Can we get a MAGNETO buff?

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I just feel sad whenever I use him ... My favourite mutant when growing up and now we have this terrible champ who has trouble finishing off even arena opponents ... come on Kabam, do the right thing!


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    Dr. Zol
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    FREE 69
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    Cmon kabam he can move asteroids and lift nuclear submarines. Or pull the iron out of your blood.

    In this game he’s one of the weakest I’d rather use 90% of all other champs.
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    One of a few ways to make Magneto Powerful.

    Team up with Juggs to become a Mystic Ward
    Add in Mystique to give him some insane Crit damage

    Make his game mechanics a bit different to use to be enjoyable to fight. He should float all the time. He could have metal spheres that he can shoot out for Sp1. The spheres can also give some sort of protection against projectiles.
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    Haji_Saab wrote: »
    DrZola wrote: »

    Dr. Zol

    Look at that! you were so excited by a Magneto buff that you became "Dr Zol" little it takes for me to lose myself!

    Dr. Zol....a
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  • I just pulled him two days ago as my first five star and I’m sad. A buff would help me A LOT
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    #buffmagneto hes an absolute embarrassment an omega level mutant in the comics bench warmer in MCOC
  • Agree entirely- he desperately deserves a buff
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    I agree he is one of the most powerful characters
  • 100% agree. I have both versions as duped 4 stars and they are some of my weakest mutant 4 stars.
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    I know a guy whose first 4* rank 5 was Magneto white ...

    needless to say, he quit the game after a month of using him
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    You all forget they already nerfed him when they removed the second bleed from the back hand slap of his L1.

    Didn't forget ... but having that bleed back isn't anything ... he was a dud even with that bleed ..
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    Of the r3->r4 2015 champs gems, mutant is the only class with only meme champs.
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