**Attention Summoners**
Due to issues surrounding Defensive Tactics, points from the current matchup in Alliance Wars will be removed after the season.
War Rating will not be manually adjusted.*
We are reducing the minimum matchup cutoff from 5 to 4 for this season.
We will continue to monitor the impact of this decision.

Do do want rank down tickets this December?

Do do want rank down tickets this December? 424 votes

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Don't really care
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  • DoctorJDoctorJ Posts: 842 ★★★
    Don't really care
    Clydania wrote: »
    need some t3 basics cuz i cba to grind.

  • CapWW2CapWW2 Posts: 2,901 ★★★★
    Badly I need some of those. Recently got some God tier like Magik Iceman, Voodoo, carnage
  • Austin555555Austin555555 Posts: 3,034 ★★★★★
    I would like too take down my kingpin so I can rank my new Ægon
  • TaimurKhanTaimurKhan Posts: 119
    I want to take down a mystic as MD war nerfed. I only ranked up for defense.
  • Scarlett_Scarlett_ Posts: 273
    I wish I could rank down got some game changers in my last 3 5* and I’m 1k away from a 6*
  • Panchulon21Panchulon21 Posts: 2,586 ★★★★★
    Don't really care
    I’m indifferent. If we get one I’ll take it and rank down ironman to rank up carnage.

    If we don’t and get rank up gems then I’ll use it.

    If we don’t get either I’m cool with it also.
  • SabrefencerSabrefencer Posts: 1,433 ★★★
    VulcanM wrote: »
    It's lazy.

    most people are apparently.

    For most it's just people who are upset they ranked up a champ early on. It's a decision they made. Deal with it.
  • The_OneThe_One Posts: 2,936 ★★★★
    Don't really care
    I don't particularly want them, they're a bad idea for the game in general and should kabam give them out I don't even know who I'd use them on
  • issamaf80issamaf80 Posts: 1,472 ★★★
    Rank Up Gem Plz
  • PaytoPlayPaytoPlay Posts: 762 ★★★
    edited December 2018
    Drooped1 wrote: »
    Namelez wrote: »
    If not RDT then Rank Up Gems would be nice

    Theres r up tickets in variant earn em

    Yeah unfortunately you might 'earn' the wrong class which is even more disappointing.

    Let's just say if I get a 2015 rank up
    Mutant gem (worst 2015 category btw) from variant i have no choice but to use it on colossus, and then the community will tell me it's my own fault for ranking up garbage.
  • FhfjghhggggjfhfjgFhfjghhggggjfhfjg Posts: 4,492 ★★★★★
    Don't really care
    I honestly couldnt care less if we get rank downs or not
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