because I don't have a Fury.
  • Plot twist: Elsa getting buffed in August and dethrones Nick Fury as the unquestioned head of the class...
  • I would have thought the July month would have been both old Captain Americas and Iron Patriot...but to be honest, I thought Ronin's counterpart Hawkeye would get the buff first. It is good Ronin is getting a buff because he came out the same year as Nick Fury and Nick is leaps and bounds ahead of him. If people had a…
  • With all those weeks of suspense and all that elaborate poll/arena just for it, it better SURPASS the Mags buff!
  • If get the sigil for one month and get all the credits, but don't renew the following month but do another sigil down the line, do you still have the credits for the 1st month in your bank?
  • Thats how bad and outdated OG Gully is that they had to use the tech one in the poll.
  • Seems like the community isn't too positive on Mr. Negative...
  • 3 Beyond god tiers in 8 is damn excellent, I would trade my entire 6* roster for just your Doom or Mags.
  • None of my 6*s are going past rank 1, all B-listers or memes. Only 6*s I would only take up are Corvus, CGR, Red Mags, Colossus, AA, Apoc, Fury, Doom, Torch, She Hulk, and Warlock. Not even 1 beyond god tier on my worthless 6* roster, I know uncollected ally mate with a 6* Doom already out of 9 6*s.
  • They honestly need to give him the BWCV mechanic so he can have all 3 stances available to him just by changing up your combos instead of forcing you to choose prefight, he could actually be more versatile.
  • I like that extreme confidence...Herc has been boastful and funny for decades in the comics.
  • I don't understand the glass cannon concept with him, why not just make him a cannon without the glass? He has no immunities anyways and his damage output isn't the highest in the game either, why not adjust his health pool and make him like She Hulk, a cannon without the glass.
  • True, but the end of the day neither of us got any champ that is account changing or to even want to take up, if anything just more useless eyesores to look at.