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  • With regards to yellowjacket, hopefully Kabam will realise that he is still rubbish and they will give him another update.
  • Yes I'm uncollected so 6* champs don't come that easy. I have 3 6* champs so far. I have blackbolt who will be amazing if somehow I could awaken him. I have panther classic who is kind of cool now with his re-work and I have classic iron-man. I have a 6* crystal to open but honestly I'm afraid to open it because I don't…
  • No I should of sold him before Kabam changed it so now I can't lol.
  • Yellowjacket wasn't worth my resources. If I pulled a 6* I would cry real tears and most likely quit the game as that would be my 4th bunk champion in a row from the 6* crystals. Yellowjacket would be a lot better if he either didn't have the 10 core cost for his slow debuff or if he were guaranteed his cores when he hits…
  • I did wait for his buff and he seemed to be much better. I really thought he had something now that would make him useable but all he is good for is ROL wolverine. If you require him to use his slow debuff then he will never go nuclear. If they just removed the 10 core cost would be something. Yes I have a 5* awakened.
  • In the kang level flare was real easy, the champs i had to fight i could go all out but it doesn't work so well against unstoppable and evasive champions.
  • I have found a few ways around it now. Yeah I do ROL from time to time but I find doing expert proving grounds is more rewarding. I still think that it would be cool if #robots had a resistance to degen, it kind of makes sense for a robot to decay at a slower rate given their space age technology.
  • Apocalypse can only make one horseman and of the 2 you mention, Archangel is the better horseman :)
  • I like how you search out champions to obtain the key once per day. It adds a little more fun to the game and it feels less like a grind doing it daily. I do feel though it is over powered for puny rewards. Having to fight a spiderman with mix master, spry and the strength to k.o a rank 4 5* Apocalypse from 90% health with…
  • I would like to have something to spend loyalty on. I have no need for any of the boosts available as I keep getting them from various crystals. I get potions and revives from AQ. I have mystic dispersion so no need for any of the mastery cores. I could buy unstoppable colossus but why would I? He is neither use nor…
  • The only spiderham I have is a 2*. He isn't quite going to cut it for act 5 where I face degen on every fight. He is a very rare champion to try and get, I would have to put act5 on hold for a very long time if I had to wait for him, I would sooner give up the game. Flare is quite a disgusting global node and it just seems…
  • The sigil doesn't do much for quest energy. Buying the sigil gets you an energy point every 5 minutes instead of 6. I almost bought the sigil, thinking it was going to help me with quest energy but luckily my brother bought it before me and helped me realise that it isn't worth it.
  • That is great, except there is no mention that the red guardian synergy is needed for that kingpin fight. Needing 1 specific champion is a stretch to call him OP. The odds are always against you getting RG as new champs are brought in every month. I don't think he needs a lot, just stun immune while unstoppable same as…