Resolution scaling iPad Pro 11”


Playing both MCoC and Transformers: Forged to fight on my iPhone 7+ I have no issues. Just purchased the latest model of the iPad Pro 11” with the A12x chip and when I launch either game they are windows to a smaller resolution. This is a fresh iPad and install and I am on the latest iOS version.

Is this a bug with the scaling on the new device or is there anything I can do to fix the issue on my end?



  • AmigouSAmigouS Posts: 4
    Have the same issue. Thing is 11-inch iPad Pro has a new aspect ratio, and most apps have HUGE black bars. So we need to wait for an update from Kabam.
  • RC51RC51 Posts: 24
  • DrekDrek Posts: 19
    Thanks for the image. Hopefully this gets updated soon
  • Joe35Joe35 Posts: 50
    New iPad Pro 12.9” as well. Thought the new update would fix it.
  • AmigouSAmigouS Posts: 4
    I would recommend everyone to write a ticket to kabam support concerning this matter, this will make development team to concern about it more and finally make an update.
  • hurricanthurricant Posts: 380
    @Kabam Miike Is this something Kabam will be updating soon?
  • Same thing for Android devices.

    My Sony Xperia Z2 tablet...


    And, this is my new Samsung galaxy tab S2


    As you can see, aspect ratio problem here too.

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