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  • Ah right, thank you. :)
  • What is the difference between the to 2 purchasable passes? Is it really worth going for the more expensive one?
  • Yes there would be no way to know the difference. I get the penalty because unfortunately there are lots of cheaters but maybe just reduce the health loss to 25%.
  • I have used my potions but the compensation isn't going to be around forever which means soon I will have to use my units to compensate for this error.
  • I see your point but a 50% health loss is a bit much when an accidental connection loss acures. Couldn't the health loss be reduced?
  • I didn't get this screen, it reloaded back to AQ. I actually finished the fight but it didn't go through.
  • Let me start over, sorry I didn't put my first message very clear. I came to the forums to seek advice for this quest because I'm struggling and the first few pages is either saying to use corvus/Ægon or people are just complaining about the true focus node. I personally don't have an issue with the true focus, however I…
  • I miss wrote a bit sorry, I meant to say it wouldn't be fair to make a quest that only 2 champs can do. I don't want to use more than 15 revives because I only want the T5 basic catalyst reward to help me progress in story content.
  • This is exactly the info I was looking for, thank you.
  • I'm not saying only 2 champs can do it, I'm saying that only 2 champs are being suggested and I'm trying to get some other options. The ability to evade or miss isn't causing my problem, it's the constant degen that is killing me. You lose health if you block, you lose health if you activate a special, you lose health if…
  • I don't have Ægon or corvus, any other suggestions to get through chapter 2 because all anyone has to say is how these 2 champs can do it. It isn't fair to make a quest which only 2 champs can compete in. True focus was needed in this game, people should stop complaining about it. Close encounters combined with invade is…
  • You should quite easily be able to get both the shards and the gem crystal but I would go for the gem crystal first. If you don't have a champ for the gem now, 5* are easier to get so you will most likely get someone soon to use it on. The 6* could make you cry, if like me, you pull classic iron man.
  • I don't see how you may gain an advantage from this other than your beginner game champions that are in end game format may get some use. Some champions only need a value buff such as Dormammu, merging your champions into him would give him the attack value he really needs. Almost all of my champs that are 4* or lower are…
  • Havok can take torch, warlock for iceman and cap (iw) can breeze spidey with parry heavy. I didn't find mole man to be as good for spidey because of the power gain when he bleeds but cap can deal a lot of damage from his heavy and keep the distance to prevent the debuffs.
  • I would of been happy if there was a nice chunk of gold like 500k at the end. I wouldn't mind spending to rank up my 3* champs if I could get some of my gold back but at the moment I can't justify spending any resources on 3 or 4 star champs.
  • It's rubbish because not everyone has appropriate champs to participate. I can't afford to spend gold on 3* champs and I can't afford to spend t4 basics on my 4* champs so I don't have much to have a go. If I could get something back then maybe I could invest in my lower tier champs. I'm not asking for fantastic rewards…
  • It's an event that I won't be bothering with. It's absolute rubbish, the pic doesn't even look good. This month has been a bad month. I've done everything worth doing and now this just feels like a slap in the face. On the plus side I can take a break from the game for a while.
  • Well that's rubbish. On the plus side I can take a break off the game now until the next event quest in September. Thank you, I'm really glad I asked before diving straight in a wasting my time and resources.
  • If I were to purchase the legendary crystal shards, would that be enough for the crystal? Buying the 4 lots only pays out 1000 shards but most crystals require 2000 shards to form one.
  • Cool. It was only one I missed. I did the objective but because there was no notification to remind me to collect the glasses I forgot about it. The awakening gem is the only thing I want from this event. I'm on the last quest of 6.1, I'm praying for a mystic gem for my Dormammu, so kabam if you're listening lol.
  • I missed collecting a set of sunglasses. Does this mean I won't be able to reach the 5* awakening gem crystal?
  • Thank you everyone for the tips. I did it with warlock and a few revives.
  • Dude, I just face palmed myself very hard. Yes I do have warlock at rank 4, for the life of me I don't know why I didn't put him on my team but I will now. Thank you.
  • I don't expect to do it itemless, I have gathered some resources for the quest. I'm not looking for an easy way to beat him just a way to beat him because I don't seem to be able to hurt him. "Get good" is quite offensive mate, I've been good enough to make it this far I just wanted some advice to go against him not…
  • Thank you for this advice. I am not good at back draft intercept however I know rogue well because I have my 4* maxed out and used to use her a lot. Up until now my 4* has done the job and I have other 5* mutants. Apocalypse was going to be my next rank 4, I don't know if I can justify putting the resources into rogue…
  • I don't have the resources to rank her up and she isn't awakened either.
  • The damage he is dealing through my block and his passive play style is making it very difficult to bait his heavy attack. He will throw 2 lots of 5 hit combos into my block before making an attempt to throw a heavy attack.
  • I heard that Diablo can do it if you activate his nullify pre-fight and spam sp1 but I just don't seem to be able to do it. My attacks do such little damage and he just ends up with so many fury buffs that he can take a quarter of my health with one attack through block.
  • Fair point I forgot about her health gain and I suppose she would nick his arc overload too. My rogue is 1/25 un-awakened.
  • I'll believe that when I see it mate, I can't see how she can beat him in less than 30 seconds before poison kills her off.