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  • Yes, there was a global node that could steal my buff. Thank you for the info. Couldn't you say that in your first answer and not being that rude?
  • It states in his abilities that any champion from the spider verse can't passive evade venom. I know people using venom on aq m7 because of that so I don't know what I'm getting wrong. First fight spider man evaded twice and ended up killing my. On…
  • Some people here seem to confuse a bug exploit and different game style. Ghost never abused any bug, it was a very high skill requered champ with a lot of damage and utility in her kit. In the wrong hands, she was never a good option. And nice to s…
  • As a 5/65 ghost player, I felt the difference as well. Seems like before the AI considered the miss hit as they were actually hitting ghost and the kept going. Now, after 1 or 2 missed hits they just dash back or block. Ghost used to be a high ski…
  • Thanks for the offers, already found an ally.
  • Sorry @gamersupersaiya but not interested. I'm tired of m5/m6.
  • Time to milk the whales?
    in New ROL Kommentar von mfleury Februar 2018
  • Bmf420 schrieb: » So what happened after it procs? Did she continue doing zero damage or did the indestructible buff just show late? In my experience with that matchup she'd still do damage to him even though it proced She'd basically bypass it.…
  • Feopaa schrieb: » Just use black widow against him simple I always use bw when I see a modok in aw but even she can be parried sometimes. This is quite an annoying bug.
  • If he is in your profile than I guess he at least help with prestige.
  • Do you have any 5* crystals that you are going to open? If so, open first and choose after, maybe you dupe someone better.
  • Bpcw already reflected me when a neuro from AA expired. It doesn't happen always so I guess it's a bug.
  • "Fixed an issue where multi-hit attacks were triggering multiple callouts in fights against M.O.D.O.K." They did fix modok, now he doesn't callout that much. They really know how to differentiate the real bugs from the irrelevant ones.
  • Where do people get all this types of classification? It really depends on what you need but he's good now (decent damage and pretty good resistance with some immunity) .
  • I'm about to open the blade crystals as many in here. If I get blade, I have all the catalysts to put him rank 5. I'm guessing I'll spend about 4-5kk from rank 1 to 5. I got the arcangel in the arena playing non stop for 3 days a while ago and th…
  • You just need to get lvl 60.
    in T4cc storage Kommentar von mfleury Februar 2018
  • Sw is only worth it if you can put a lot of stones.
  • CapWW2 schrieb: » DNA3000 schrieb: » CapWW2 schrieb: » LeNoirFaineant schrieb: » Nothing to see here. If they are good enough to stay at the top they deserve to be there. Not every alliance needs to start from the bottom up. Eve…
  • Deadbyrd9 schrieb: » If he uses a sp1 do not hit his block until the yellow buff goes away. You can parry and smack him. Just don’t hit block This is how he gains his unstoppable
  • I don't blame them for doing that and I don't see a problem. You can get in the correct aq tier in 3 weeks but it take a couple of months not getting 5* shards to build that aw rating. Besides that, the matchmaking isnt only aw rating anymore so the…
  • Just out of curiosity, how many points did you get fighting with a 6*? @HulkSmaaashh
  • It's easier to 100% act 4 and it has some pretty good rewards. Should do that first.
  • Adamjb1993 schrieb: » Thanks very much. Haha I thought she was because of the shock and stun hence why I maxed her! I think I'm going to focus on blade to start then x23. She isn't that bad but mystic is the best class of the game so you sh…
  • X23, blade and wolverine can take you far in quests because of the regen do I would focus on them. Hyperion is also a great damage dealer so focus on him as well. I also recommend ranking vision for immunity and power control and crossbones for t…
  • Northwestbrosef schrieb: » Maybe someone could answer this for me on the subject. She has a chance to evade, but wouldn't gwenpool be able to stop it after a 50 hit combo? I'm only asking because that wasn't the case for me. Around 65 hits and she…
  • You can carry 12 at level 60. Unfortunately I don't about the other levels.
    in Alpha 2 Kommentar von mfleury Januar 2018
  • Tomichiwar schrieb: » My god... so many people here needing some maths and probability courses... the one saying “gambler’s falacy” really made me lol and has no idea what was being said... it’s useless to even try to explain them. Edit: sorry …
  • Sighsohard schrieb: » mfleury schrieb: » 3% to active per hit so there is a ~14% that she evade at least once in a 5 hit combo. It's not that low when you view that way. Vegas loves people that think the way you do. In roulette if the w…
  • 3% to active per hit so there is a ~14% that she evade at least once in a 5 hit combo. It's not that low when you view that way.
  • I won't do a top 5 because it really depends on the node. But I'll say that the Mvp is dormammu. Edit: jug is way better defender than uc because his SP really pushes you to the corner.